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  1. On 2/23/2017 at 4:01 PM, Triumph said:

    If the Rangers are giving Nash away for free, I'd hope the Devils would jump in there and offer a 2nd round pick for him.  I don't really see how 17 goals in 47 games is a bad year for Nash - that works out to 29 goals per 82 games, which is quite good.

    Nash's individual numbers on the PP stink.  I don't think he's good at it and I don't think loads of ice time will fix that.

    He's obviously not the finisher he used to be. But Nash is a solid three zone player. He still has good wheels and is effective in the offensive zone. He can play any situation. He's turned himself into that. That will be his second career. He can still score 25 goals. Maybe top out at 30 if he fits a system. He doesn't have much luck lately. He gets chances but isn't burying them as frequently. But he works hard. Obviously, he'll get less than his current contract with one more year at $7.8 AAV. 

  2. 12 hours ago, jagknife said:

    And Cory isn't getting any damn younger, we have a window. Adding Oshie and a good defender [doesn't have to be KS] could get us significantly closer to actually being a factor.

    All this, however, I believe will be moot cause I cannot for the life of me see Washington allowing him to walk. It'd be dumb.

    They have to bump up Kuznetsov significantly. He's restricted. Orlov and Schmidt are Group II as is Burakovsky. Justin Williams comes off.along with Daniel Winnik and probably Karl Alzner. I don't see how the Caps can keep Oshie, who will command $6 million plus.

  3. 17 hours ago, njd3b1ink said:

    I feel like 6m a year for Shattenkirk is a couple million lower then what he would get at UFA. I think when it's all said and done he's getting paid 7.5-8m a year. I think that's more of a reason he turned down Tampa then anything. Also he's said he wants to be closer to home. I don't think it's necessarily Rangers or bust, I think he realizes he can get more on the open market and have his choosing of which team to go to. 

    Probably wants between $6.5 to 7 million on average. So, that could be in the neighborhood of 6 for 42 or 7 for 49 tops. Personally, I don't think he's worth it. Shattenkirk's an excellent offensive defenseman and puck possession player. But I am sketchy on him defensively. Of course, his market value and big season will get him that contract. The idea of giving up assets (top prospect, 1st round pick) doesn't appeal. I wouldn't do it if I were the Rangers. But they have a history parting with that kind of package for Yandle, who worked out okay. But Vigneault misused him on the 3rd pair and 2nd power play unit. I don't know what's up with Duclair. He's not even scoring since he was sent down. Bad year or was last year a fluke? Shattenkirk probably winds up here. He is from the area. Looking at his career statistics, more than half his points have come on the power play. That is a big need for the Rangers. Their power play sucks. They have no true point man. I would wait till the summer. If he wants to sign with them so bad, he can wait.

    I have heard they're in on Brendan Smith. Not sure how I feel about that. People like him. He'd come cheaper. Eh.

  4. 6 hours ago, Matteau#32 said:

    They have to protect Nash, Girardi, Staal, Lundqvist due to their contracts and how their NMC/NTC's are worded.  All 4 were on the list of "must-protects" that was released by the league in November.  Otherwise, I would agree with your forwards.  The one I remove now, is Stepan.  He has a NMC that kicks in July 1st for 3 years.  That might be enough to scare off Vegas along with the money.  Holden they have to leave exposed, same for Klein.  If the Rangers insist on protecting Stepan, then I would hope they offer a draft pick for them not to select whichever forward from your list is left unprotected.

    I see a lot of posts around the internet from fans about who they are going to lose and it is way too early for anyone to know.  Obviously, nobody knows who will be left exposed.  Secondly, nobody knows what Vegas's strategy will be.  They have to take on a minimum amount of salary through the expansion draft, so they are not just going to take the cheapest salary from each team, but not necessarily going to select the best player.  I could see them taking on 1 or 2 Rick Nash types.  Guys with huge salaries, but only signed for 1 year.  Doesn't commit them to the player long-term and if the player is having a decent season next year, it is a nice chip to have at the trade deadline to move as a rental.  

    Thanks. I knew a few of our guys have to be protected due to the NMC's. Good point on Stepan. At that cap hit ($6.5 million AAV) with the NMC kicking in this summer, Las Vegas will probably stay away. But i bet they protect him. I would consider moving him for the right price. It all depends on what happens with the blue line situation. I love Step. But he could be expendable. Hayes and Miller must be bumped after next year. Zibanejad is Group II this summer. I am still not sold on him. He's been inconsistent since returning from the broken leg. Might be a factor. 

    I think a lot depends on what happens with this team in the playoffs. A crap shoot. I'm hearing they might be in on Shattenkirk. Why not wait? The Blues want a high end prospect and pick. Maybe another piece for a rental. Does he really fix the right side? If they trade Buchnevich, I am done until our stubborn coach is out. That would be asinine. He's scratched tonight for Pirri because they want to 'fix' the power play. Jesus.

  5. On 2/21/2017 at 8:33 AM, NJDfan1711 said:

    We have Santini who looks like he may pan out as a 2nd or 3rd line full time NHLer.  If we were to get a decent draft pick this year that we could use on a defenseman, then we're not looking too bad.  We're just in a terrible situation right now, because if we trade Henrique for a d-man, then all of a sudden we're back to kinda where we were before we got Hall, starved for offense again.  I'm not saying Henrique = Hall, but he's one of the few guys who actually does score for us right now.  We need to try to land some guys in free agency and see if a draft pick or two pan out.  Does anyone think McLeod will be NHL ready next year?  Maybe the year after?  Would be nice if he blossomed early and we could get rid of a DSP/Bennett type player and solidify the bottom two lines a little more.

    They drafted some good players. Blake Speers being one. He has the look of a 3rd liner. Ceiling is probably 2nd line. Was very effective for Canada in the WJC. Good speed and a good passer. Quenneville seems like the big prospect. Almost a point per game at the 'A.' He plays center. When they traded Larsson for Hall, they went for offense. Hall will give you that. He hasn't been totally healthy or consistent. I thought he'd be a lock for 30 goals and 70 points. I had the Devils just missing the 2nd wildcard to the Islanders. 

    Agreed on Santini. He looks like he's gonna be good. They took him high and were patient. Defenseman take time. He played collegiate and they didn't rush him. Maybe they figured he could eventually replace Larsson. But the issue is more about your depth. Too many vets who aren't that good. Moore being one. Quincey, who has been decent. And Lovejoy, who they gave the contract to. He's okay. But nothing special. They need to get younger on the back end. They have one good defensive prospect in Colton White. He and Speers play on Sault Ste. Marie. He's 19. 

    Wood has great speed like his father. But is streaky. If he ever learns to be consistent, you could have a solid secondary scorer. He could become a fixture on the penalty kill.

  6. 8 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    It's all about fair market value and supply and demand.  With that said, I don't see how everyone is assuming Duchene is somehow a lot better than Henrique.  They're one year a part, with Henrique barely being older.  He has for his career about 150 less points than Duchene, but Duchene also started younger and has played in about 130 more games, so it's actually pretty even.

    And if you're going to talk current production, Duchene has only 36 points on the season and Henrique has 32.   I wouldn't be upset if we got Duchene, but honestly any talk about giving up someone else for him, even a guy like Cammy, isn't exactly fair. (Yes I know we wanna dump his contract, that's not the point).   It's almost a one for one.  

    I just don't get everyone wanting to give up on Henrique.  Guy is a pretty consistent scorer with a modest contract.  Does anyone here think he won't reach 20 goals this season?  Ok so it's not 30 like he had last year, but so what?  It's not a terrible year.  Be happy he's producing the way he is, and focus on the guys who aren't.  That's where the attention should be.  

    You're not getting Duchene for Henrique. They want draft picks and top prospects. Unless you're willing to part with a Quenneville and a first plus something else, forget it. They are asking for a lot. If I were the Devils, I would consider using either Henrique or Zajac for a defenseman. Henrique is the easier sell. Younger and a better contract with more value. The Devils desperately need a defenseman. 

  7. 7 hours ago, EdgeControl said:

    where are they on EV goal scoring?  to me it seems that duchene scores more even strength goals, but thats off the top of my head

    It's not that close. Duchene has 133 ES goals to Henrique's 74. Adam is a better shorthanded player with 13 SHG for his career compared with only 1 from Duchene. I don't think playing for Colorado helps Duchene. That is an awfully run franchise. They're also asking ridiculous prices for both Duchene and Landeskog. They wanted a ton from Ottawa including future stud Thomas Chabot. They rejected it on principle. 

  8. 4 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    I was gonna mention the Stone move, real solid for Calgary. I immediately thought that would've been a fantastic move for the Devils. Why does anyone think Arizona moved him? They have no depth at D and it obviously wasn't a cap issue. He's only 26, he could've been a useful piece for a long time with OEL and Chychrun.

    Anyone have any thoughts about Minnesota moving a defenseman that they won't be able to protect in the expansion draft? They'll only be able to protect 1 of Dumba, Scandella, and Spurgeon.


    Don't forget the Yotes have Anthony DeAngelo. They sent him down. He's been in the AHL lately. Maybe they plan to recall him. 

  9. 4 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    I was gonna mention the Stone move, real solid for Calgary. I immediately thought that would've been a fantastic move for the Devils. Why does anyone think Arizona moved him? They have no depth at D and it obviously wasn't a cap issue. He's only 26, he could've been a useful piece for a long time with OEL and Chychrun.

    Anyone have any thoughts about Minnesota moving a defenseman that they won't be able to protect in the expansion draft? They'll only be able to protect 1 of Dumba, Scandella, and Spurgeon.


    I couldn't help but notice this tweet from Backlund on his newest teammate:


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  10. 11 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    You said it yourself.  5th game in 8 days.  That's not excessive?  Especially when you consider he was coming off 40 shots in the most recent one, a mere 24 hours earlier?  I said nothing about whether or not I'd pull him at some point during the game.  I probably would have considered it and more than likely pulled the trigger at the end of the 2nd and let Cory start the 3rd and try to squeeze out a win.  Teams have backup goalies for a reason, and yesterday was one of those reasons.

    I can agree with you on the amount played. But he had just shut down the Islanders. Why not stick with him? They're paying him starter's money to be the man for those big game situations. I think that game called for it. But as has been said already, they could've gone to him and replaced an ineffective Kinkaid. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Nicomo said:

    Kinkaid has been a quality backup this year. Look at his numbers before last night. I was fine with him getting the start. Where Hynes went wrong was not going to Cory in the 3rd when it was clear Kinkaid was struggling. 

    If you're not gonna start Cory, then they should've gone to him for that final period. It was make or break. They get within 4-3 and Kinkaid gave up two stinkers. 

  12. 10 hours ago, Triumph said:

    You don't yank your backup goalie.  His whole reason for being on the team is playing when the starter can't.

    I am gonna disagree here. You don't yank your starter during a period on home ice. Therrien did that to Price. That was the beginning of the end. Where does it say that you can't replace your backup? I'm not suggesting you pull him in the middle of a period. I am more a fan of pulling after a period is over and starting fresh. 

  13. 12 hours ago, Triumph said:

    Okay, good, I'm sure you've read a ton about how goalies do on back to backs, but keep telling me I'm wrong.

    You didn't even prove anything here. Tell me why Schneider shouldn't have started or at least replaced an ineffective Kinkaid to give the team the shot in the arm it needed. 

    I went and looked up Cory's game log for the season. So far, in the second game of back-to-back situations, he's 2-1-1 allowing 7 goals on 144 shots. That is pretty good. I would've thought Hynes would ride the hot hand with such huge stakes. 

  14. On 2/15/2017 at 5:04 PM, '7' said:

    One thing is for sure, the Rangers will trade overrated drech and low draft picks for a very good player who will immediately say he only wanted to come to the Rangers to fulfill some lifelong dream.

    Who? The rest of the post I don't get. They don't have enough cap space to make a significant move. I expect maybe a small trade for depth. Whether it be a depth defenseman or physical winger. One or the other would be okay,

  15. There is no travel. It was the only back to back on the schedule. Schneider made four straight starts and had been playing better. Your argument is about activity. It was their fifth game in eight days. Even if you start Kinkaid, at some point they have to pull him. Whether it be at 3-1 down or when they cut it to 4-3. The game was too important. They didn't give themselves a chance.

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  16. On 2/19/2017 at 2:47 AM, Satans Hockey said:

    I do and I stated my problem with it. And cut the sh!t because you aren't fooling anyone, you posted this thread bright and early at 1am yesterday so your link would be on top, had nothing to do with anyone else posting a game thread because everyone here posts the morning of and all the posters know that. 

    There it is again though. Your true sh!t Rangers colors always shine through. Show me posts that I root for this team to tank cause I haven't been. You're like a cockaroach that just won't go away. I can't stand your bs play nice Rangers fan garbage, you're only here to try to get views on your website at the moment. Just like the past you'll have your usually Rangers fan hissy fit and fvck off for awhile but you always come back. 

    I have no issues with Hasan or him posting links to his articles but he knows how to post, he can do it himself. 

    This is only time I don't like this forum because this kind of sh!t would never fly if a Devils fan went over to outside the garden or hf boards and did it. 


    I don't care about views. Most previews and recaps don't attract readership. It's when it's an obscure piece that people read. I don't write sensationalist crap like rival blogs who make it seem like the Rangers have missed the playoffs the last five years. I write for fun and keep perspective. Hasan doesn't post anything because of public perception. In the old days, there was more tolerance.They even linked up our old site under the News Section. I never post anything Rangers. But a few people here do when it's relevant. Yet that's what I'm labeled. As a Rangers fan. I can write blogs on anything hockey related and it wouldn't change public opinion. I did a piece on the Sabres the other day and their surge. Unfortunately, they got blasted by the Blackhawks.

    I don't need to defend myself. Hasan writes good posts about this team and has backbone. He doesn't believe in tanking. I am nice. I don't care about whose team is better. Hockey isn't life. It's sport. It's about time you started acting like it. Enjoy the games for what they are. A needless distraction. Enjoy being around friends and surround yourself with positive people. Do what makes you happy. Have a nice day.

  17. 37 minutes ago, Triumph said:

    There's no way I would start my starter in a back to back after he had just made 40 saves the night before.  If he had a 17 shot armchair shutout, sure.  But a game where he was busy all night?  No.

    You're wrong. At some point, you gotta go with your horse. Hasan has complained plenty of times about how they don't give Schneider enough leniency in back-to-backs. It was the same opponent he shut down. He was responsible for the first win. In a home and home where they needed four points, you don't go with your backup unless he's Raanta or Darling. If it's a quality backup you know you can count on, then sure. But the Devils needed the game. That was their best chance. I guess the tankers got their wish.

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  18. 12 hours ago, NJDevs4978 said:

    The tankers definitely got their wish...we care more about the Albany playoff run than the Devils.

    And yeah I know making the playoffs only meant we'd get killed by the Caps anyway, but how about at least striving for a couple months of big games for the young players to play in!  Yeah yeah I know...dat draft position.  Big deal in a draft without a franchise player where you basically have to win a top two lottery spot to get a sure difference-maker.

    I couldn't believe they didn't start Schneider. That was a must win scenario. They had to sweep. Off a 40 save performance, you gotta go with your best. I also agree with what you said on the lineup in your post. Maybe the Devils want to tank. They obviously didn't care enough to put the best roster out in a game they had to have. 

  19. So, is he getting traded? It's clearly not working out. And the Devils are better off promoting from within. They have Quenneville. Any chance he'll be back? I could see a team        taking a chance on Cammalleri. But he's got two years left at an AAV of $5 million. Not easy to fit in.

  20. 9 hours ago, Devilsfan118 said:

    Best overall vs. best pure goalscorer is a different story.

    Come at me Njdevs, but I think without a doubt when Ovechkin retires he will be considered the best pure goal scorer of all time.

    My Dad would rate Bossy ahead of Ovechkin in terms of best finisher. Look at the numbers he put up for those Islanders teams. There are other great finishers. Brett Hull. Bobby. Maurice Richard. Pavel Bure. Gretzky's single season record and NHL record will never be broken. Gartner was a heck of a sniper. Blazing speed and the shot to match. Money on breakaways. 

    Ovechkin is at 551 goals in 896 games entering today's annoying 12:30 game at MSG. I'm sure he'll add to it today. He is 31. He could reach 800 by the time he's done. So, maybe you have a point. 

  21. 9 hours ago, Nicomo said:

    I mean, Ovechkin has been the best player a number of years he's been in the league  (or at least right there with Crosby), but he doesn't even seem to be in the conversation atm. Jagr's longevity is insane though,  and Messier has the numbers, and all those Cups.

    He isn't because his team hasn't won and Ovechkin isn't a complete player. I love him. But he's more pure sniper. He also can make plays with the puck but his assists have dropped off. Maybe due to the Caps balance. Or maybe he's never going to put up total number of points he used to. He isn't asked to do as much. He doesn't penalty kill. And Ovechkin has never been a 200 foot player. He's also lost to Crosby twice head to head in the second round. Unfortunately, it could be a hat trick due to the awful playoff format. The idea that that the Caps and Pens should be forced to play each other in the second round is terrible. They need to wake up and go back to 1-8. And don't reward the other division if they can't have more points. The Metro is a zillion times better. I would not give the Atlantic winner home ice unless they have more points. I hate the current system. It sucks. This is what the players voted for. I am already bored. 

  22. 12 hours ago, Satans Hockey said:

    Game day thread by a Rangers fan? Seriously? Hasan should be making the thread if you guys want views on your website cause I'm sure as hell not clicking on it. 

    You got a problem? I don't need your approval to post a article Hasan wrote previewing your team's weekend. It's not like anyone else cared enough to start it. You're too busy praying for them to tank. A sweep gets them back in play. One more win and they're right there.

  23. 19 minutes ago, NJDevs4978 said:

    Even if it turns out he was provoked/did nothing wrong, WHEN OH WHEN will these athletes ever learn that nothing good comes from being out past 1 in the morning?!

    Probably never. They will do what they desire. Money. Fortune. Fame. Most athletes are hanging out at clubs, bars or strip clubs. Their lives aren't normal. You would think they would use more caution. 

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