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  1. Probably never. They will do what they desire. Money. Fortune. Fame. Most athletes are hanging out at clubs, bars or strip clubs. Their lives aren't normal. You would think they would use more caution.
  2. That has nothing to do with coaching. Everything to do with the focus of your goalie. Long shots shouldn't be an issue for Schneider. But he does give up odd ones and still make the great save point blank. It's all about consistency.
  3. I believe when his career is over, Crosby will be a top 5 player all-time. I wouldn't put him or anyone over Orr. He's number 1 in my book for how dominant he was. Imagine a complete defenseman who won the scoring title with over 100 points, Hart Trophy, Conn Smythe while being unreal defensively and had a great plus/minus. Orr had it all. I wish I was old enough to see him play. Current list: 1.Orr 2.Gretzky 3.Howe 4.Messier 5.Lemieux I don't think any goalie is a top 5. The goalie issue is always a great debate. Comparing different eras. Who's better? Sawchuk, Esposito, Broda Hall, Roy, Brodeur, Hasek, etc. Hasek's the best I've ever seen. And he won 1 Cup as a starter on a loaded Detroit roster. But had a great postseason. But I will always equate him with the Sabres for his flat out dominance in Vezinas and Harts. Numbers that I had never seen. Unorthodox style. And he was a slinky who was my height (5'11 and a half). Not big like Marty or the other cookie cutter goalies we see now. I believe Crosby is a much better overall player than Mario. My Dad thinks he dwarfs Gretzky defensively too. Sid can do it all. What if he didn't miss that year due to the concussion? How many more points? How many more Cups? Yeah. I went there. He's amazing. I've never seen a more dedicated star player in terms of work ethic and skill level. Who has better hands in front of the net? The best backhand too with Datsyuk gone. Someone mentioned Toews. They aren't even in the same stratosphere. Toews is a great leader. But he's never reached 80 points. He's a terrific two-way center who steps up in big games. Hence the 3 Cups. But no Kane or Keith or Seabrook. No Cups either. Those Chicago teams are loaded. Toews isn't even top 100. That list was a joke. Any list minus Malkin can't be taken seriously. There were other omissions. I don't think Keith is a top 100 either even with his 2 Norris Trophies and Conn Smythe. They put Joe Nieuwendyk in the top 100. Why? Because he won 3 Cups and a Smythe with Dallas. He was very good. Not great. The problem with such lists is it's subjective. We all have strong opinions. My Dad would probably put Howe 2 over Gretzky. I took Wayne because he was unbelievable. He has unbreakable records. More assists than points. I would put Jagr right after Mario. Mario was better. People forget that. But Jagr is a living legend. He now is at 1990 points. 2nd all-time. Only 1 Hart. How is that possible? He got robbed in '05-06 with them giving it to Jumbo Joe when he put up 92 points with the Sharks after that awful deal the Bruins made. Jagr did more for the Rangers that year. Franchise marks in goals, points, power play goals and shots for a single season. They were picked last. Who is your 5?
  4. Crosby goal for number 1,000. OT winner from Malkin and a assist. 1,002 points. In style. Top 5 when it's over and that's despite missing significant time.
  5. Hayes, Miller, Kreider, Zibanejad, Zuccarello, Stepan, Grabner. That's who I keep. Buchnevich and Vesey are exempt. Fast is restricted. They have to retain Grabner. He's become too important. I wonder if they would consider moving Stepan before his NMC kicks in like Brassard. I like Step. So I am hesitant. But that 6.5 mill is a tough hit. McDonagh, Girardi, Staal? What about Holden? He's up next year. Very cheap. Lundqvist.
  6. Ottawa is extremely boring. They play the 1-3-1 and make teams come through the neutral zone. Boucher is a good coach. Hard to believe it took him time to get another NHL job. The Sens have skill players who could be putting up higher point totals. But they're committed to his system. It's dull. But works. I would have asked for a refund.
  7. I know Fiddler isn't really a stats player. More intangibles. They have had him before. He is a faceoff/PK guy. So yeah. But that's a nice return for a vet.
  8. I did a post on something that happened during the Rangers' win over the Ducks. I don't know if anyone saw it. But Stepan was hit from behind into the boards right in front of the Ducks bench. Of course, there was no call. His teammates stepped in. But that's not the point. While the scrum broke out, Getzlaf had the presence of mind to pull Stepan away from it and help him get up and go to the locker room. It is one of the classiest gestures I've seen. Hockey is such a tough game. These guys kill each other. Getz' move really impressed me and many fans. So, I wrote about it. Nothing long. Just about what he did and posted the video. It got over 1,500 hits. Even Stepan's brother Brad commented on my Facebook feed. It just goes to show how much respect Getzlaf earned by doing a noble thing. Stepan returned to the game quickly. So, he got lucky. Anyway, I just thought it was a cool moment. Cool Moment: Getzlaf helps Stepan
  9. I can't believe they got a 4th either. Fiddler has one goal. He did play for Nashville before. But a fourth rounder for him? Talk about overvaluing a bit player.
  10. Hasan takes a look back at one of the Devils' best weeks which included a home win along with the continued road dominance with a blowout victory at Columbus. He also looks at the silly bye week. Something I don't like either. Why have one? The 82-game regular season is long enough. It also is odd timing. The Devils don't play again until Sunday against the Sharks. Interestingly, it's part of a five-game homestand with only a visit to Brooklyn sandwiched between three additional home dates between 2/21-2/27 which covers the rest of February. Hasan's Post: Devils 'bye week' ill-timed
  11. It is kinda sad that this is happening. I have always looked at Albany as the Devils AHL affiliate. Ever since they were the River Rats, they were that team who had a following from Albany locals with other diehards making the trip because it wasn't that bad travel wise. I went from Connecticut once and it was a fun ride. Lot different seeing all the background of mother nature. For me, it was scenic. I liked the arena too. When they moved the first time, I thought that sucked. Then they returned as the Albany Devils and I thought that was cool. I guess it just is part of business these days. If you're not generating enough revenue from fans showing up, it's bound to happen. Hartford doesn't draw too good either. But they did renew as Rowdy mentioned. I have been to both places and I liked both. Especially the old Mall. Yeah. Plus you have your lower bowl and upper bowl and there's not a bad seat in Hartford. The goal horn is pretty cool too. Has that old Whale sound. In a lot of ways, it's too bad when minor league affiliates don't survive. There's that identity they develop with fans. I don't cover the Staten Island Yankees anymore. But if they left, I'd be devastated. I am glad they didn't change the name. That would've been silly.
  12. I could've posted in the GDT. I don't advertise my own stuff because it's a conflict of interests. Nor do you see me comment on anything Rangers related here because it's irrelevant.
  13. Hasan's latest on the Devils home struggles
  14. Eli threw the ball great in that first half. But the receivers sucked. Maybe Beckham should've stayed in Miami. I didn't even know he played. Combined with Ben McAdoo's predictable playcalling, it was inevitable that Green Bay would figure it out. The 3rd and 1 to our midget RB is one of the worst calls imaginable. Once that happened, I knew it as coming. But the Rodgers hail mary was over the top. Nobody throws a better ball. If the Giants could have a semblance of a run game, it would really help. They need a 1 RB badly. And replace Flowers. Our kicking game sucks too. Wing was brutal. Special teams have never been a strong suit. They have to make improvements there. I wouldn't mind finding an actual TE or FB who can add something to the offense. Reese for the most part did a great job with the D. Everything worked. Collins is terrific. What happens with JPP? I kinda felt the Falcons were a more complete team than the Packers. They can score at will and boast the real MVP in my book even though he won't get it. Brady probably will win or Rodgers. Atlanta has the best receiver. They should send the game tape of Jones performance to Odell. Maybe then he'll finally get it. Freeman didn't really do much on the ground. He'll need to be a factor in the Super Bowl. Atlanta's D is decent. They can blitz and create takeaways. Keeping the Pats off the field is the best recipe. It should be high scoring and high flying. Let's go Falcons!
  15. It's within the rules. I am not saying I agree with it. But if a team can't sign a player, then they become unrestricted. Not like Vesey has been ripping it up. He's been demoted to the fourth line and has been in a funk.
  16. It didn't look like he put up much of an argument. But the refs gave him the extra 2. That definitely was a clean hit considering that Gudas is a jerk. In this league, you don't know what will be called anymore. You got the shaft the other night. Last night, you didn't. Playing Montreal had something to do with it. Those 2 refs were Canadian and one was from Quebec. I would take Simmonds on my team any day.
  17. Let's Go Falcons! My friend is from Georgia and has never seen his team win. His Dad just passed too. He was real sick. I'd really love to see Atlanta win it. They'll have to score which they certainly can with Ryan and that awesome offense. But make some plays defensively. Come on Atlanta. Just get it done. Don't care about the other game. Hate both teams.
  18. She was amazing. I follower her on YouTube. What a unique talent. It still boggles my mind that she is gone so young due to one psychopath. Where was the security? Her memory lives on forever along with her music. But I feel for her family.
  19. Not at all. They sign Kreider for an affordable $4.625 million AAV over the next 4 years. A similar deal to Palmeiri except 1 less year. Gorton is having a good summer. Traded Brassard to clear space and picked up Zibanejad and a 2nd round pick. My story: Rangers, Kreider agree on new contract
  20. I definitely don't agree. Palmieri had a breakout year. He'd never come close to scoring 30 or even totaling 57 points. Don't be surprised if he can't match that in Year 1 of his new deal. Expectations are higher. He also won't be relied on solely with Hall arrival and Cammalleri return. Kreider has the potential for 25-30 goals, 60-65 points. Whether he ever reaches it remains to be seen. He has all the physical tools. The size. The skating. The strength. He also is a power forward. The problem is consistency. His IQ isn't a strength. That has held him back. Work ethic. Nobody works harder. He's a workout freak. It's between the ears. I am 50/50 on what they should do. Do you make him earn that next contract? If they do, then he gets one year at around $4 million. If not, they should offer 5 for 25 and buy up 3 free agent years. If they are undecided and next year goes south and he isn't there, trade him and start a rebuild. By that, I mean explore every option. That includes figuring out if they can move Lundqvist. Move Brassard too. J.T. Miller is the harder worker. He has developed better. I would've tried to lock him up for 5 -6 years. But they simply don't have the room. And don't have the foresight. They did the same thing with Stepan and cost themselves more in the long run. I hate bridge deals. But it is what it is. The 5/18 contracts continue to anchor the team's maneuverability. Also, regarding CK, don't discount his production in the postseason. He's always been able to score goals. That makes him more valuable. He has always been capable of performing. It remains to be seen if he'll ever get it over 82. Decision time is coming.
  21. I would say Kreider is similar to Palmieri. Brooks actually had a decent article about that signing and how it impacts CK. Kreider is 2 years away from UFA. So, NYR have two choices. Sign him for a short term and make him prove himself. Or go 5 for 25 million. Choice C is trade him. Highly unlikely although I'm not opposed to it. They must also pony up for J.T. Miller, who IMHO is better and more consistent. Hayes and McIlrath aren't arbitration eligible.
  22. New Post: Devils continue good summer re-signing Palmieri for 5 years, $23.5 million
  23. As long as Montreal keeps Therrien behind the bench, they lose.
  24. As usual, a lot of activity. Okposo to Buffalo is a good fit. He should benefit from playing with Eichel. Count me as a proponent of Ladd to Islanders. The length is bad. But Ladd is a proven player who should help them in a leadership role. I also love Chimera. I wanted him. Great speed still. Strong PK. Scoring touch. Solid depth move. The Ranger signings are blah. Grabner will help the PK. He still has speed and will get breakaways and blow most of them. No hands. They added Gerbe, who is a midget. So two good skaters. I would guess Clendening is AHL fodder. Good: Detroit inking Nielsen. If the Vanek deal is for 1 year, it could work. Short term is always better with reclamation projects. Bad: Montreal with Radulov. Too much money. He has talent. I guess it depends on production. Habs made that awful trade too. Idiocy. Subban is such a better skater than Weber. Younger and doesn't have such a long contract. I mean it was star for star. A rarity. Weber will produce his usual 15-20 goals and provide leadership. But the last half of that deal. Yikes. Great deal for Nashville. Josi and Subban top pair. Ekholm so underrated. And Ellis. At least they're not the Oilers. What kind of franchise gives up Hall straight for Larsson? Funny enough, I always envisioned Hall winding up a Devil. I proposed Severson for him on this board once. I guess it just goes to show it wasn't too far fetched. He went for Larsson instead. Genius move by Shero. Then Edmonton went too many years for Lucic. The AAV of 6 per is fine. He doesn't miss many games despite his style. But at what point does he run out? Year 4 probably. Anything else I miss?
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