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  1. You're fortunate he isn't the Devs' GM anymore.
  2. Hasan's New Post on the Devils' signings and projected lines: Shero stays busy signing five on July 1
  3. I'm sure the Devils will sign a defenseman who can fill their bottom pair. They have good prospects too as Hasan pointed out in his post. Santini and Jacobs. Zacha and Quennevile up front. Looking at the current roster, I believe they're a playoff team. I rank them 3rd in the division behind the Pens and Caps. They should be able to score enough goals to win those games now. A great goalie and a better offense should be enough.
  4. Hall has never scored 30. He isn't just a finisher but a playmaker. I would project 30-40-70 for him.
  5. The game has changed. You no longer need to build from the goal out.
  6. Here is our Devil resident Hasan's take on a whopper of a 1-for-1 deal. Wacky Wednesday alters Devils franchise
  7. Are you high? They were never even a blip on the radar screen. Glad he stayed. TB are Cup favorites.
  8. Have you not followed the Rangers the past few years?
  9. Well, I guess congrats are in order. Edmonton is officially the dumbest organization to ever exist. Grand Larssony: Devils steal Hall for Larsson
  10. As much as I loathe them, the Penguins did it the right way. They made every right move. Changed coaches. Changed systems. Brought in more speed and skill. Everything they did panned out. They had no real flaw. Even a blue line that was carried by Letang didn't show leaks despite some of the journeymen used. I attribute that to their relentless forecheck and discipline. It was a total team effort. FYI I don't see how Letang wasn't closer for the Norris. He's a better overall defenseman than Karlsson. I could care less how many minutes he plays. Letang is much tougher. What he did this past year was outstanding. Not taking away from Karlsson, who did something rare. A point-per-game for the full 82. And without him, Ottawa is awful. I just like Letang even though he's cheap. I would've loved to seen Jones win it had it gone 7. I know it likely wouldn't have happened. The Pens were so far and above the Sharks, who disappointed me. Jones gave them a chance.
  11. Mattingly was terrific at first. Tremendous glove and range. There used to be the whole bar debate of who was better. Hernandez or Mattingly. Had Donnie Baseball dominated for a longer period than 1984-89, he would be in. A World Series would've helped. I am probably the biggest Mattingly fan. He just didn't last. Ironically, the same has happened to Wright. Another player who could've been a Hall of Famer. He's probably done. Sad. I also echo Tri's thoughts about comparing hockey to baseball. It's too hard. While I also see MD's point about the games played for Lindros, Bure, Neely, all three were superb. Neely and Lindros were ultimate power forwards while Bure electrified with his dazzling speed and slick hands. As for what 7' said, Bure did one thing better than anyone in that era. Score goals. He wasn't as complete as Lindros, which is why I can't agree with you on him being better. After the '94 run with the Canucks, he never carried a team far again. Then of course got traded to the Panthers, who just weren't all that good. Finished with those underachieving NYR teams and scored 25 goals in two abbreviated years. Lindros was a center who could carry his team. The Legion of Doom was one of the best lines in the 90's. They went as far as they could before losing to a much better Red Wing team. When I look back on the years that followed, I put the blame on Clarke and the Flyers doctors. They didn't know what they were dealing with. Ultimately, the mishandling of Lindros led to the concussion protocol and Player Safety we see today. I can see why many would hate Lindros. His Flyer years were controversial. The Brind'Amour stuff. The feud with management. And of course him refusing to even put on the Nordiques jersey at the 1991 Draft because of what he stood for. He was proven right about that owner. I've seen CR mention the lack of games played too. A Hall of Famer is a Hall of Famer. Sure. It's not a perfect process. And there are still some who slip through the cracks or are forced to wait. Hockey and baseball aren't that different in terms of shafting deserving players. Baseball particularly where angry media hold grudges against guys like Kent and Albert Belle. Both should be in. Maybe when some of the old stubborn journalists are phased out, you'll see a better process. I would've included Recchi with Lindros. Makarov was a surprise but I can see why he made it. Russian hockey great. Pretty good NHL career with Calgary and San Jose. Vachon was a surprise. Quinn in after his death. So, it's not the best class. I agree there. It's why I am curious to see who will be elected in 2017.
  12. You are insane to think that. Lindros dominated the entire 90's before the concussions. And he was proven right about head injuries. It's absurd that any fan or bitter Canadian media would think he doesn't belong. His PPG average was way up with the Flyers before the tail end with the Rangers after Year 1 and the final 2 with Toronto and Dallas. Recchi belongs. He wasn't in the same class as Lindros. But his numbers are very impressive. Plus he won 3 Cups. Excellent playoff performer. FYI I put up a well detailed post on Lindros' career along with the other guys who made it. Plus discussed 6 snubs who should have been considered. Recchi, Andreychuk, Roenick, Zubov, Mogilny, Kariya. If you want to look at it objectively, I built cases for each. Lindros headlines 2016 Hall of Fame class
  13. I would have gone with Las Vegas Blackjacks or High Rollers. A little honesty for once in advertising.
  14. Had that series gone 7, it would've been due to Jones. He faced so many more shots and higher quality chances than Murray, who could've been at the beach. Jones' play was heroic. Some writers even admitted that he would've been in the mix if it reached Game 7. That they rewarded Crosby the Conn Smythe was sadly predictable. But to be honest, there weren't many overwhelming choices. Kessel would've been my top candidate. Too bad you got slanted Canadian writers who favor Crosby and have a vendetta against Phil. Kessel played on the best line. HBK Line was huge. Letang was too., I wouldn't have had an issue if he won it either. He basically carried their D. It's a crime that they put a overrated Karlsson over Letang for Norris. Letang plays much better defense. Jones was pretty damn good for most of the Sharks' run too. So, it's not ridiculous for him to have been considered. San Jose should've been swept. That's how superior the Penguins were. As much as I hate them and boy you fans should too the way some of them carry on and that fraud Lemieux, the Pens pushed all the right buttons. From replacing the coach with Sullivan, who made everyone accountable to the trades for Daley and Hagelin. Plus the call-ups of Sheary, Rust and Kuhkhackl. They did it the right way. A complete team. Rutherford gets a ton of credit. They sure deserved it.
  15. I did a post on the Conference Finals. Some thoughts on each. Both compelling series. New Post: Conference Final Observations
  16. It's definitely the right move for the Pens. This is Murray's run. I understood the Fleury move to a point because they responded in the third period. But Fleury gave up short side from a bad angle to Killorn. And was slow reacting to Kucherov's wrap around that forced OT. He also showed a tendency to go down early leaving the top of the net exposed. Murray has been excellent. He gives them the best chance of extending the series. It's funny because I didn't feel the Bolts could win after Bishop went down. But Vasilevskiy has played well making some clutch stops. He's looked more like the guy from last year. The Bolts are winning based on experience and resilience. The Pens are better. But you can't account for Tampa's run last year. It helps along with Cooper. Pretty excited about the Sharks. I really want to see them win. One more and they finally reach a Stanley Cup Final. Joe Pavelski is money.
  17. I'm going for the Sharks. I'd really like to see them win. I love Thornton and always have been a Marleau fan. They got a nice team. Couture and Pavelski scoring big goals. Burns on that back end. Jones in net. Good vets they added like Ward, Martin and Polak. They're a fun team to watch. Tremendous forecheck. Kids like Donskoi and Tierney, who DeBoer hasn't been afraid to use. Maybe he learned something. One of my friends is a huge Sharks fan. So, it's easy for me to pull for them. I think that shapes up to be a great series. The Blues are also deep. Physical. Tough. Tarasenko supremely skilled. Backes having a great postseason in a contract year. Buyer beware. Pietrangelo probably the most under appreciated top defenseman. Shattenkirk. Elliott having a hell of a run in net. Guys like Steen, Stastny and Schwartz. It should be a 6-7 game series. Too bad it doesn't start till tomorrow night.
  18. If the Islanders ever get serious and win, then you'll have a rivalry. And you will learn to hate them due to their fans. Similar to how you hate the Rangers. The Islanders and Devils just don't have much history. If they met in the playoffs, it would be a different story. Anyone still watching the postseason? The Conference Final from hell for most Ranger fans. Not myself. But yeah. I am going for the Bolts because I can't stomach the Pens. They are a true rival. As much as I love Hagelin, I don't want to see the Pens win another Cup. Even if I'd be happy for Hags, I hate that team with a passion. I decided to write about our former Blueshirts in that series. One which is hard for most to watch. Former Black and Blueshirts still haunt some fans
  19. I don't know why. But I decided to do a Live Blog of that game. I picked the right one. Over 4200 words. 4,223 to be exact on a unbelievable game. https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/05/06/overtime-hockey-live-blog-sharks-preds/
  20. And I'll bet they're the same idiots who hopped on and probably show up late. Disrespect fans by going to their seats and not waiting for the whistle. It's the same thing every time.
  21. Most of the fans i follow aren't that dumb or misinformed. That's not a fan.
  22. Maybe if he didn't have to count on Nicklas "Geico" Backstrom, he'd be in a better position. Geico never does anything in the second round. He did the same disappearing act vs us last year and the other match-ups. He's a above average first center who is superb regular season. But outside of a couple of great first rounds, Geico never shows up in the Conference Semis. He's destroying the Caps again. If they go out in a whimper, they might want to explore moving him. Kuznetsov has also had a very poor postseason. He's not scoring. I've seen more compete from him than Geico. But he needs to hit the score sheet. Williams finally did something last night setting up Carlson's tying goal. Ovechkin has tried like hell to carry them. But he only has one goal in the series. Murray has beaten him. He has been brilliant. Ovi was denied on a great set up in the slot by an aggressive chest save. Murray also beat him on mini-breaks earlier in the series. It's the 21-year old netminder who has stepped up his game, outplaying the would be Vezina winner Holtby, who called out his teammates. Considering that he gave up a softy right thru the wickets to Cullen like Lundqvist and also allowed Hornqvist's winner thru the wickets, maybe he should change his name to Holetby. Not saying it's his fault. But he's been the shakier and more beatable goalie. In this round, the Caps' best player is Oshie. He scored twice in their only win including the brilliant wrap around. He's been terrific. Dangerous every shift. Responsible. I always felt he was underrated in St. Louis. Not overrated. Watch him during shifts. He competes the way you have to. If more Caps played with his urgency along with Ovechkin, they wouldn't be in this situation. Also, worth noting that Oshie and Carlson are good players. Neither should be their best in the second round. Bottom line. They need Ovechkin to score in Game Five and a big performance from Holtby. And anything out of Geico or Kuznetsov. Their season depends upon it. One other point. I feel like Trotz has been out-coached by Sullivan, who did the same to Vigneault. Trotz has waited too long to break up the top line. He tried Ovechkin for a few shifts with Kuznetsov in Game 3. But remains loyal to Geico (Backstrom). He did double shift his top six a lot in the second part of the third last night. But they were unable to beat Murray. I see the same thing from the Pens I saw in Round One. Better compete. Better hustle and willingness to get dirty. More speed. Better defensive team even minus Letang, which speaks volumes about Sullivan. And also the Hawks' foolishness tossing away Daley. Rutherford got so much criticism last year for awful moves. Well, a year later everything he's touched has turned to gold. Fires the miscast Johnston and replaces him with Sullivan. A more old school coach from the Tort book who's not afraid to discipline even his best players. He called out Malkin in Game 3 last round and benched him for 6:00. Malkin responded since with his best work since his Conn Smythe. Sullivan's willingness to trust guys he knows from Wilkes Barre/Scranton playing fast and gritty youngsters Rust and Sheary. His fingerprints on the Perron for Hagelin swap which helped both the Ducks (until playoffs) and Pens. He knew Hags from here. And look at how Hags plays. Balls to the wall. He's made all the difference with Kessel. Sully also moved Bonino into the second center slot when Malkin went down and now it's their most cohesive fore-checking line. If you also notice, you don't see as many frustration penalties from Crosby and Malkin, who still gets away with murder. His hit that injured Winnik should've been called and merited a review. That's the league folks. Then there's Letang, who got one game for his dangerous hit on Johansson. But Johansson returned. As for Letang the hockey player, there's no more valuable player on the Pens. He is playing ridiculous minutes. Letang has topped out at 35 minutes. In my estimation, he's a better defenseman than Karlsson, who in his own right is excellent going a point-per-game on a playoff-less Ottawa team. I feel like Letang should be up for the Norris. But can't disagree with who they selected. I guess what it comes down to is sometimes, a coaching change is needed to wake up a team. The Pens were easy to play against. They were going nowhere. They made a great decision and now look like the favorite coming out of the East. Who can beat them? Do the Caps still have a chance? Well, they lack the Rangers' mental makeup that allowed them to come back last year. Ovechkin did it once to the Rangers in Tort's first year here. The infamous Gatorade incident with the fan that turned that series. The Caps' mindset has to be, 'No way we're losing Game 5 on our home ice. Get to Murray early. Create doubt.' If it's not, then they're done. Win Game 5. Make the Pens think about it. They don't want to return for Game 7. Honestly, I don't think the Caps have it in them. Prove me wrong.
  23. The Letang hit was worse because it contacted the head. He should've gotten 2 games. In Round 1, he took a baseball swing at Viktor Stalberg taking out 3 teeth. No penalty. No discipline. Not good. Regarding the Hickey hit on Drouin, I have no problem. Excellent open ice hit. The Islanders are bitching over the Brian Boyle hit on Hickey which led to his OT winner. They're wrong too. It was clean. New Post: Islanders must focus on Game Four Let's Go Caps. They better win this one. No excuses. Tied after 1.
  24. Anyone watching this 3rd period? It's good.
  25. Derek21

    2016 Draft

    No surprise the Leafs won. Winnipeg into the top 3. Thankfully, Oilers down to 4. A NHL Lottery recap: Leafs win Lottery
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