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  1. Plenty of thoughts on the NHL Playoffs including the silly Boyle vs Brooks thing. Islanders looking good. And another Ducks Game 7 meltdown.
  2. Congrats to the Islanders and their fans. It took them 23 years. Led by a great player. Tavares wouldn't let them lose. Tavares leads Islanders to second round
  3. Islanders can finally get out of the first round. Will they? https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/24/brooklyn-is-ready-to-celebrate/
  4. Can't believe I am saying this. But Go Pens. I cannot stand the Caps. They have to be the most boring team in existence. Trotz has them clogging the neutral zone and taking away gaps. There's no room on the ice. Holtby doesn't even have to do anything. Flyers gave it a nice go and did their fans proud. Hope Hagelin and the Pens beat the boring Caps.
  5. To the last post, they didn't. And worse. Lundqvist was awful. He didn't even look mentally into the game. Awful rebound on the first one. And the 3rd goal to Sheary, yikes. I would've pulled him right there. AV is not a good coach. He never adjusts. Benched McIlrath for no reason after their best game of series. Rushed McDonagh back. Plays Lindberg on the 4th line? All season, they haven't been the same. Poor defense. Lazy work habits. No grit. And tonight, no compete. That's one of the worst games I've ever seen from this group. Glad I didn't go. It was so bad, I did my post after the second period. Humiliation at MSG A final thought. I have felt in watching Lundqvist, he looks mentally exhausted. He faced the most shots on average of any starting goalie this season. It was a whopping 29.9 shots/game. And many more high quality danger chances due to the lack of commitment. This isn't just a blame Dan Girardi issue. He has missed the last 3 games. It's not just Marc Staal either. It's a system failure. A total fail by the coaching staff to adjust the defense from man to zone to better protect a weaker roster. A lack of execution. Not to mention the awful special teams. Pens are up to 7 PPG's in like 13 chances. And of course Rangers have 1 PPG. You can't win like that. Watch how the Pens play under Sullivan. They are totally in sync. Great speed. Now using not just skill as before but work ethic. Before they relied on talent to win. They were easy to play in the playoffs. Now, they're much faster. Addition like Hags helped Kessel big time. Bonino too. Kids like Sheary and Kuhkhackl. And even a battle tested vet like Cullen. Plus Letang is flat out dominant. He really should win the Norris. Will he even be up for it? This is the best hockey of his career. Most impressive is how the Pens play in front of their goalies. Murray has been superb but the defense takes care of the front of the net. Plus no Ranger willing to go to dirty areas. The Pens are a much better coached team. It shows in how they execute. It also shows how much a coaching change can help change a season. As for any hopes of a Ranger comeback, eh. They are not the same club. Sure. There's hope because they've done it before. The experience only matters if they get off to a fast start Saturday. If they don't get a lead early, turn the lights out. And that window. Pffft. On a brighter note, how about that world class play by Patty Kane. Guy is on another level. The moves to get around Pietrangelo and the wherewithal to stick with it for a great backhand wrap. The Blues are way better than the Hawks too. But they didn't score in the first overtime which they dominated. Crawford played great. He saved the Hawks. Do not get the disrespect he gets. Their D is as soft as ours. One thing about the Hawks and Kings. You have to kill them when you have the chance. Hope the Sharks do the job tomorrow.
  6. Probably true 7'. There's a lot more sensitivity in sports. Players, coaches must be careful with their choice of words due to mics picking the sound up. I did a write up on the Letang/Stalberg incident and the ridiculous 1 game they gave Bellemare for that dangerous and dirty hit on Orlov, who's extremely lucky. Plus some commentary on Flyer fans. :\ https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/20/league-turns-other-way-on-letang-slash-to-stalberg/
  7. Regarding what Shaw said, that is unacceptable. He was mad and lost his mind. What is odd is they'll suspend a player for offensive language/behavior but won't even review a clear two-hander to a player's face that cost him three teeth. Incredible.
  8. Of course not. This league doesn't care about Player Safety. As for what Letang did, it was right there in front of the ref. It is what it is. That's not why the Rangers lost. They were horrible in the third. Some of the worst and most passionless hockey I've seen. Pens wanted it more. Played with urgency. I blasted the Rangers and the stubborn Vigneault, who just won't adjust. https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/20/pens-take-game-three-3-1-awful-third-puts-rangers-in-trouble/
  9. Great game at Barclays Center. Islanders with an emotional comeback win over the Panthers. Full recap: https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/18/hickeys-overtime-winner-lifts-islanders-to-exciting-4-3-overtime-win-over-panthers-in-game-3/
  10. They took some penalties and it hurt. Caps have converted on their chances. Flyers got to turn it up.
  11. Eh. Mason has been great for them. Unfortunate for sure. But his team has only scored once against the Caps, who basically trap for 60 minutes. The Flyers will have to be a lot better at home when the series shifts. Nice bounce back by the Rangers. Got some good performances from key players (Miller, Brass, Kreider, Zuke) and Lundqvist played great. Kudos also to rookie Brady Skjei, who played 19 big minutes and looked like he should stay in. McIlrath also played but only 9 minutes. He was okay. Sharks vs Kings Game 2. Main event on now. Best rivalry right now.
  12. I don't think you understand. This team has too many passengers. It does not matter who is in net. Raanta was the better goalie down the stretch. Lundqvist looked worn out from all the shots and high danger chances he was facing. It doesn't mean he can't do what's required. But have you watched them? They have one of the worst defenses. The drop off for Girardi (out for Game 2) and Staal has been severe. Not all the forwards pull their weight coming back. There have been so many blown coverages with the front of the net vacated. It's a freaking joke! Disgrace. The coach hasn't made one single adjustment all year. Continues to have a slow D playing man-to-man when they should go zone. Brassard wouldn't no a backcheck if it hit him directly in the face. That's how bad he is in his end. Hayes usually watches. Stepan is their best skater. He plays all 3 ends. Take out McDonagh and you have Marc Staal playing top pair. He's not capable of it anymore. And Vigneault's idea was to put his worst defenseman with him for Game 1. End result. Hornqvist hat trick and Crosby breakaway goal and 2 helpers. Even with all the puck possession they had, there was no urgency. It was like they were out for a skate. Nobody got inside position and made it difficult on Zatkoff. No deflections. No one for rebounds. It was pathetic. I watched 4 games last night and have caught 2 more tonight. And every other team plays with more desperation. More urgency and more intensity. The Rangers are a soft, vanilla team under AV. If he does not play McIlrath tomorrow, he's a bigger idiot than thought. I won't even be home to see Game 2. They better show a pulse.
  13. Don Cherry brought up the goalie mask issue on HNIC. How it isn't safe enough because there are holes that leave the goalie vulnerable to errant sticks such as the one from Staal Lundqvist took. He shouldn't have even gone back in and finished the period.
  14. If his vision isn't great, he could miss Game 2. I don't think it matters who the goalie is. Raanta played fine. It's the defense. Unless the stubborn coach finally benches Girardi and inserts McIlrath, nothing will change. It's the same mental breakdowns all season.
  15. I thought Fleury was in. Series Preview: Rangers and Pens for a third straight year
  16. Predicting The Playoffs: https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/13/2016-nhl-playoffs-predictions/
  17. Eastern Conference Caps over Flyers in 5 Series Winning Scorer: Mr. Clutch Justin Williams OT Games: 2 Pens over Rangers in 7 Series Winning Scorer: The Ghost of Carl Hagelin OT Games: 3 Panthers over Islanders in 7 Series Winning Scorer: Ageless wonder Jaromir Jagr OT Games: 1 Lightning over Red Wings in 6 Series Winning Scorer: Nikita Kucherov OT Games: 2 Western Conference Stars over Wild in 5 Series Winning Scorer: Jamie "Big" Benn OT Games: 1 Blues over Blackhawks in 7 Series Winning Scorer: Kevin Shattenkirk OT Games: 4 Ducks over Predators in 4 Series Winning Scorer: Jamie McGinn Sharks over Kings in 7 Series Winning Scorer: Joe Thornton OT Games: 3 Stanley Cup Winner: Anaheim Ducks Playoffs MVP: Ryan Kesler
  18. This looks fun. I'll participate.
  19. Derek21

    RIP Ed Snider

    Yeah. Ed Snider was first class. A great hockey man who was passionate about the Flyers. I wonder if they'll rally around it. The Rangers did with Marty St. Louis' Mom.
  20. They aren't firing him. Bergevin loves Therrien. I don't know why. But the Price injury definitely was a factor. Montreal fans are split. Cannot believe the Coyotes fired Don Maloney. He did a good job rebuilding the roster for the future. Arizona or Phoenix or whatever they want to be called should be ashamed.
  21. No series prediction yet. But it's coming. And I'm not optimistic. Here's a first look at the Rangers vs Pens again: https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/11/rangers-prepare-for-rematch-with-penguins/
  22. Come on. Am I that bad a fan blogger.
  23. Exactly, I am at my wits end after seeing what the Isles did with Greiss. I went off about it. Islanders pull Greiss and intentionally tank for Panthers
  24. If anyone's interested I am hosting a show with my Cubs fan friend who hates the Mets. It's live until 8 PM if anyone's not busy. And highly entertaining. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hardhits21/2016/04/10/hard-hits-flex-vs-jpg
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