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  1. What happened to Kovalev? No pucks for him to go around? Puckhogs Lemieux and Morozov. LOL... i haven't even looked at the boxscore because I am a little buzzed to do so. I bet he had zero points. Nice fvcking passing. Well, at least I got Morozov in our yahoo league and played him tonight. He;s a lock for 30. LMAO
  2. Derek21

    Kings Win

    I agree with KD. Gretzky changed the way the Kings were looked at. If not for McSorley's illegal stick in Game #2, they win the Cup in 1993. Robitaille-Gretzky-Sandstrom-Now that was a line.
  3. Derek21

    Sad But True

    Doogs, Fata worked hard in the last few exhibition games. He potted a couple of goals and backchecked well. He didn't get off to a great start but he rebounded well at the end and deserved to make the team over a waste of space like Sandy "The Sniper." The Rangers don't need 4 or 5 so-called "enforcers." Just how many of these players can consistently win fights? Oliwa is a goon and he'll fight with anyone. Barnaby I like because he'll fight anyone and he can play the game. I would have kept those two and ditched the others. Most teams do not have more than 2 enforcers in their lineup. They usually leave room for more skilled guys. And in case you weren't paying attention, the new rules hurt teams like the Rangers. Our team is trying to play a physical in your face game. With more tough guys in the lineup, that means the chance for more dumb penalties and that leads to more opportunites for the opponents to make them pay on the scoreboard. It hasn't happened yet but it will eventually. As for C's question, that's nobody's business and it's not a Ranger fan. That individual earned it.
  4. RoughDraft, Stevens had a bad groin that he played with in the first two games. I think some fans might have forgotten that which could be why he got beat so badly on the Grand Pierre goal. Just pointing it out.
  5. Derek21

    So It Starts...

    Actually, Brooks is right here. Holik and Lundmark had good chemistry in the preseason and for some inexplicable reason, Trottier saw fit to start Jamie with Mess. I did not agree with that and I don't agree with the Leetch-Poti D pairing either. Messier playing over 20 minutes already is too much. BTW... word to MSweet... Holik can pass the puck just fine. Why don't you ask Gomez and Brylin?
  6. Derek21

    Sad But True

    Sheeps, there's no need to worry. Matteau #32, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming the 2nd member here on Ignore I won't bother with fans who are lower than trash. Doogs, you are close to becoming Member #3. I don't argue with clueless fans.
  7. Is he even playing? I hate to say it but that might be a bad move. I guess he is. I didn't realize he was off to such a good start. Gratton will have a good season. Maybe I'll grab him. Why isn't Gratton available yet?
  8. Derek21

    Buccigross Column

    I just love the humor . http://espn.go.com/nhl/columns/buccigross_...hn/1441605.html Saturday, October 5 Updated: October 8, 5:40 PM ET Drury trade changes West outlook -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By John Buccigross Special to ESPN.com THIS WEEK'S ZAMBONI RIDE ...
  9. Derek21

    Zyuzin Out?

    Savard is not holding out. He is centering the Flames' 2nd line at present and is said to be happier. The reason I wouldn't take a chance on him is his attitude is said to be total crap. That's why the Rangers unloaded him so quickly after a decent first year. That being said, I agree with RoughDraft on Zyuzin. Daneyko is said to be retiring after this season. Zyuzin might be needed for the Devils' future D. He also had a strong preseason and deserves some ice-time. Why not rest Daneyko and Stevens some nights and let the kid play?
  10. Derek21

    Sad But True

    Sue, what's written there has to do with how they have been run lately. How many Brent Fedyks are they gonna have? It just gets old fast. I'd rather have a young, hungry promising kid in Fata than Sandy "The Sniper." Just how many so-called 'enforcers' do they need? Not one of them can win a fight consistently either. I see other teams who give their young, talented kids chances to play instead of taking chances on reclamation projects. I am giving them 10-15 games. Hopefully, things will be different when Bure and Lindros return.
  11. Nice pics NJay. They're always a welcome sight .
  12. Derek21

    Sad But True

    I hate to say it but this hockey's future writer is right: Rico Fata made the team as far as I am concerned. The reason he's not on the roster and is down on the farm picking up right where he left off? Oliwa is this years McKenna, Murray is Tim Taylor, Ward is Jeff Toms, Mark Messier is still Mark Messier and this team still signs spare nuts and bolts at 1 million bucks a pop. Are there still any questions as to why this team hasn't been a real threat since the first Clinton administration?
  13. Morozov is a guy who's always had a lot of talent. Last year, he finally showed some of it by scoring 20 goals. If he stays with Lemieux and Kovy, he's a lock for 30. It took him a while to develop.
  14. This team has plenty to play for. I wouldn't be surprised if they made the playoffs and had a run. They have the goaltending and D. The whole thing with them is whether their offense will finally score the way they should. They have some talented players. It's about time Gratton was the #1 center. Pyatt's a future star power forward and Connolly should be putting up Gomez numbers. If the first couple of games are any indication, Lindy Ruff has his team ready to play. Throw in the whole ownership mess and I believe that is extra incentive for the Sabres to go out and win.
  15. Derek21


    The guy played very well from what I saw. Has he even gotten whistled for a penalty? And that wrister was a thing of beauty. It gave the Devils some momentum.
  16. Derek21

    Game Thread

    What a great goal by Danton. He just blew it by Denis and you could see how excited the kid was because he jumped up like he won the Cup. It's nice to see Danton prove the naysayers wrong. The 1st from the parts I caught, the NJ power play wasn't too good. I thought Madden looked good on the PK. Danton was playing well before his goal. Elias' line had one good shift where they drew a power play.
  17. Captain, where do you live? How come you're not watching the NJ game? No Metro? It was so awful that after the 2nd Pens goal, I turned it off. I knew what was about to happen. It's better they get embarrassed now before it's too late. I'm now watching the Devil game.
  18. Derek21

    Lindros Suspended

    SBT, if the Rangers can't beat the Penguins even without Lindros and Bure, that is bad.
  19. Derek21

    Lindros Suspended

    Bry, the fact that there wasn't a penalty call on the hook was ironic. Aren't they supposed to be calling that stuff?
  20. Derek21

    The Butt End

    Nice post Kyydax. It's time for NJ fans to move on. How about that home opener tonight against 'da Bluejackets. A Whalers reunion with Cassels and Sanderson . Who will Madd Dog root for
  21. The Bruins didn't replace Guerin (40 goals) and they haven't replaced a good goalie in Dafoe (30-35 wins, solid GAA). I picked this team to finish dead last in their division. They have little D and no goaltending to speak of.
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