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  1. Islanders taking advantage of the new playoff format by basically not dressing anyone. And why would they? They need to just scrap the whole format. It should be 1-8. And that also would mean Islanders and Rangers in the first round.
  2. Hasan had a nice write up on the Devils' final game. Happy Birthday too! https://newyorkpuck.com/2016/04/10/going-out-with-a-bang/
  3. Congrats to Elias on scoring probably his final goal and with 15 seconds left. That's the best way to go out. He's the classiest Devil and one of my favorite rival players.
  4. I did a long post on the playoff picture. Still two series undetermined in each conference that go to the last day. Rangers await Flyers/Islanders result. Kings and Sharks await Ducks/Caps result. Plus thoughts on Award races. Islanders will determine Rangers' first round, Kane headlines Hart
  5. Great article from Hasan on the Devils' prospects playing in the OHL playoffs and Frozen Four. Check it out! Devils prospects providing hope for future Go Colts!
  6. Well, it wasn't easy but the Rangers are back in for a sixth consecutive year. This time, I don't have any expectations. McDonagh injured in Rangers playoff clincher
  7. I have the Blackhawks suffering the same fate as the Rangers. First round and out. Both look worn down. Each lacks strong defense and are susceptible to tough forechecking teams with speed. The West should come down to Ana/LA winner vs Stars/St. Louis. Unless the Sharks finally make a dent with their new goalie Jones. For more on the Rangers' issues, I did a podcast. I have the Pens wiping out the Caps and winning the East.
  8. Put me in the crowd who believes a Jersey baseball team could work. There's plenty of territory. But would the state of New Jersey support it? Lot of Yankees and Mets already.
  9. Scoring in the league is down. 14 goals 28 helpers isn't a bad season. It's also pretty sad that if a player gets 20 goals, it's considered an achievement. What happened to our standards?
  10. Devoted a post to the ending in Philly with a nice GIF of Ghost's play. And the wild ending in Detroit. Red Wings nearly blow a 3-0 lead after an ENG against determined Buffalo. Wow. http://newyorkpuck.com/2016/03/28/video-of-day-gostisbehere-dive-sets-up-giroux-ot-winner-red-wings-hang-on/ Bonus: Who is your Calder pick? Why? Mine is Ghost. I believe he's had the most impact.
  11. What a amazing diving play by Gostisbehere to set up Giroux for the winner in OT. The play was dead. He dives and then somehow passes it to open Giroux for winner. Ghost is my favorite rookie. I want him to win the Calder.
  12. Posted this recap last night: Devils' comeback falls short
  13. Sorry it didn't happen for ya. Falling 3 goals behind was just too much to overcome. Canes also did a nice job shutting them down the final few minutes. I saw Pietila in college. He is a hard worker. And not surprisingly, from what I saw he was one of your best forwards. His highest ceiling is 3rd line and penalty kill.
  14. He won't get it. It's a two horse race between Panarin and Gostisbehere. As much as I love Panarin, he plays with Kane and Anisimov. Best line in hockey. Gostisbehere is awesome. He has a lethal shot and always gets it through. Is amazing at keeping pucks in. What might he project to? The Flyers really lucked out with Ghost. The Sabres have two 20-goal scorers. Eichel who has 23 and 50 points. And Sam Reinhart, who is up to 21. Those two could combine for 70 next year.
  15. Until they update the technology, they'll continue to get calls wrong even with all the replays. The Lundqvist save was hard to tell. I was at the game and thought initially the puck was halfway across. Plus it's in his glove. But the final replay basically confirmed it crossed. The Bergeron one on Luongo looked pretty clear. Even though I'll take it because it helped my goalie win, it was the wrong call. Officials also must be in the right spot to see. But if they wave it, they know they have replay. But the system is flawed due to technicality.
  16. If the Devils can win, they're 3 out and have as many ROW as Detroit. One more than Flyers.
  17. I just finished a podcast. The final part was about the Devils. How hard they play for General Hynes. He's squeezed everything out of this team. It's amazing they have as many points (80) and ROW (34). While it was mostly due to Schneider, now they're still hanging in there. Kinkaid with his 2-game stretch. Wedgwood. Palmieri and Henrique in the win over the Pens. Boucher and Smith-Pelly, who has been superb. And look how well they played against the Caps. That's the league's best team. They went toe to toe and outplayed their stars in the third period. Deserved to win. The penalty on Severson was soft. He threw Ovechkin down. Cool stuff. I wish my team played like that. It's all due to the coach. Hynes is a keeper. Your team has a bright future.
  18. Or you could've taken Del Zotto over Carlson. At least they got Klein for him.
  19. As long as he stays away from thinking the NHL is like college partying life, he should be okay.
  20. It just is a post about facts. If the Devils win tonight, the pressure is back on the Flyers and Red Wings.
  21. Hasan put up a good post on the Devils' future. Palmieri, Smith-Pelly, Wedgewood featured and Boucher.
  22. Devils still have 8 left. Can get to 95. So, their tragic number is 11. Columbus became the 2nd East team eliminated last night losing 3-2 to Carolina. Combined with the Flyers and Red Wings' wins, they are done. Only can get to 84.
  23. Food for thought. NHL replay system needs a reboot. I did a post on both No Goals and the current system. Bruins get shaft on No Goal
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