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  1. I'm off to the game, hoping for a close game at least.
  2. No. Start firing the veteran players that have gone through 20 coaches in the last few years.
  3. The Canucks jerseys are great, but how many different jerseys have they worn in their history now? Like 50? And they've never improved on the originals.
  4. Trading Langenbrunner at this point makes no sense. It's not just about clearing cap space now, we have to clear it for the future too with Parise and Greene up for a raise next year. Bye bye Zubrus and probably Sal.
  5. If we hadn't signed Kovy I would try to move him. Now, we need his relatively cheap contract. Won't know if I want him back next season until I see how he does this year.
  6. If the PA accepts the terms, they protect the players already under contract and life goes on. Players will still be able to sign these mega deals, albeit with a higher cap hit. If they fight, they throw Luongo, Kovalchuk, and Hossa under the bus. Luongo would probably lose millions, and Kovalchuk would probably lose millions and be forced to the KHL (by his own crazy demands). They already lost in arbitration, so they can't bank on that to salvage the deals under threat and any arbitrator with common sense will see them as circumvention. More arbitration losses would greatly reduce the chances of any player signing one of these front-loaded mega deals in the next couple years, which is ostensibly what they would be fighting for by rejecting the ultimatum. I think they'll elect to protect the players that already have contracts, but nothing will shock me at this point.
  7. Yeah. He wasn't a healthy scratch for cap reasons, he's just done.
  8. Vinnie

    Marty Brodeur

    So...we should thank him for building 3 Cup winners? Good point LD!
  9. Vinnie


    From Yanks/Mariners a couple weeks ago.
  10. I actually coughed up bloody spit when drinking 151 one time. Of course, being a raging alcoholic it didn't slow me down.
  11. You're welcome internet. I got more where that came from.
  12. Give him 15 years, frontload it as much as possible and act surprised when he bolts to the KHL when the big money years are done. Much better than the 7x8.8 offer.
  13. I'm hoping the Therrien/Carbonneau "rumours" are really just baseless speculation invented due to Lou's Montreal fetish.
  14. I actually kind of like Pronger, partly (or mostly) because he'll cross the line when the refs aren't looking. But this just seems so...petty. "Heh heh, you're up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final? Yeah, well heh heh, ummm, I like stole the game puck heh heh, yeah."
  15. He won't go to jail and I wish we still had him.
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