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  1. agreed he was a monster for me last year, but im not taking him now
  2. mike smith is gonna be a good player. i think this is a goood move for tampa
  3. this sucks i love that little bugger
  4. i have 360 as well, im definately down for starting a leauge. lets try to do this as soon as possible as im tired of playing 12 year old kids who do slap passes all game. Im 28 and looking for some exciting games. my gamer tag on 360 is LBFAM94, email me at lbruno94@yahoo.com if anyone interested.
  5. do you know if there is anyway to watch these games?
  6. Arrogance is Jose Reyes and the Mets. Marty is confident and hates loosing
  7. Marty has bailed this team out countless times. they should have made it a point to get him back for once
  8. Lemieux22MVP


    I just read an article saying that the thrashers were listening to offers for marian hossa, and that they would want experienced talent back for him. Now they probally wont take elias straight up for him but if we could package something with elias i think that would be an awsome trade. obviously you would want to sign him to an extention too.
  9. oh how ive missed this......lets go devils
  10. yah i havent been on here in awhile. the game threads used to be much more informative
  11. ive been living in aruba for 2 months and have been listening to the games over the internet...are the games on tv in NJ
  12. i love marty...so underrated...his discipline is remarkable...he is the god of the new jersey turnpike
  13. just kidding, the devils are the greatest, but im so happy for dave ,he deserves this so much. its so refreshing watching a guy who truely derseves to win a stanley cup and not f'in ray bourque who went to a team that he knew could win...ray should call a whambulance and get whamburger...dave is a true man and deserves this so much.....way to go dave. hopefully we'll get to watch some hockey next year
  14. isnt he the one who corey schwab beat the piss out of?
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