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  1. I think his team Brynas hasn’t a room for him. And Timra was his team in Allsvenskan. Allsvenskan is sweden analog of AHL, it’s an adult professional league. Not SHL but he is one of the youngest there.
  2. I will try to watch the maximum of his games this season. He loses confidence when he has to make a pass in his zone. But he spends more than 10 minutes per game. If he pumps up his confidence, he can become a player of the first pair. I watch Holtz and Mercer games, too. QMJHL games are very fun - fast and dynamic. Holtz plays a much more structured game with harder challenge. The first thing that comes to mind is that I think Hughes will be playing with Mercer, not Holtz.
  3. Boqvist made assist in his second game. 3a in 2 games.
  4. Mercer scored goal in pp. He made assisst before.
  5. Johnsson scroed 20 goals when he played 14 minutes per game.
  6. Fitz is good. Andeson can be solid 3rd liner, Jonsson may disappear in two or three years, but here and now it's a very bold trade.
  7. JO ey AND ER SON - AND RE as JO hns SON is something encrypted here? is it an anagram?
  8. Look like we trade for Andreas Johnsson Joey Anderson goin to Toronto
  9. Laf is better skater and it helps him to control movement of game, but mercer is more agressive magnetic player. Too bad Laf doesnt play tonight. Lapierre and Mercer looks better by a head today.
  10. Great Mercer shift, but defesmen should neutralize him there. Anyway he is hell of a player. I think devs fans still dont understand what a player they got.
  11. i`m trying to do something in catacomb against skeletons. DS3. i`m really hard sck there.
  12. Now, guys, i`m trully belief we are in for some Big Fish. I dont know will we sign but as i understand how things goes we are in.
  13. Toffoli, Greiss und Vatanen/Ceci für kleinen Schmiedt.
  14. Good trade. Guys from bing will have 20-30 games if Murray will hurt himself again.
  15. Thanks. I do not know how to put it better, I really like our discussions that we had this off-season. It was a huge part of the entertainment. I think Rossi is a great hockey player. If he improves his shot, he can become the new Crosby. It's just that we already have "Kane and Toews". Now we need Hossa, Sharp, Keith, and Seabrook. etc I love Bratt, but I think he's a super power in the third line. So far, he hasn't played a full season in three years. He is not physically enough yet for the NHL. But he looks good in short shifts. And i think he will be very good in 12-15 min per game.
  16. I like the way you rejected all comparisons and arguments and chose just one. Because Hughes wasnt physically ready overager, didnt play with overagers against kids. And Kakko was the kid with man body. In today situation Holtz is the Kid with kid`s body who play against men. Arguments are needed for discussion.
  17. Man, no, it`s not. You watch highlight, I'll offer you watch games. Fitz, Rossi, Rossi`s coach, Rossi`s mama, my mama and even your mama know and say that rossi place on the ice is the center. He isn`t fast, he isnt good when he should run from board to the net. He dominates in child league. But he didnt play against men. What he did he played with men. Against childrens. Garreffa(half season) and Keating(full season) were his regular partners. They were 20 yo both. They could play in AHL and they both have 90 points season before. Ottawa was best structure team in OHL and they play with
  18. Btw Holtz play in poor team without big money in budgette and help from city goverment. That mean Holtz will have big role, big minutes. In adult league, may be second best in Europe. Where Rossi is playing now? Nowhere.
  19. F@ck Rossi. he isn`t Devil. HipHIPhoraaaay Holtz. He scores goal today. Great add for our centers. Like Mercer too. We have great chance to have two balanced different lines without headache where and how we will use our young players. (btw Holtz was my #5-6 player on pick#7 list. But now he is our guy. That was logic reasonable decision. BPA play in toronto and edmonton. Good luck for them)
  20. Holtz scores a goal in today game. Game started few minutes ago.
  21. I will prefer Toffoli because Toffoli is more ES guy and Hoffman play on PP pretty well. Toffoli wil cheaper and he is little bit younger. Anyway if someone from that duo will sign with us for a reasonable deal i will pe pretty happy.
  22. it`s a strange draft. i think everything was go wrong. Even Mercer and they didnt wait for it.
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