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  1. I believe they will start to use Nemec in all situations in ahl and will give him all of the time on the ice. Ofcourse I would prefer him in nhl, actually I liked him more than Luke in preseason and I always ranked him little bit higher. But it’s ok to not rush him, he will have his chances, we can’t start with Luke and Nemec right now, we don’t have enough competent defensemen for pk. On the other side I would be happy to use 7 defensemen. Salary isnt against the cap if it is a player with or without two way deal, it’s about salary in ahl. If player has one way deal like Thompson, he will have the same money in ahl.
  2. I think he is the best youtuber from nhl topics. He knows teams well, he knows their systems, what kind of narrative fans talks, what the actual shape is. Ofcourse he isn't on the level with some knowledgable youtubers from specific teams, but he is way better than most YouTube of their specific teams. He is very polite and accurate with what he is talking. And I like his personality. And the biggest price for being calm and smart, not being stupid like Biz, Whitney, Dangle or Wild - another big names.
  3. I think Lou is still pretty good in makings final moves for older team that us trying to have a couple of the last try. Especially if he has a goalie. Islanders under him were better on the harder east, then what Winnipeg did for example. But ofcourse its far away from what we needed. And for Islanders its too late now, even with Sorokin, they need to restructure their roster, find better top 6 contributors. They need 3-4 years and from this point of view irs questionable how long Sorokin will carry them. May be they need to trade Sorokin to the team with good goalie prospect or young good goalie with some other assets. Like... you know... Sorokin for Schmid, Casey, Gritsyuk, Orlov and second round pick. Trade Horvath with some retention. And other guys. They could cash a lot from what they have in shorter period. But it is not the moves Lou will make and its very hypothetical.
  4. I think Okhotiuk looked good too before the injury. May be SJ will find in him good player too. Overall devils making good with defensemen. Vilen, Orlov and Karpovich are very solid and have higher ceiling than 3rd pair defensemen, Casey has potential to be very interesting nhl player he will figure it out how to win or at least be average in puck battles on the board against much bigger pro.
  5. Bahl developed his skating, and he developed his puckhangleng and the game overall on the move. That's not what I could expect. He is my big misscouting and mistake, I didn't think he can find another gear. He is looking like a model of good development.
  6. Nemec is NHL ready, I would prefer to use him as 7th defenseman ahead of Holtz on the third or third line.
  7. Time to revisit my top prospects list. My thoughts were evry close to how in feeling it now 1 Nemec (1a) 2 Luke (1b) (3) (Schmid) 3 Lenny (3a) 4 Gritsyuk (3b) 5 Holtz 6 Vilen 7 Casey 8 Bardakov 9 Orlov 10 Karpovich (11) (Malek) 11 Misyul 12 Thompson (12a) 13 Foote (12b) 14 Filmon 15 Squires Thats the list. Nemec is better overall. Gritsyuk is playing in the game, he knows what he needs to do, where he should be and can drive by his own.. Vilen if he is raw, still very mobile, defensive and physically closer than Casey. Its really hard now to not put Casey over Holtz now. Orlov and Karpovich are developing their game, mobile and defensive reliable. Casey is a gamer, if he will outplay boards against high pro, he will be great at hockey. Filmon is raw product and its hard to say that he is guarantee NHLer, but some potential is there. Squires still has some NHL potential at least. Foote wasnt impressive but he and Thompson looked like replacable but stil nhlers even in limited roles. Lenny is awesome. I will think about Lenny as a name for my future child. Holtz should add a lot, because for now putting him over Casey is some kind of favor. I made a favor to Foote when putted him in top-10, now I dont want him in my top-10. Even if he will find himself as nhler, he will not gonna be Jersey Devil regular. Guys over him looks like a player with real nhl potential, with better nhl ceiling, with better potential to be Devils players or being good piece in the trade.
  8. I said long term, to his age 28-29. It was what I said. Overall I think we understand the view. With Toffoli I don’t see why he will accept less for less or shorter raise. He is Stanley cup champion and he deserved money. It’s time to sign for retirement and now he has great opportunity to produce enough to earn more money. And I don’t see any problem with this, because Hameenaho is good, Gritsyuk is good and Holtz , even if he will not pan out immediately, still making steps forward.
  9. Devils should sign Mercer long term. In his interests to sign good amount of money to his 28-29 years. If he will sign short term deal, he will lose money and term on his next deal. He doesn’t hit his ceiling, he is very young and looks better this preseason. Devils should sign him long term, because there are Nemec and Luke deal ahead, they need to save cap after the next three years. Because of Nemec and future Hischier deals. But I will be not surprised if he will sign short term. May be he wants more than 8 mil(math is about sign 6.5+ for more years will give you more money, especially if player will be younger for sign next long term, than sign for less money on short term, sign long term and then be older enough to not sign next long term), if he feels that he can produce on ppg level, he can sign 6.5 mil deal now(if he will have 30g 30a+) for three years and make another step, produce on ppg level and sign 9+ mil deal. If he is ppg player, it’s a good problem to have him u detr the cap for more money. Again, reason why I’m for sign him long term. It doesn’t mean Mercer thinks in the same direction or Fitz may be want to go all in and sign him short term and save some money for depth now. Overall I think it’s not done and it will depend on the development of events. Toffoli will not sign friendly deal. It’s his career opportunity to sign good deal, he isn’t young, he didn’t have much money, he is already a player with the ring. I would say it is reasonable to wait something the same Killorn signed. It’s too much for devils cap hit. Of course if will sign for the same he has now for two three years, it’s a no brain decision. I just don’t see background. Overall I agree that we are in a good shape, we have talented young players to fill the roster, most players signed on the friendly deals. I believe Bratt will outproduce his deal this year easily. Jack is outproduced it from the first season. Meier, if he will be consistent 35 goals scorer and active hitter, will ouproduce/match his deal. If he will be 40 g/per 82 games player, he will outproduce it with a margin. Nico is 9-10mil player last year. And I don’t think he will be worser player from what he did last season, may be 70-75 points. Devils have everything to compete for Stanley cup, now they need to gain experience.We have better team than what we had in 2012, now Fitz should save the core and find good complimentary pieces on the short terms and low cap hit. Like he did with Graves, Tatar, Toffoli and Haula now.
  10. He was sent to ahl because they have players on nhl deals. Overall I don’t understand what they are doing. They need to give their young forwards and defensemen time in nhl for experience and win draft position. Shakir will learn nothing from ahl. Thrun will not barely too.
  11. Yeah. 2020 was very good and very deep draft. 2019 was a great draft in the top. Thats fun how rangers "robbed" us with Schneider, and after that Fitz didn't take a pause and immediately taken his guy, after he told that they scouted Amirov(R.I.P.) and were fascinated by Mukhamadullin. Who was great in KHL, close to be ppg defenseman in AHL and was center piece in 30-40 goals scorer Meier trade even instead of Holtz(if sj would want winger prospect Holtz they easily would trade for him in the trade of winger Meier, but from every offers from the league SJ preferred Mukhamadullin, late first round pick and depth player and depth prospect), and Schneider is mediocre and doesn't show any flashes of potential top 4 defenseman. They were just bad with strategy or/and with scouting on the draft. I liked Othmann a lot. Sykora too. But there is a big chance they will ruin them too. I think Kakko could be much better than what he is. He is already playing good too way game, win board battles and find himself in good positions in different situations. He is smart guy, even if he isn't too. But he should play on his wing with good center all the kinutes he deserves to be 70 points guy, not 40-50 points third liner on the wrong side.
  12. He will never be good in rangers. In any role. He would be better in other organisation, but he is far far from Jack. Overall rangers are stupid organisation. They drafted talented left handed wingers Anderson and Kravtsov by their high picks, when they already had Kreider and Buchnevich. They signed Panarin. They traded Buchnevich for peanuts when he was 0.8-0.9 ppg player. They ruined development of Kravtson and Anderson. They drafted talented left handed wingers Kakko and Lafrenier by their high picks, when they already had Kreider and Panarin. They are ruining development of Lafrenier. They drafted Cuylee and Othmann in the second or first round - they are talented left handed wingers. When they already had Kreider, Panarin, Kakko and Lafreniere. And on the very talented 2023 draft they drafted Perreault - talented left handed winger with very questionable skating. I wish them all the worst
  13. Yeah, its absolutely harder to build the game like Tatar did last season with the age. It was surprise he actually did. I think he deserved one year on a good deal, his season game was great overall, he was very active positionally, very active in forecheck, very low and strong on the boards. It is a perfect complimentary forechecker. But we don't have any guarantee it will going on. And its ok to give him one year for his level of production and intensity, there are no risks. But two years, especially after his ups and downs. His agent deserved his hire. Anyway I wish Tatar all the best on the west and cash on the next deal. One year deal most likely. Toffoli is interesting case. I think he is one year story no matter how good he will be. Mostly. Luke, Mercer on the horizon. May be if Palat will be bad, they will try to hide or retain him. But now I'm talking about 300 miles away things.
  14. I hope they will agree on something similar as Hagel. Only if Mercer will break this season as 70+ points guy. But from what I saw he can.
  15. I think Toffolli is different from what we had in Tatar in second year, but I think he can bring what we need too. I’m not waiting 30+ goals, but 25 goals per 82 games would be great. Tatar… I liked what he did. Even when he didn’t score in the first round, he made good 200 foot impact. In the serious against Hurricanes only Jack was good imho. Anyway I don’t know why he wanted multi year deal. I believe Fitz offered something like he had, only for one year. He losted 2 may be even three millions. I would kill agent for mistake like this(I exaggerated)
  16. Rangers will not miss play off, only if a really big part of their leaders will be injury. But every team will miss play off in this case. Devils will miss if Nico and Jack will be injured. Buzz and Whitney are complete not smart guys with iq 69. Anyway they really need another steps from Kakko and Laf, because they listed to us not because Shestyorkin wasn’t good enough, but even with Shestyorkin who played on his head. Wheeler will make some help. It’s regally strange that hockey players are trying to play with rangers again and again even when it’s a famous star graveyard. He could easily got better deal with better team.
  17. Tatar would be great, he developed his retrieving and was very useful. But roster spots are limited. And there is a time to give real opportunity to Holtz and Foote may be.
  18. Clarke is disappointment if anyone had some hopes. Not a driver, not a playmaker, not a forechecker. Nemec, Vilen and Misyul looked good. Misyul has issues with escaping and transition. Vilen and Nemec looks like nhlers/future nhlers. Forwards are really bad, top four forward prospects are playing in adult leagues, so it’s not like we have a shot against Sabres. Sabres did a great job with forward drafting.
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