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  1. The tension is so high before the draft, we already discussed everyone, compared everyone with everyone, that we started discussing South Park and The Boys.
  2. (Read it fast) pleasenozadorov,pleasenozadorov,pleasenozadorov. he creates dangerous situations with the puck. It’s Mirco Muller with good physical game. But he’s still Mirco Muller.
  3. Reichel is on my top list for 18-20. He is very competent aggressive player with dangerous making ability. He is good shooter too. I See some of his game, may be 5 or 6, he was really good there. And his uncle was successful in nhl. zary is on my top list to Not draft. Nothing special In his game. don’t have opinion about robins, didn’t watch him. But couple of analytics are high on him. i don’t as high on Drysdale as many, he isn’t look good under pressure, sometimes he spend to much with the puck, he isn’t well on boards and in the corners, but he definitely will be picked
  4. For Sergachyov ofcourse. Maybe and I'm pretty sure of it he will not be as good as Hedman, but he is 8 years younger. He can create opportunitioes, he is good on the board and in the corners. And devils will own all of his prime years. And he has something to prove, something to win. And his price in the trade is lower.
  5. i really like players who can be available for our 7th pick. But i definitely say yes to 7th for Sergachev. He is young big good skater blue liner who can do everything we need from our D. We can give him Buthcer too. And a bottle of the best champagne. Or Severson+18th instead of 7th.
  6. Hughes was brutal, thats truth, and Nico has proven to be a good center at the NHL level. Rossi is very good at reading areas, but board battling and board-to the-net moving isn`t his trump. Using Rossi on the wing will not give the devils maximum profit, and Rossi will not be able to perform here as well as he can. I do not know how the draft will be held now. Maybe after two D and Raymond Fitzgerald will take Rossi, but otherwise - I don't have that confidence anymore.
  7. I think I was too critical of Rossi. But I don't think it's a good idea to use him on the wing. He looks like a very good player as the center where he played all of his career. Using Hischier or Hughes on the wing doesn't seem like a good idea to me either.
  8. I have to say we finally agree on something =-D. I think if Quinn is third on the list, and the first two are gone by our pick, it makes sense to make a trade back.
  9. Sanderson or raymond. drysdale would be very good but not perfect. after fitz interview I'm intrigued because before it i was sure rossi is #1 candidate. But after i don`t think so. And i think quinn is high on devils priority list. It was a very interesting and informative interview.
  10. Wheeler has funniest rating. Schneider in ... where? In the middle of second round? Stutzle is seven in his rating. Ok. He buy me. You will see how he will not have anything with reality. I can`t dispute with Pronman in any of his words. I can't argue with Pronman in any of his words. Only one thing - General managers rate higher on Sanderson`s bright side. Where Pronman had Seider last year? And Broberg?
  11. Let set it in stone.
  12. Zajac was 2 point per game player in his predraft year. I talk about theirs shot technique. I really like how rossi choose his position for shooting, but he isn`t a skill shooter. And his skating... i dont know may be i grew in a country where avarage or good skating was looking better than... Rossi`s skating. He hasn`t fast start, he loses half or one step in sprint against players. He is fantstic positionaly and he protect the puck well. He and Lundell are playing very mature. Very mature. Both compensate their speed by their body protecting and decision making. Rossi, judging by the ga
  13. He is a perfect shot down defenseman with pretty good skating and speed. But if you trak his second half of last season - he made much of good entrances. He move puck pretty accurately, he has a better stats than Heiskanen at the same age and looks better defensivly. He is still young for that draft class. He is almost a year younger than Rossi. He is a pretty accurate puckmoving defenseman with great skating and excellent defensive game. This is exactly the type of defensmen that winning teams are built around. If he isn`t take his ceiling he will be a pretty good at shotdown role. There are
  14. If Sanderson is available, there is not even a discussion for me. One good defender - 1/6 of all questions about defense. The devils couldn't get out of their zone last season. We couldn't meet the opponent on the blue line. If the devils want to build a winning team, they should take Sanderson. His floor with his shot down ability and his skating - second pair and 18-20 min per game, PK. His ceiling is a Hedman without the same piercing shot. But the chance that Detroit or Anaheim will pass seems doubtful.
  15. If rossi is on board i`m not. I like words what writers write about him. But i`m not excited about his videos. Don`t listen me - open youtube and start to watch shift by shift videos. He is a small version of zajac with better passing ability and little under avarage skating and above avarage speed. If it is what you want from our first pick it`s ok, i want another level of talent. But I’m preparing myself for him. I'd be surprised if he's on the table and Fitz doesn't pick it. another games _______
  16. Give him Karlsson money for 4 or 5 years. 7 years to much but shorter deal would be worth it. he will help in defensive zone and make defensive work faster, he can drive the puck, he can make playmaking job. And leadership and mentor. For a guy like smith or Bahl. Would be awesome. We have enough cap room.
  17. Arizona named Armstrong as their new GM He`s look like the evil man from lazy town.
  18. That was a good playoff tournament. Pretty interesting year Coleman has. Happy for him.
  19. Our "new Corey" is 10 years younger like in good old days. And devils have a lot of problems. And we still have a bunch in later rounds. Vasilevskiy is a great goalie. One of the best. Better than Khudobin, but the difference doesn't affect the game as much. And i`m not against Askarov, just not by 7th. I think Askarov is a better option for 5th of Ottawa than for 7th of devs.
  20. Blackwood has toooo maaaanyyyyy chances for vezina than Askarov because he showed good results in bad team in two seasons. Askarov spent 3-4? professional games. im ok with drafting him, just not by 7th pick. if our Duo was Corey and Kinkaid , then Askarov should have been drafted. There are ton of Russian talented goalies in later rounds.
  21. Kucherov, Tarasenko, dadonov, kuznetsov, Gusev spent some time in Russia after draft. Some Swedes played in Sweden. it's normal to grow up in more pleasant conditions in more competent League and still have better perspectives for a good contract if Nhl trip will not successful. I'd rather wait four years for Khusnutdinov, but I'll get an explosive all-round smart forward for 20th pick, but who's asking me.
  22. I admire how long you held back =-D yap. That`s true. In Russia, they have a great opportunity to earn real money with their talent. And then, if something goes wrong in NHL, come back for a good contract. Professional hockey career is short.
  23. This is the price you are willing or not willing to pay for an over-the-top player. Tampa did not(all teams in the league do) regret with Kucherov, Carolina with Svechnikov, Phily with Provorov, and Chicago probably still regrets the trade of Panarin. But there is always a chance that the player will be Nichushkin, Burmistrov or Yakupov.
  24. I`m ok with picking potential vezina winner, but now we have one.
  25. Not the first source says this. Fitz constantly claims that he will take the best regardless of the position. Castron added fuel to the fire. I wonder if this could be a provocation on the part of our management.
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