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    Chris Pronger

    I think all of the speculation that the root cause for Pronger's desire to leave Edmonton is just that - speculation. It may have nothing to do with his wife. He may just not like playing there.
  2. chloe2744


    As someone who watches the Ducks regularly, I feed compelled to point out that you are incorrect about Rob's play. Rob's job on the Ducks is to shut down the top offensive line for the other team and control the puck along the boards. A job that he does very well, btw. Rob, along with Sami Pahlsson was out on every shift against Iginla in games 6 and 7 and shut him down completely. They were a big part of why the Ducks moved on to round 2. Seriously, I know that it is "fun" to bust on him because of residual bitterness over Scott's leaving, but Rob is playing very well for the Ducks and has been since he joined the team.
  3. Tealngrey asked me to post this article: In his father's footsteps.
  4. I think he means that he will be a tourist instead of playing in the gold medal game because Canada was defeated.
  5. SLAM! Article: Martin's Smartin'
  6. Regina is so hilarious! I can't believe she actually put that up there.
  7. The problem with Scott's hair is that he can not be arsed to do anything with it - just let's it dry. Hair brush be damned. Scott wasn't the one in the scary green shorts - he wore jeans.
  8. Why so negative? I curl and I care. Sheesh.
  9. I saw it! Marty was pretty funny and seemed in good spirits.
  10. I believe that Nieder is more focused on where his family wants to be and the possibility of playing with his brother than, money. I think he filed arbitration to gaurantee himself a contract for next season. What is so wrong about that? He has said numerous times that he enjoys being in New Jersey, but being from BC he would also like to play there. Interestingly, his brother didn't file for arbitration with the Ducks. Could that be because Rob wants to leave it open for the possibility of coming to the Devils?
  11. chloe2744

    Nieder's a Dad!

    Lisa Niedermayer gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. Congratulations Scott!
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