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  1. This is my first time at the Honda Center. It's a decent sized crowd, maybe 80% full, but the crowd is about as lively as a sloth. Maybe it's because you can't do the "Let's Go _____!!!" chant when your team only has one syllable. There's little excitement beyond when they boo the refs at the beginning of each period. I did make sure to point out to my group the spot on the ice where Stevens laid out Kariya.
  2. The non-MTL goal was called off because the offensive player's forward motion pushed Kinkaid into the net and away from the puck. Goaltender interference.
  3. mikepeluso8, it's cute that you want to engage in the age-old tradition of trolling an online message board, but you'd have more luck knocking over three stacked bottles with a beanbag down the Jersey shore than hurling a decent insult. Reading your posts is like listening to lovemaking session between Al Traudwig and Jeremy Roenick. You've ragged on everyone on this message board for never having played the game, but your knowledge of the game came from a shot at Score-O. Sorry, Varsity Score-O. Congrats on moving to LA. Between you and Kovalchuk, LA is becoming the place NJ sends it's trash.
  4. mikepeluso8 is the internet version of that one high school football kid who still wears his varsity jacket 10 years later when he goes out to Applebee's. Congrats bro
  5. You'll have an accurate answer no later than June. The Devils have won four games. That's fantastic. It's also a 82 game season.
  6. It's not just Devils tickets. It's ticketmaster in general. I ordered two $23 tickets to an unrelated event in Newark and it was $76 total. What the? They've got you by the you-know-what.
  7. Came out of hibernation to say about the same thing. Chelios is a mute, Hull is a slight upgrade from the days of Jeremy Roenick, and the woman seems like she got lost on the way to hosting Good Morning America.
  8. Steve Sullivan. No one else even comes close.
  9. If it were up to Lou, numbers would be banished. Names on the back of jerseys, too. The Devils of 1987-2015 were all about the logo on the front. The low jersey number was just another way of keeping the focus on the logo. There was no such thing is "no numbers higher than 30" ... it was just that lower numbers were used first. Reid Simpson was #33, Steve Thomas was #32. There are others I forget. The whole no #13 thing was yet another thing that made the Devils unique.
  10. A starter, maybe .. but he's a UFA, so it won't be on a line with NJ.
  11. In that time, the Devils went something like 45-0-??? against the Rangers in the (obviously) regular season. It was magical.
  12. Brylin played professionally for 20 years, just not all in North America. Daneyko being around since the beginning makes for one hell of a story but still does not put him in the same category as Stevens, Brodeur and Niedermayer. Let's say in some alternate universe Brodeur, Niedermayer and Stevens all had their jerseys retired 1-2-3. With that precedent set, I don't think Daneyko's would go up fourth.
  13. We can agree to disagree. Brylin and Daneyko, in their respective positions, are about the same: average, not great, but consistent. Both are career Devils. Brylin had to deal with language and cultural barriers when he came over. Daneyko is native to the continent and is never one to shun the spotlight, so of course he's going to be more in the public eye, and now ten years later, regarded highly. The true "greats" are Niedermayer, Stevens, and Brodeur. Daneyko doesn't even belong in the same sentence. Neither does Brylin, for that matter. BUT, if you're going to include Daneyko -- and rightfully so -- Brylin should be there as well. The only reason Daneyko is standing next to the other three is because of their 3 cups together.
  14. Advice? If your budget is $25,000, buy whatever car you can for $19,500 and put the other $5,500 in an IRA. Probably not the advice you're looking for, but I couldn't think of any better options
  15. Yes, but there's no way of adding Brylin to that photo of Brodeur, Stevens, Daneyko, and Niedermayer on the ice after the game. You had 4/5ths of the players to win all three cups. That's a great photograph, but there's one person missing.
  16. Hearing all those names again in the same breath was something. It's insane to think those old geezers were such an amazing force on ice 20 years ago. Really wish Brylin was there. Of all the no-shows, Brylin hurt. Behind Daneyko, he's the next Mr. Devil. The Russian Mr. Devil -- however you want to put it.
  17. Something other than a guy walking up the stairs and down the walkway is playing Is it choppy as all hell for anyone else?
  18. Lou is doing exactly what he always does: it aint over until it's over. Until the team is mathematically eliminated, the Devils are still in the hunt. You should be applauding Lou for not throwing in the towel. Crazier things have happened. Is it likely? No. Is it mathematically impossible? Not yet.
  19. You must not be old enough to remember Samuelsson. He helped facilitate the end of Neely's career.
  20. Gotta love (hate) the Ranger announcers who immediately jump to the head-shot conclusion.
  21. We lost Gionta? Boston has a good fourth line? Our lease influences players towards the Rangers? Did any of that make sense? This is a guy who made a career out of getting hit in the head with heavy objects....
  22. SegaDevil

    Wild @ Devils

    Hopefully on the Devils' side.
  23. It's weird to see NHLers tweeting and instagraming during the season. I'm so used to the Devils no personal social media policy during the season, I almost forget that it's not an NHL-wide policy.
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