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  1. it would be interesting to see a list of all the trades he made during his time here and see how many worked out and how many didn't. off the top of my head hall, palms, and i guess vats worked out. those are the only ones that stick out as i think about it. i'm sure i'm missing one or two....i hope.
  2. Difference is one would be asset free at this time, the other not so much. Possibly half the starting d won't be back next year. Even if 2 leave they could do worse then ghost at 3 mill for 2 more years. How much worse could he make the power play too?
  3. For playoff stat purposes only are the play-in rounds counting as actual playoffs. The real playoffs don't start until the play-in round is over. Vancouver wins that we get their pick. They loose the play-in round we get it next year.
  4. Not how it's going to work. The play-in teams will all have the same percentage chance of getting the #1 pick in a lottery just for that pick.
  5. having teams like the devils, sharks, senators, etc.. is just a waste and stupid. their seasons ended months ago. besides money, which i know is the main factor, why bring these 5-6 teams that are clearly out of it after 4 months off? just stupid.
  6. Your last comment summed it up for me as well. The losing has turned me off to going as a season ticket holder. Plus the value of my tickets are basically 0 for a lot of games. I'll sell any game that has any value at this point just to not go. 20% discount on overpriced merch doesn't do anything for me and no way I'd commit to 2 years right now for many reasons. Plus if you commit now for 2 years, what happens if they tear it fully down at the end of this month? You're stuck for 2 years seeing a team that might be worse than the last 2 years. I'll be content buying cheap Tix from others and will go to games where free ticket vouchers will be handed out. Seems a lot better right now than getting season tickets again.
  7. They are giving out free tickets like they are water so that helps a bit in terms of crowd. Pretty sure they are the #1 team in comping tickets .....so at least we have that to be #1 in lol. Renewals should be a bloodbath this year which it sounds like it was last off-season until draft day then idiots like me signed back up. Won't be making that mistake again this off-season.
  8. When was he going to trade him earlier? From what I remember he was banged up early on last season, missed some games, then was done before Christmas I believe. His trade value was at an all time low in Sept/Oct of this season. I blame shero for a lot of this mess but this was the best time to trade him and move on.
  9. Hall isn't most likely worth what we think he is. He's a pure rental player coming off a knee injury that took him out for quite awhile. Plus he at the moment doesn't have the speed he did before the injury. If they can get a good d prospect, a goalie who can let Blackwood ease into being the #1 for the next year and a half, get a 1st rounder, plus maybe a conditional 1st if he re-signs, I think it's as good as it can get. Putting blackwood out there most nights with this team and defense is going to kill him.
  10. I'll admit to that now. I don't care about draft picks this year etc at this point. I just want to see a competitive team on the ice each night. At the rate it's going it looks like waiting for another few seasons. I'll also admit now that my season ticket holder days are finished. I can't do this anymore with this type of product. I'm basically paying money to be tortured again.
  11. After goal 2 we had some fire hynes chants. This is past him. They need a purging.
  12. devils744


    We already have a coach who loves playing 4th liners way too much. We don't need someone who would do it even more.
  13. It's hard to say anything based on last season. He was on one of the best regular season teams of all time so the stats are inflated. Now he's on this team so uh... don't expect the same results lol I'm expecting nothing but a little less than average goaltending which sadly is an improvement.
  14. I was going by team success not individual. My mistake for but being more clear on that.
  15. It's weird to think that years have passed and once hall leaves or is traded the 1 for 1 deal was basically a wash. Nobody really won it per say.
  16. devils744

    Fire Hynes

    Will be hard to have something good when 10 people will be at the game. They have tried this before and it hasn't gone well attendance wise. Probably better than at 7 but still nobody will be there. Tix are like $10 on StubHub.
  17. devils744

    Fire Hynes

    sadly, they probably all need to be fired at this point. not sure how realistic that is but that's what needs to happen. this team is dreadful, just like last season.
  18. devils744

    Fire Hynes

    the odds of something like that happening again anytime soon are as close to 0 as it can be. this to me can't be any justification as to why you keep him for another month or two. it has been statistically proven that if you're x amount of points out of the playoffs come Thanksgiving, you're season is just about done. they are already close to that mark. yes, there are some exceptions but for the most part it's the truth. just look what florida had to go a few seasons ago towards the end to just miss the playoffs. the season can't be won today but it can and is being lost. think how if this continues, nobody will buy face value tickets (owners won't like that), nobody will be in the arena (owners won't like that) and those who are there are going to be pissed off and angry. sounds like a lot of fun. not to mention how toxic the locker room would probably be at yet again being a joke of a team who can't do anything right. or having these new/young guys just constantly be losers yet again on the ice in terms of results.
  19. devils744

    Fire Hynes

    end of october? that's way too late to attempt to save the season. he will be fired next saturday night/sunday if this continues. gives the new coach a few days of practice before a game unless it's their bye week already.
  20. since marner is an rfa this can always be revisted mid july if trades and free agency hasn't gone well and marner hasn't signed yet. just thought it was an interesting thing to think about.
  21. How about a hall for marner trade? Sign marner for 5-6 years since he doesn't want 8 years with Toronto. This allows the rebuild to continue for another year or two and in a few years the team is ready for a run. Might have to add a bit since hall is a ufa after this season.
  22. Brilliant strategy after suffering through this pathetic season. I wonder if they even told those people earlier in the year that their grandfathered price would be no more?
  23. Perfectly said. I'm probably opting out after 8 years and going the stubhub/buying from others route. For many reasons the love you speak of is basically gone for me. So to not have to worry about upcoming games that I have to go to or try to sell, this just sounds much better. I'll pick a few per month at my convenience. I just went on a membership points tear so they won't be wasted.
  24. Wait until January/February. Then you'll see way more anger from the fans. The organization as of now is a dumpster fire with holes everywhere. There is no fix coming anytime soon. They stink on offense, defense, and goaltending. As a 10 year sth if they raise my price 1 cent I'm walking. This isn't worth my time or money. It's early December and already going to games is a chore.
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