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  1. No way! But Mike Heika's reporting that he thinks it's a done deal - Langs for conditional draft picks. Here's the link Nieuwy
  2. Just wanted to add my condolences for his family and friends. May God grant him life eternal.
  3. Man, this is so ugly I can't stand it! Yankees must be wondering where the team that beat them so easily is, 'cause it sure isn't in SF! Here's hoping for 3 wins at home anyway!
  4. Thanks! No apologies necessary - it's people like you who keep me coming back to this place even though Nieuwy's long gone from New Jersey. I'm so excited for the Rangers, I can hardly stand it, lol!
  5. I'm not a "dude" or your other kind description. I didn't attack you or other Yankees fans - I stated a reality, that y'all are used to winning, and expect to win, so you can't understand how thrilled Rangers fans are to be in the WS for the very first time. And if it's the only time for a long time, I'm okay with that. And if Cliff Lee is gone next year - big IF in my opinion - then so be it. It will have been worth it.
  6. They did it! It's hard for you Yankee fans to imagine what it's like because you consider it your birthright to at least get to the ALCS if not the WS. :-) I've been following the Rangers since they came here in 1972 when I was 18, and they've never even gotten close to this. Unbelievable! Inconceivable! Amazing! TEXAS RANGERS - 2010 AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! WORLD SERIES, HERE WE COME!!!
  7. I can't believe it - my Texas Rangers win their first post-season series ever! I've literally been following them since they came to Texas. I'm so used to disappointment that this is hard to believe. We've had some good teams, including some great players, but not a really good all-around team like this one that's capable of great pitching, speed and aggressiveness on the bases, and they can play small ball as well as bashing the ball. And then there's Cliff Lee. Nolan Ryan never had a playoff-caliber team around him or he could have dominated like this, but Lee is the first one to actually do it. Too bad we can't clone him! GO RANGERS!!!
  8. Nieuwy25

    Hi there!

    Yeah, I scared sammyk with that on fb last week. I told him he should know me better than to think I could cheer on those Rangers.
  9. Nieuwy25

    Hi there!

    Wow - great to "see" y'all again! So many awesome people here - it's why this place is still so great! I'm not expecting much out of my Stars this year. They have no money to spend, and no new ownership in sight. But hockey is hockey! Looking forward to tomorrow night's match up. How's Langs? I seem to remember a problem in the playoffs, but I guess that was under Lemaire.
  10. Nieuwy25

    Hi there!

    Hey, guys - how's everyone? Long time, no see. :-) But it's hockey time, and that means the Stars and Devils - woohoo! I'm in a fantasy league - it's just a league with some friends, but I think I'm going to sign up for Center Ice again, so I'll get to watch the Devils. So anyway, I wanted to wish you guys good luck this year. It's great to see that Johnny Mac is the new coach - I hope he lasts! And one last thing - go Rangers!!!! (TEXAS Rangers)
  11. Thanks for that! That's the one thing that wasn't making sense to me about this "way station" timeline. Makes perfect sense. Man, I'm gonna miss this show. And for the most part, I loved the ending. I wish Eko and Michael and Walt had been included, but I suppose there were things going on with the actors that they couldn't or didn't want to work out.
  12. Heh. Jamie's all grown up. What's up with giving the C to Shanny last night? Do you think it's just a pre-season, pass it around each game, thing? Or do you think Lemaire wants a new Captain?
  13. Wow. I'm not that surprised that Madden left - he's at that stage of his career when veterans often have to move on - but Gionta? That surprises me. Was he asking too much money? Was he hurt? Did he just get an offer he couldn't refuse? What happened?
  14. What does this have to do with Comcast? I have FIOS so this isn't affecting me, but are you saying that DirecTV isn't carrying Vesus anywhere - or is it a regional thing?
  15. Nieuwy25

    Stars fire Tippett

    I'll never tell. I'm just so ready for hockey again. I'm like a bear coming out of hibernation - I have to check my njdevs!
  16. Nieuwy25

    Stars fire Tippett

    You rang? Two months later . . . Tippett was well liked, but some people thought he was too easy going - a players' coach & not the type to light a fire under them. I don't think Nieuwy thought he had done a bad job, or that last year was his fault - he just decided they needed a different approach - someone fiery like Crawford to push them harder. I don't know much about Crawford, but maybe he's more like Hitch was - never letting up on them psychologically. So we'll see if it works.
  17. Wow! Joe's back in town. How cool is that????
  18. From a Dallas fan - yeah, I agree. There's so much history and bad blood between our two teams. I don't hate the Sharks like I used to, but, yeah - I'll never feel any warm & fuzzies for them, either. Tough game last night.
  19. So you think it was Sayid that Ben said he had to see before they left? I was wondering if it was Hurley. How did Hurley get out of jail or wherever he was, and know about the plane? I may have missed all that.
  20. I'm probably going to sign for the FioS TV now that we don't have DirecTV anymore. Right now, it's only about $30/month more to add it to their internet & phone service we already have.
  21. And two more things . . . Calling that basement room The Lamppost was a clear reference to Narnia, just as Charlotte Staples Lewis is dying on the island. I also loved the reference to the Apostle Thomas. Most everyone knows about the "Doubting Thomas" reference, but Ben brought out the much-less known passage about his brave statement to follow Jesus and die with Him. I thought that was interesting.
  22. That made me laugh. I don't suppose he ended up on the island, though. And according to the preview, Locke's not really dead. Or at least, he doesn't stay dead. hah! I didn't think he would, but I guess we'll find out what really happened to him next week. I love this show.
  23. Brad Richards broke his right wrist - out 6-8 weeks, no surgery. So hopefully he'll be back in time for the playoffs, as will (hopefully, again) Morrow.
  24. Vizslas rule! (Vizsla = Hungarian version of Weimeraners - red instead of gray, slightly smaller) Our last one, Bear, died 2 years ago, and we don't have a dog right now. But Vizslas are so sweet! They're wonderful pets.
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