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  1. At this rate, 444 will be up soon. Maybe even get to 3030, though that's not a retired number yet.
  2. I said no to Kovy's intentions of playing out the entire contract. But I also don't think Hossa/ Pronger/ Luongo have any intention either...
  3. Here's hoping. I thought maybe this was a blessing... I mean talk to us in 10 years and we might not even want any part of Kovalchuk. But I'm all for it now, and I don't understand why the NHL would take it out on New Jersey, and not start at the Hossa contract.
  4. We're not. We overanalyze things way too much.
  5. I'm cool with this, it's a lot better than losing Tedenby. Oduya hasn't looked good all year imo, and Bergfors started strong... but then what?
  6. The game was awesome. I just got back from the game, front row behind the Devils bench... greatest game I've been to. The crowd was out of it from the start. I'm surprised a lot of Buffalo fans left in the middle of the 3rd. Regardless of the team, I thought they'd want to see some history...
  7. Madden will be greatly missed. A favorite for sure.
  8. I don't know, getting (almost) swept by the Rangers with Gomez on the other end was harder, imo.
  9. I broke my remote control, and pretty much everything else. I sure hope the team is a hell of a lot mentally stronger than I am.
  10. I guess it's a little too much. But I look at it this way: we're never going to be 1mil away from going over the cap... so paying a little more than we should for a vet and a good team leader is fine with me (and a lifelong Devil). It's won't be like 2006 (I might be wrong) where we were over the cap when we took Gomez's arbitration money. Those days are well behind us since the cap is too much for Lou to max out.
  11. Yeah, I agree. I'd say it's overpaying by a little bit, but I liked Salvador a lot actually. So it's good to see him back, when I thought he was going to go back to the Blues. I'm also thrilled to see Pando back. He's just a blue collar guy... any offense he gets is just a bonus.
  12. RolandNJD

    Disgusting garbage

    Let's lose with some class. Marty has been a highlight reel for years. He stole some games and some series in his time (2003 vs. Ottawa? He was pretty insane). And he'll steal some more. He stole many games for us in the regular season (ex. one game against Washington on the road... I think the final was 2-1 or so... he was unreal). Anyway, moving on..
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