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  1. oloser 0 for 2 ~ the audacity of ineptitude .. no olympics - no world cup .. please dont help our cause anymore ...

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    2. DevsMan84


      Obama has nothing to do with this even though I dislike him. But really, I wish the FIFA ballot was made public and not secret

    3. CarpathianForest


      I'm pretty sure we would have had a better shot if we didn't pick Kansas City as the potential host location.

    4. RowdyFan42


      Agree with DevsMan84. Please keep the political rants confined to the Politics forum.

  2. Starship Troopers is an underrated cinema classic

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    2. Pepperkorn


      As is Ice Pirates

    3. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      Starship Troopers is awesome. I'm thinking top 10.

    4. Vic Rattlehead18

      Vic Rattlehead18

      part 2 was whack...and there is also a part 3 i havent seen yet

  3. i blame the mask

    1. RunninWithTheDevil


      to this day i still blame the mask

    2. Devilish34
  4. RIP Steve - thanks for my career

    1. Quinn01


      Thanks for my entertainment. Its amazing me how many people didnt/dont know who he is. Its a shame.

    2. Pepperkorn


      you'd have to be under a rock!

  5. guaranteed win tonite -- bank on it

  6. ballgame over... series over...season over.... the yankees suck...... theeeeeeeeee yankees suck

  7. I want an umpa lumpa .. and i want him NOW!

    1. Pepperkorn


      That's the way I get about Scott Stevens...

      man - you know my husband now! Haha I'm blushing...

  8. just had a chopped beef brisket sandwich ... falling asleep

  9. I knew retiring #27 was a terrible idea... now look what its done

  10. this is gonna be a long 15 years

  11. the krusty crab pizza...is the pizza for you and me ...

  12. lets see.. 10 goals against the last 2 sat nites .. Im not going on sat for a while


  14. all we are saying...is give us a win ...

  15. pb smiling down on the devs .. rip

  16. keep benching kovy mac .. dumbass

  17. One Shift..One Period..One Game

  18. well.. the mets werent gonna win any ws in the next 5 years anyways .. so at least it makes it harder for the yanks to win too

  19. you were there for the game that turned it around in 2010.. unbeknownst to them, 2011 was 2 weeks away

  20. cmon red .. arsenal had 0 sog.. robbed?

  21. "I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream has gone from me."

  22. After yesterday's loss @ msg .. the devs are dead to me... until next season

  23. the only bright light in this dismal sporting night

  24. the only bright light in this dismal sporting night

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