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  1. Oh we needed to put the equine business aside after Alex's 4th fall/concussion she had to give it up. She misses it greatly even though she denies it, I miss it too especially my pal Chili.

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  2. He does suck .. and he is the reason we lost today -- bench him already ....

    oh dear ... I forgot to take my zoloft ... unsure.gif

    did anyone watch the same game I saw? jeebus we had no business getting a look @ OT - we should have stole it somehow.

  3. It is pretty hard to get banned or kicked in the chat.

    I promise to kick you out next time youre there ... and dont take it personal, everyone gets kicked eventually .. its part of the initiation and charm.

    Oh PK Im not ignoring you.. how could I... I finally been able to watch some games from beg to end lately... and lets catch up on the equestrian talk

    Sammy my brother, missed you are.

    Star -- chat never changes ...its either feast or famine -- nothing in between.

    Rowdy -- where ya been?

    Congrats to the rookie class of 2012

    "with great power comes great responsibilty"

  4. They should have raised a banner, we would have won.

    I've always wondered on Doc's retirement from the Devs would they raise a banner with Doc and a microphone? ... now I Know ... lame Lou..lame

  5. It was a joint Chico and Doc thread, I think bumping that would depress everyone now :P

    Nah.. it would remind everyone of that awesomeness named Doc that we had for a while

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