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  1. 'may you live in interesting times' -old chinese proverb
  2. video clearly shows avery doing his job.. one day someone will settle the bill hopefully...
  3. um .. ... we have no place yelling 'you suck' at anybody ... ...that is all .....
  4. all we are saying...is give us a win ...

  5. El Diablo

    Doc Emrick

    DOC is a god ! he has always been kind and gracious and has worn the devs on his sleeve forever. He is the embodiment of the geico commercial where andres canto makes chess exciting .. he could for sure. . there is no question that the devs should put a banner in the rafters with his name when he finally decides to retire (unlike others) .
  6. if thats what it costs to keep the president of the us comfortable and safe.. so be it .. but where is this transparency and oversight that was touted by everyone?
  7. red bulls pay dearly for one of soccer's biggest sins .. letting a goal right after you scored one. henry had the equalizer on his head too .. it was fubar .. I dont like the chemistry on the team but sports success is sometimes achieved w/o it. Im hoping donovan wins it for la but i feel bad for the seattle supporters.. they are HUGE
  8. meh. ... its a 'right of passage' .. when youre not kicked out ... thats when you should question your contribution to chat ..
  9. nothing compares to '94 imo ..
  10. the organizers thought this rally would restore the image of america (or make more money for their shows) -- their idea of the image represented about 1/4 of a million mostly democratic, affluent, white, young americans ... I would have rather they held a rally to restore jobs thats all... cause above sanity, thats what america needs right now.

  12. thats beautifully written - it doesnt change the fact we need jobs or that sanity was seemingly restored to about 1/4 of a million mostly democratic, affluent, white, young americans who make up the majority of stewarts/colberts audience... were there many 'legalize pot' signs about?
  13. is this the first of a string of pedantic essays pondering the team? I hope so, I love the narrative can you tackle the 'mask' next? it will drive has absolutely batsh!t..
  14. huh? will this rally? or you? welcome to the board.
  15. Not sure they even need him - hes sort of the 'gravy' on the mashed potatoes.. I watched the west coast game la vs sounders ... think la will go thru to the finals. what does everyone think of the cosmos returning? 2 franchises in the same area, considering the red bulls/metros sucked for most of their existence..
  16. fvck sanity .. waste of time how about restoring jobs?
  17. oates looks like he's had some work done .. when he turned a certain way and the goal light shone on him he resembled the new megan fox
  18. Ive been hollerin' for them to take more shots.... a -Im amazed they've taken so many shots b -Im amazed they suck at taking so many shots
  19. u need time on the couch... a little namby - pamby time...
  20. pretty funny and creative ... although it would be hilarious coming from a team that won something................ once ............. like a stanley cup ................... but hey......... it was funny
  21. great critique .. some disturbing observations.. . I stand by my 'wrong coach.. wrong time' belief why would you throw out 2 supporters from your own team? Ive sat behind the bench before but the stank wafting was overpowering so we moved a few seats away..lol
  22. El Diablo


    this has been beaten to death and we all throw up the same arguements ... no for me but all you have to do is look at this and all the other 'unscientific' polls we've conducted to see the obvious answer.. the fanbase is almost divided 50/50 so with that overwhelming lack of / support and popularity, you cannot give someone that great honor..
  23. arnott was part of lou's answer and he is making his share of the cap -- let him step up to do his duty as lou always says..
  24. El Diablo

    I blame the MASK

    I can only talk to what I believe has ..dont know about crasher.. but I believe that mask is bad juju on many levels...wether you approve or not.
  25. yes i said that ... why are you denying it now ? duh.. were playing a team we see what, twice a year .. there was no chippiness or enforcing to be done and if lord stanley rose from the grave and pointed his finger at the devils .. we werent gonna come back ... waste of time. even if it was for the devs worst dman
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