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  1. tri -- now you see why I questioned it last night .. absolutely no reason for it..
  2. El Diablo

    I blame the MASK

    Im not sure anyone said that it was the reason we havent won a cup .. facts are we've had some crappy events since he's wore that mask including his injury .. cant deny that its an amusing coincidence .. No one but you has mentioned our 'birthright' .. "We are all victims of causality. I drank too much wine, I must take a piss." ..
  3. El Diablo

    I blame the MASK

    the numbers and disappointments dont lie ...
  4. El Diablo

    Hey Johnny Mac

    wrong coach ..wrong time.. players - coach -management two sides of this triangle are skewed.. and the third has shown cracks ..
  5. i blame the mask

    1. RunninWithTheDevil


      to this day i still blame the mask

    2. Devilish34
  6. El Diablo

    Updates From TG

    the game against the rags must have hit a record for most shots directly into the goalie's chest
  7. I think it may have been his sister .. and she had an id hanging form a lanyard so perhaps she works for the devs/rock..
  8. I sat next to her in the 1st - we went up to the tables in the 3rd btw -- 5 HOTTIES -- that guy was my heroe
  9. were you sitting w/ your girlfriend?
  10. Less than 10 games into the season less then 10 games into a multi-year multi million uber contract ... rookie mistake by a rookie coach this is the reason you signed him .. not to be a interchangeable cog but to be a wheel .. kovy is saying to himself ... go ahead get respect as a coach on my dime .. we'll see who's here in 3 years...
  11. El Diablo

    Zharkov MIA

    hes cleaning the counters @ Paneras -- lou made him ..
  12. lou was quoted as he sat in the back room of Panera's ....
  13. I still blame the "Mask" - feel free to add...
  14. Anyone know what the deal was with the orange sheets on the seats?
  15. I agree but at some point you have to stop all the nonsense and look within.. the lack of fan support is certainly not the reason this team is tanking it since last season.. this is my beef.. just shut it and do your work because now youre sounding like a winey bitch (langs not you DinLA ) that needs a trip to 'manby pamby land'
  16. hey langs .. how about you stfu and play better ~ that simple
  17. I would .. but I never wanted him to be here to begin with .. but alas the team needs stability if only by keeping the coach and his system...
  18. lets see.. 10 goals against the last 2 sat nites .. Im not going on sat for a while

  19. ballgame over... series over...season over.... the yankees suck...... theeeeeeeeee yankees suck

  20. http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=79197&pid=945436&st=40entry945436
  21. ha .. I would have been behind this poll any year leading up to 2010 (ask Tri or DevinLA) -- the kovy signing changes everything.. for good or worse it is what the franchise needed were headed for some lean years but with lou at the helm and the owner behind him the club will get through..
  22. so .. the theory is that there were no calls? or the call made to love ones were faked? what do these families say? that the calls were faked? why are these families silent regarding this? Im curious..
  23. I hink the WC (and other competitions) are taking a toll on players .. the europa, champions, copa sudamericana, libertadores, international friendlies and such really exhaust the soccer player and it shows on the field.
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