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  1. without question, the best soccer 'player made in the USA' -
  2. nj loves the rethreads... rolston, arnott, ghdi... welcome back
  3. thanks ... i miss the fanclub..
  4. just got home from the game... oy.. is all I can contribute....
  5. guaranteed win tonite -- bank on it

  6. El Diablo

    Lou Lams

    as a huge lou detractor I cannot back this thread .. we got arguably the best offensive player in the history of the franchise for many years to come. . eggs will get broken when you make omeletts...it is the nature of things...
  7. 85 years of pure suck .. 1 cup since '40 .. its who they are... always nickel/dime-ing their fans.. quoted for truth
  8. El Diablo


    LOL on a different 'note' Friday night I went to Radio City to see a showing of 'LOTR The Two Towers' with a live orchestra and choir... it was EPIC .. the scale enormous .. over 300 musicians and singers on stage. Cannot wait until next years 'ROTK"
  9. she wouldn't be the first president to be .. oh so under qualified..
  10. El Diablo

    Hi there!

    hiya nieuwy ! more things change the more things are the same ...
  11. What's wrong with America ...let me count the ways....
  12. I know but I think he is tired after a full year of soccer and watching him last night, he looked very exhausted and grumpy.
  13. I think Landon's days of wandering are over .. he knows he's the top dog on la.. he has one more wc in him I think.
  14. the krusty crab pizza...is the pizza for you and me ...

  15. i have to say the last 2 times i been to outback i was very disappointed ... i have been eating my steaks at longhorns lately..
  16. When I read Italian soccer sites and use google to translate them . its just as hilarious ...
  17. El Diablo

    Kovy Interview

    um .. I was talking about the goal where he was in front of the net and someone 'ignored' him and the puck went in .. we didn't lose the game because kovy was unfocused ... .. but I digress.. I rather have someone else take him out if only to make a statement for the year, that his sh!t has gone unanswered too long and it wont fly -- but Im dreaming since stevens is probably chopping wood somewhere.
  18. El Diablo

    Kovy Interview

    if you ignore him you'll get burned like they did on the goal sat night ..
  19. you see.. you're proving my point .. no amount of peace signs -pot smoking or singing kumbayah will change anything ever.
  20. this is exactly why that rally is a waste of time ...
  21. El Diablo

    Line Nicknames

    I love this .. until jmac runs out of ideas on a game #3 blowout and starts scrambling all lines....
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