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  1. This feels much better than last years horrible experiment ..
  2. I have to admit - I like deb more than I thought I would..
  3. were such whores that we'll be discussng is retired number in a few years..
  4. Im hoping this will be a banner raised to the rafters .. one that certainly the majority of Devils fans and I can get behind ..
  5. It all stems from the colonial days - they were intrumental in our revolution .. they were rotten back then, thank God
  6. bah .. were raising a banner for another a real turncoat in a few weeks ... Doc can do no wrong in my eyes ... sorry pk
  7. RIP Steve - thanks for my career

    1. Quinn01


      Thanks for my entertainment. Its amazing me how many people didnt/dont know who he is. Its a shame.

    2. Pepperkorn


      you'd have to be under a rock!

  8. I think that gives him the latitude to get away with such a statement and besides I could picture him in his sheepish grin telling zach --"you got to stay now"
  9. And not only our captain but THE GREATEST CAPTAIN the NJ DEVS ever had
  10. I want an umpa lumpa .. and i want him NOW!

    1. Pepperkorn


      That's the way I get about Scott Stevens...

      man - you know my husband now! Haha I'm blushing...

  11. .. is that Roger Clemens in Georges box..... OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS !!
  12. -- fanbase divided .... should not have his sweater retired.. .
  13. El Diablo

    TV Show

    No Reservations ..anyone? and Frnge .. Im too busy watching soccer..
  14. Ive heard it many times from E-Street members referring to Bruce.
  15. Marty is making his move to broadway ..
  16. parsipanny checking in with definite swaying .. if anything, we all learned from other disasters and quickly evacuated the building -- We've all grown totally dependent on cells and electricity, the moment that is severed for any extended period, we will pay a price.
  17. today... were a little bit less cursed ...
  18. for all the dull summers we've spent as devils fans .. this one sure has been interesting ...
  19. lou cleaning up another of his mistakes ....well done lou
  20. Universal shelves Dark Tower - TBS cancels MOACA - and Doc leaves the Devs ... what a week

  21. THANK YOU DOC YOU ARE A HOCKEY GOD sad day.... please no rags fans calling our games (cange)
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