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  1. I believe you forgot the F in the middle of that...as Dee always put it
  2. The Smithereens Fountains of Wayne Southside Johnny Eddie and the Cruisers who played Fairligh Ridiculous - oh wait that one doesnt count..... BRUCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE
  3. I lost respect for that guy (Roenick) the first time he went to the All Star as a flyer. He kept hamming it up to the camera sending waves to his peeps in Philly, never mind he had just came from Phoenix !!! What a clown!
  4. Chanceux pour moi que je travaille avec un Macintosh - construit dans la traduction. ARRIBA DIABLOS !!
  5. In reference to the "injuries" angle is where I support the 'spinning' -but you have to agree that is a bit messy now..wether by design or accident.
  6. I have to say there are times that Lou's propaganda machine has worked - but looking at the results, this isn't one of them. This has been mishandled from the outset and now instead of looking forward to 'when is he', we are discussing who he's pissed at and if there is dissention. Just once I like us to treat a situation with some class. Sheesh!
  7. El Diablo

    Norris Trophy

    He gets my vote just for going end to end in Game 2 vs Red Wings in '95 - MAN - I love that goal !!
  8. I remember in 2000 I used to live and die with each goal, got upset at every loss and they still won... so in 2003 I kinda said well, its ok if they lose, its ok if they dont score on the pp and they still won. So I figure I bleed Devil Red but if they dont win this year, Ill give them a pass -heck next year too - but then IM BUSTING HEADS!!!
  9. I look forward to saying that "I saw it live as it was happening" ...yep the greatest hockey goalie ever...
  10. I had the good fortune to play w/ Daneko last summer and the cup was in tow - He saved the best line of the day for the 18th - "Fellows, you guys suck"
  11. Finally, Devil Utopia... Hola
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