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  1. whats the over/under on this coach?
  2. can someone start a thread on authentic vs knockoff jerseys ... or has that one been done ?
  3. El Diablo

    Congrats PK!

    quoted for truth
  4. bradley has not done one creative thing since he's taken over the team - they were lucky to win some games in africa - the played so much better 2 years ago when they beat spain and almost won the confederations cup..this will be a long haul back Concacaf goes out of its way to make as much money as possible... they dont care who wins as long as mexico is in the final they are assured a big payday.
  5. No team should lose after being up 2 - 0 in a soccer game .. all merit to the mexican team who have a crapload of good players, have turned around their minor leagues, and have now successfully overtaken the US as the beast of concacaf --- mr bradley .. please leave, quit, resign. your brand of soccer is a revulsion .. and it has trickled down to the makeup of the squad.
  6. Lamoriello on inviting Parise to sit at table: "I said come on over and sit and see how we picked you and remember what it’s like.”

  7. teams like the rags and yanks always bury their mistakes with $$$
  8. it must be summertime @ njdevs ..
  9. though I'd hate it, I would respect and miss him fondly.. Doc has earned vast amounts of credit for this fanbase and organization... a quick poll would show the hanging of a Doc banner @ the rock an overwhelming desire ... ..perhaps something the Generals could get behind ..
  10. mmm..... a hairball in the corner. ..could it be my cats .. no...its the sweet sound of the rags choking again ...

  11. the only bright light in this dismal sporting night

  12. the only bright light in this dismal sporting night

  13. i need beer, food and women to be brought to the seat... can this app do this for me ?
  14. nbc... ha! we'll never see the devs nationally ...
  15. left hand... hello ... right hand
  16. If you set the channel on SAP - it only broadcasts the sounds of the game and no voices...
  17. knowing lou he'll go off menu and draft a latvian goalie that's played in a mexican summer league...
  18. to me, meaningless divisional titles and limping into the playoffs to be ousted in the first round .. let me put it to you this other way -- if lou was in charge of lou, he would have fired him already ... jj - tedenby fayne,etc were part of my answers found this season -- the successful play of kovy and throw in hedberg for a marty b/u that we can be comfortable with.
  19. Lou would have been given his walking papers in just about any other industry or business already ... I say wasted because outside of maybe 5 answers, what did we really learn? jmac was a terrible coach? arnott was a dumb signing? lemaire knows his stuff? clarkson is not a smart hockey player? brodeur is getting old and needs to play less? upper body injuries are common in nj? our pp is a liability? rolston is a blight on our cap? dollar hot dogs still suck? elias' jersey should be retired? lou needs to hire yet another head coach? very few discoveries for an entire season of hockey. I share full blame with that malevolent mask .. marty ... are you listening?
  20. To me it all adds up to the same result .. wether they screwed up in the first half and poured it on the second -- or they played mediocre the whole season through... This was supposed to be a season of renewal .. but we got more of the same crap starting with the ineptness of kovy's signing. Youre entitled to your opinion, but Im not settling for .500 for this team, ever again, and mind you I go back to when they use to give away business cards to return to a later game. And as far as being spoiled -- some can call it that, but I cal it commitment to excellence, all winning franchises thrive on that.. I know lou likes to sell it but, hes come short lately.
  21. After yesterday's loss @ msg .. the devs are dead to me... until next season

  22. 26 .. if you think this thread was about yesterday's game .. then you havent followed this sad season close enough.. yesterday was just another bullet point in the powerpoint presentation thats been this dreaded season and honestly these last bunch of years. I adamantly put the lone blame on Lou -- imo . the man has used up all his credit and I know lots of people will keep drinking the koo-aid.. but I think its time to turn the page.
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