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  1. To me it all adds up to the same result .. wether they screwed up in the first half and poured it on the second -- or they played mediocre the whole season through... This was supposed to be a season of renewal .. but we got more of the same crap starting with the ineptness of kovy's signing. Youre entitled to your opinion, but Im not settling for .500 for this team, ever again, and mind you I go back to when they use to give away business cards to return to a later game. And as far as being spoiled -- some can call it that, but I cal it commitment to excellence, all winning franchises thrive on that.. I know lou likes to sell it but, hes come short lately.
  2. After yesterday's loss @ msg .. the devs are dead to me... until next season

  3. 26 .. if you think this thread was about yesterday's game .. then you havent followed this sad season close enough.. yesterday was just another bullet point in the powerpoint presentation thats been this dreaded season and honestly these last bunch of years. I adamantly put the lone blame on Lou -- imo . the man has used up all his credit and I know lots of people will keep drinking the koo-aid.. but I think its time to turn the page.
  4. Just wondering what everyone thinks .. personally Im disgusted and winning today would have lessened the sting.
  5. this waste of a season would be forgiven if they knock the rags out .... but not you lou ...
  6. El Diablo

    Devil Team Awards

    maybe he means to bail out the next bad choice lou makes ....
  7. early in the season I said that kovy would not score 20 and probably regretted his move... lesson to us all .. its great to be wrong sometimes .. oh .. i also said Jmac and Lou should go ... Im still hoping
  8. ... but im closer to home now ... waaahh.. you reap what you sow ..
  9. hmm..... where is the pictorial evidence.... people not present need to see the grandeur of said costume...
  10. hahahahaha ... lou is still in charge joke's on you ....
  11. this remember when leach broke his ankle getting out of a cab?
  12. El Diablo

    Doc wins the Emmy

    DOC RULES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOd1JJvwlM
  13. and dano was crying on the bench ...
  14. at the time maybe there was some research that backed that strange statement ... regardless, I maintain that hoboken for many reasons, would have been a much desirable option
  15. no disrespect .. but walking around the restaurant/bar scene of hoboken this w/e .. I couldnt help wishing that the devs would have built their arena there...
  16. El Diablo

    26 No More?

    were talking #26 here .... not #27
  17. "I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream has gone from me."

  18. ledger did an article last week about the rock and its promise/premise impact on newark -- i wish I would have linked it ..
  19. so .. were back to being satisfied by limping into the playoffs and getting abused and ousted in the first round ...
  20. Haha - thanks for posting and thank your brother for serving and protecting our democracy...
  21. yeah he got sick of our discontent with gonez == and promptly moved to the rags message board ... to hear their dissatisfaction during his stint on broadway...
  22. nice article 'supporters rise up' ... third pic the couple is sitting down ... doh ..
  23. can he really convey such an offer ? he's good but ...
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