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  1. I still think when they play their game they are above all the teams hovering the lower playoff spots ... the trick is to be able to play their game.
  2. dude ... http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=94701&pid=1003152&st=0entry1003152
  3. I think a more timely banner should be a japanese flag with a "we support you - NJ Hellraisers or something to that effect .. btw i love the player banners but I dont think the numbers below them are needed ...
  4. introducing the new spokesperson for the TEPCO Power Co ...
  5. yeah there are some epic threads in hof .. nld comes to mind
  6. duh .. rags suck and they always will .. thats the point
  7. Im sorry dude.. ive seen it several times.. not in my top 200 ---- but no doubt the only thing I recall is jaime lee curtis topless ...
  8. http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89582&pid=1002392&st=960entry1002392
  9. just win baby ..everything else is bullsh!t ... one shift...one period.. one game. .. LGD
  10. Well it certainly shouldn't surprise his employer .. ... that's like hiring hannibal lecter to paint your house.. you know sooner or later there will be a liver in the fridge with a side of fava beans and and a nice chianti
  11. same here .. once in a while -- and I also get the text all in blue once in a while ---
  12. its .. mesmerizing as the person films you get caught up and forget the water is rising all around you - at any time something could have struck the walkway the were at and been washed away -- the force is incredible...
  13. shes been channeling redrum since last week and a - refuses to fix her spelling and b - refuses to admit its her fat fingers and not that wonderful piece of technology called the iphone
  14. at least the boston post game chick is cute
  15. the time to go insane was after the play ... he sounds all unsure .. meh
  16. shhhh...... dont jinx it -- id kick you if this was chat...
  17. this is what bettman wanted when he made the shootout part of the game .. douche moves If I was the goalie - next time st louis is in front of me id billy smith him so he would never try that again.. and he would remember it was me.
  18. take note zach .. when you're ready to sign..
  19. El Diablo

    Mission Control

    Lots of stories here http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21390
  20. rationalize it all you want -- sad truth is that arsenal did not come to play, they had 0, count em, zero shots on goal, a terrible penalty in the box and a horrible mistake by fabregas , their only goal was an own goal -- so Im sorry, no fix there, the ref was bad but that was not the reason arsenal lost. Im not a barca fan and I hoped and thought that they could get through, but you have to have a desire to win and a game plan that gives them a chance, they lacked both. I hope this doesnt derail their premier push, but it looks like they wont make that either.
  21. cmon red .. arsenal had 0 sog.. robbed?

  22. ref was suspect and he could have let go that 2 yellow but arsenal didnt play a lick -- the pk was legit .. Im watching the red bulls .. go awful soccer
  23. the pharma industry is using an awful lot of ipads
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