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  1. cmon red .. arsenal had 0 sog.. robbed?

  2. ref was suspect and he could have let go that 2 yellow but arsenal didnt play a lick -- the pk was legit .. Im watching the red bulls .. go awful soccer
  3. the pharma industry is using an awful lot of ipads
  4. El Diablo

    delete please

    umm.. no but those depraved sexual behavior terms are usually hard to spell correctly when you're in a hurry...
  5. El Diablo

    delete please

    what are you like redrum now... sheesh
  6. As long as they dont play 'not to lose' - - a tie is all they need ... I think they have a chance. I rather they win the premier cause manu is just like having the yanks win. well ..that was pretty sad .. sog -- barc 19 ars 0 terrible game plan
  7. It would be cool if everyone in the section had a small 11 x 17 sign that just said BELIEVE -- that would look awesome when they put them up ... someone has to have one that says "JUST WIN BABY - THE REST IS JUST TALK"
  8. El Diablo

    delete please

    no pics .. didnt happen (op)
  9. lol .. how many times can we say this game is a must or we need these points or else ... jeebus -- just let them play and dont worry about it (but we really need the next game...)
  10. napping... tiger blood and winning ! you go patrick !
  11. Starship Troopers is an underrated cinema classic

    1. Pepperkorn


      As is Ice Pirates

    2. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      Starship Troopers is awesome. I'm thinking top 10.

    3. Vic Rattlehead18

      Vic Rattlehead18

      part 2 was whack...and there is also a part 3 i havent seen yet

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  12. -- we will have to do this by ourselves with no help -- because every other team suck the big one - .. cue the music....
  13. i was surprised how dead the crowd was last night ... there werent many souls there and the game had that lackluster shine to it. You have to love kovy's attitude during the on ice interview -- "we aint done yet"
  14. legion -- where is that billboard?
  15. dont pollute this thread troll.. lemaire, zach, who else are you alike with today?
  16. how about lou.. does he get another pass for bringing in another retread? youre right... lets scapegoat w/o bias ...
  17. i'd like to see that celebration ... did he ride the stick? or slap the ice with his hand?
  18. Anything for fridays game vs the pens? I have a few friends form out of town who want to go ...
  19. El Diablo

    NHL player poll

    holy sh!t -- i was thinking about you today .... well.. lets be honest. lets look at our coaching situation these past years, add the glamour of newark, the perceived way lou does things . not for the faint of heart -- its no wonder some studs run for broadway
  20. you .. sir, could be the rags next gm
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