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  1. while dealing from weakness lou did the best he could for feb 28 - hopefully the pick will mean something next year. ..
  2. El Diablo

    Playoff Chances

    Devs cant worry about who's ahead of them who's behind .. who plays who tonight or who got 2 points .. they can only go out and play their game and do it solidly for 3 periods, There was no pressure when they were 20 points behind but as they get tighter, it will increase .. the only thing they can do is continue with the same attitude... otherwise it gets complicated.. 1 shift 1 period 1 game
  3. thats my sammy ... he do the devs still have that plane? or has it gone away?
  4. El Diablo


    lol .. wait til you see Cassiopeia ...
  5. its all part of the plan... ....muhahahahahahah
  6. I know - but thats my point on #27 - - the fanbase will not be divided on #26
  7. One Shift..One Period..One Game

  8. someone please put up a poll ... I want to see how much divide there is on this sweater ...
  9. i would have asked him if wanted "in" the run
  10. like that sign that kid had tonight .. 1 shift at a time .. 1 period at a time... 1 game at a time ... anything else is ludicrous
  11. thats still around right? I d go there sometimes when I worked in Paramus..
  12. I was traveling thru walmart today and was very pleasantly surprised at the amount and quality of devils merchandise, Usually these stores (kohls,target, etc ) devote most merch to the giants , jets,yankees, rags and flyers but there were some nice items such as hoodies, t's , ski caps (which i picked up) and a couple of different backpacks. that is all, and btw if you do go, wear something fancy please...
  13. http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball2/public.php
  14. I think it a worthy argument -- but could you start a different thread so this one stays "clean"
  15. that needs the hollywood treatment with a cop like willis (not that benign ian mckellar looking policeman) drawing a huge gun and the camera panning to the trunk, which is full of limbs (doll parts, she fixes dolls)
  16. meanwhile lou silently sips his wild berry smoothie and gets down to his thai chicken salad @ the back of paneras.... cmon... show some life man!
  17. I *heart* pk lets put her sweater up in the rafters ...
  18. I got around to Secretariat -- an excellent film Salt -- a fast paced enjoyable movie -- I wonder if there is a sequel in the works...
  19. thanks lou .. for signing brian ... its the best i could do while taking a free shot..
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