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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/taylor-stevens-porn-star-talks-her-heaving-cleavage-163133543.html
  2. Felt like we were getting drowned out a few times in 212. I think the entire row behind us was wearing blue.
  3. Haha that was me! I was so embarrassed. Section 212 represent!
  4. they call that trash on Green but miss the trip on Martin 5 seconds earlier? Refs need to stay the F out of this game already.
  5. When was the last time Andy Greene hit the net?
  6. First game for me since game 7 last year and I can safely say those demons have been excised. BTW is there somewhere I can get an MSG recap from this game? I want to get Doc and Chico's reactions to those late goals.
  7. I drove in from Staten Island also. I just did what the Devil's website said to do; Exit 15E on the turnpike to Raymond Blvd. Only problem was I didn't notice any parking at all until lot number 6 in the purple zone. I wouldn't recommend making that walk alone, especially down Academy street. I thought the 25$ lots in front of the arena had plenty of spots, so I'll probably use them in the future, especially since I always go to games by myself.
  8. I live in Staten Island, NY and I get my cable service from Time Warner. Towards the end of last year they added FSNHD and the remaining games were in hidef. Now we're 5 games into the season and I have yet to get one game in hidef. I complained to Time Warner about this and they said they weren't responsible and they gave me some BS phone number to FSN that didn't work. Were the rights to the HD broadcasts given to some other cable company? I searched around on the net but I couldn't find anything.
  9. I'll be at the home opener. Section 233 row 15 seat 8 for me. Anyone close by?
  10. Out4Bl00d1

    FSNY 2

    51 for me is the TV-Guide channel.
  11. Out4Bl00d1

    FSNY 2

    Anyone know where FSNY 2 is on Time Warner Staten Island?
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