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  1. I gotta say Zetterlund is really growing on me. For him that was a redemption goal and that's why he was pumped. He had no clue why Oshie went after him. It was kind of comical reading his lips. The "what did I do?" Obviously, the caps thought he was showing them up.
  2. Zetterlund's celly was because he's been passed up the whole night.
  3. I believe it does because he didn't get offered comparable deal. They settled on 5.45 for one year. Long term deals are always for less AAV than short term. So, what did he turn down? 8/40? If it wasn't draft position what was it? Production? Bratt is the last guy they have to pay for a few years. Graves IMO, gets a modest raise. Severson's days are likely numbered. Bratt's the guy. It should have got done.
  4. Do you want me to say I'm making sh!t up? Is it fair to say that him being a late round pick has something to say for his contract status? I (me) believe that Fitz has handled this situation this way because of where he was drafted. He (Fitz) is fvcked now with regard to the negotiation. He's going to have pay way more now. That's my point. And, I believe it has something to do with where was drafted. Because, the Devils have locked both of their other corner stones. I do not believe that Bratt should be making more than the other 2. However, I do believe he will now.
  5. I'm trying to find the quote. Fitz commented about having Bratt drafted in the 6th round is like found money. Also, the two sides settled on $5.45 to avoid arbitration. They tried to get a long term deal done but Bratt wouldn't take their number. We have to presume that the Devils long term AAV was less than what he got for one year. You're never going to find where he told the reporter that he doesn't care to piss away found money. But people don't care to piss away found money. I'm inferring the 6th round thing because of all the other evidence in the room. We wouldn't be having this conversation if Bratt was 1OA. It doesn't matter the gap between the two. The gap you mention proves my point.
  6. What do you think the Devils long term number was?
  7. "There’s a puzzle here,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t like when I read, ‘he’s on a show me deal.’ We tried to get a long term deal, he tried to get a long term deal, we settled on this. We’ll go at it again and try to work something out here when we’re allowed to. But he’s a big part of our team. Big part. So, again, I’ve said it in the summer, I hope he’ll be here for a long time.” This doesn't speak to the 6th round idea directly but it does point to where the Fitz's value was. Long term deals are generally less AA for term security. So, were the Devils in the 4s, at 5?
  8. If Bratt was drafted 1OA, how much do you think he's getting paid right now?
  9. It doesn't make sense to sign a 5.5 mil contract for one year if you're seeking 9+. He's a really good player. He's going to make a whole lot more than he would have prior to year. His previous contract was 2.5 per for 2 years. They could have locked him up then. They paid Nico. They were hung up on the the 6th round thing. FWIW, I wouldn't pay him more than what Jack just got. I think they could have locked him up for around 6+ close to 7. Just under what Nico got. If they would have signed him long term earlier probably around 5.
  10. Bratt likely could have been at a $6 mil cap hit prior to the year. He would have been even cheaper if they signed him when they gave Nico his deal. Fitz was so stuck on the 6th round thing that he didn't pay him a fair value. Now, he's going to cost you. Fitz fvcked up with Bratt. This conversation shouldn't even be being had right now.
  11. The second one was a bad play by Smith not getting the puck out of the zone and taking it the wrong way. I'd like to see Bahl get that spot. Severson is not very good either.
  12. It might be the streak but at least they're still fighting...
  13. The other 2 kicks we're redirects. This was the most blatant sh!t I've ever seen.
  14. Devils may actually have them warn down. Let's see...
  15. Two very poor defensive plays. The first goal should have counted. But otherwise, just awe sh!t. Damn.
  16. I was thinking this too. I love Florida so I was thinking their pretty awesome. I wouldn't buy a jersey but if I was a Panthers fan I'd sport a hat for sure
  17. I was thinking with this type of mentality right after the initial incident occurred. Miles Wood was this type of guy. I don't know what happened.
  18. I just can't believe not one guy went out there to avenge the fvcking captain. Not Wood or Bastian or even Smith. You know the old cliche about going through the wall for each other... Someone has to do something.
  19. If you can roll 4 lines you're going to win a lot of games.
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