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  1. It'll be pretty hard for Calgary to pass on Iginla, if he's still there.
  2. Absolutely. I love Jespar Bratt and I've dreamed this one up. But, Bratt and something other pretty high end is going to have to go the other way. They just don't make them like Brady anymore.
  3. capo


    The lack of veterans on D and bad coaching led to the demise of this team. It's sends a real bad message when you move Dougie off PP1 to start the year despite the early success. Not much of that was Luke either. That success early on was due to Jack's hot start. The defense was just plain garbage which puts pressure on the forwards and the goaltending. Despite what all the numbers say psychology plays a huge roll in hockey. Chemistry is what make teams play well. You can see the results of chemistry in data but it doesn't work the other way around. You can't build chemistry off data. Lindy Ruff was absolutely abhorrent in his tenure here. Fitz talked about a guy losing his job because of players play on the ice. I would argue the players in spite of Lindy earned him some extra cash in his pocket. He owes them not the other way around. I have absolutely no faith in Fitz to turn this team around due to his inability to manage his coaches and make adjustments to the team on the fly by filling holes with the right fills. Lazar was a great pick up but even he was mishandled last year. I would like to see Fitz fired sooner rather than later. The owners can't make the same mistake themselves that they let him make.
  4. Minor league GMs don't have very much authority.
  5. Lou would can his kid in a minute.
  6. I believe this team is very broken and they're too reliant on Jack Hughes. Jack is an uber talented player with the puck but he lacks pretty much everywhere else, including attitude. He's not really replaceable but it's time for him to take the next step. Hopefully, next year he can stay on the ice and do that.
  7. They do need seasoning but they need grit on every line and on D. They are too soft and they don't grind at all. They got grilled by Carolina last year because they refused to get the puck deep and grind it out. They just kept trying to skate through them. Just like today.
  8. Yes, of course. We could have Kahkonen for free at the beginning of last year instead he gave assets for VV. Fitz hasn't been good overall. He threw bags at Hamilton and Palat that's why they came here. Both got way too much money and too many years.
  9. I feel like he was handed about as good as a bag as anyone could be handed. He hired his buddies and refused to fire them. He fvcked up with Bratt and had to eat crow and ended up costing him $2 mil a year x8. He's fvcked up Holtz. They attempted to do the same thing with Nemec. The goalie situation. I would argue that Hamilton and Palat were bad signings. The only move I like is the Meier trade.
  10. capo


    Fitz admitted to suppressing Nemec for contract reasons.
  11. Aho beats him over the shoulder again.
  12. If he stays on his feet there's no goal. Schmid and Daws are both broken.
  13. IDK, I think if he's on the Devils he's balls. That Florida team is super legit. I realize he's 35 now but didn't he lose the job to Knight at one point? And he wasn't great last year. He ended up back in the starter role in the playoffs but he was shaky at times. I think Florida is definitely going back to the SCF but it's not because of him.
  14. Yeah, but he hasn't been the Columbus guy.
  15. I'm just curious... When was the last time a star goalie went somewhere else and continued to be a star goalie? Goalies are usually homegrown.
  16. What a stupid trade. This is such a d!ck trade. Fitz is a douche.
  17. Doesn't mean you settle. He apparently didn't want to trade him to the east either.
  18. Yegor is a very very good two-way player. His stick in the neutral zone and d-zone on the PK are very missed. Not a good trade but people loved it because they didn't like that he had down year scoring wise.
  19. Markstrom doesn't do that.
  20. Let's not get greedy, but we should ask.
  21. A pair of McDavid's gloves should do
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