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  1. I just got in from the game. It was awesome to be there since the atmosphere is always great to begin with, but especially when all the Habs fans stood and applauded Marty. It was good of them to show some appreciation of an amazing goaltender and hometown boy. Pretty cool to see a part of history.
  2. I never bother getting the flu shot. They never get the right strain and anyway, I'd rather get it and fight off and strengthen my immune system naturally. I've rarely gotten it anyway. Last time was like two years ago and I spent a few days in bed. I can't remember when I've gotten it before then. I'm just getting over a cold my dad gave me when I went home to visit. What a nice welcome home gift. But thankfully other than that, I've only had one or two other little colds. PK, I can't believe your daughter is already six! I remember seeing you when you were pregnant with her! Crazy how times flies.
  3. I'll be there tonight! I'm excited to see how Zach does in the fastest skater competition and what moves he pulls during that shootout elimination competition.
  4. IAmCanadian27


    Paul's definitely not married though. I guess the girl just coincidentally has the same common last name.
  5. I know what you mean. My mom's an ICU nurse so I grew up hearing detailed stories about patients with blood and pus coming out of every orifice, bed sores so deep you could fit your whole hand inside, etc. while eating dinner. It's pretty hard to phase me. But anway- Leeds, it's good to see that they were able to reattach and that you are healing well. I hope you have a full recovery!
  6. IAmCanadian27


    I don't think it is Martin, looks nothing like him. It looks more like Vrana to me? I can't figure out the Brangelina one either. You can see the guy in the background of the Simpsons photo and it looks a little like White to me there, but I'm not sure. Eaglejelly, your little girl is too cute! Awww
  7. Congrats! Welcome to the world, newest Devils fan!
  8. The Coyotes one makes me think of the Greyhound bus logo.
  9. Happy Belated Birthday PK! Hope it was a good one!
  10. Thanks brodeurrocks and PK! Legal drinking age in all of Canada now, woo hoo!
  11. Nope, not usually. I think they have one or two sort of special events with an open practice, but I can't imagine they'd coincide with your trip.
  12. Yeah, I've been through customs at Trudeau. I think they just had me fill out a little form on the plane and then go through customs at the airport. It was easy. They actually asked me less questions than when I've driven across the border.
  13. Montreal! I've been to several games here and I've always had the best time, even if the Devils weren't playing. Definitely recommended to any hockey fan!
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