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  1. Well, as long as you don't call him Sucky then.
  2. I really hope the Devils are able to get him over to America when his KHL contract expires.
  3. I'd quite like the Leafs to win, but if they get knocked out, the inevitable meltdown will be hilarious.
  4. Other teams don't seem to have a problem putting players on LTIR only to have them magically recover when cap space opens up. We should take advantage of it to.
  5. He was suggesting, on Twitter, that Fitz tries to get Trotz to be Ruffs assistant. Hilarious.
  6. Can't be unhappy with second. The fact Philly dropped a place was a win in itself.
  7. Fitz made the point of the D getting bigger and more mobile. Not sure Smith is ever going to be that. Hopefully he'll improve under a new coach though.
  8. If we're replacing PK with Bahl or Okhotiuk (and I'm all for them getting time) then we're going to have to play a leftie on the right. How much of a problem for defensemen is that?
  9. Halle-freakin-lujah. About time. I'd rather Ruff went as well and I definitely think the goalie coach should be canned, but it's a good start. Let the speculation about assistants begin!
  10. I feel the same. Fitz had 82 freakin games to make an assessment. Just fire the keystone cops already.
  11. I wonder where Dougie got his cap?
  12. This helps explain Dougies play lately
  13. Can/should we read anything into this comment by Nico today?
  14. Is Wright Auston Matthews good or Nico good? If it's Matthews good you've gotta keep him, if he's Nico good, well we already have one of those so trade it. But I'm inclined to trade it anyway. Put a package together and get a good young goalie - if anyone is prepared to trade one!
  15. Anyone know when the player exit interviews are for the players & coaches? I'm guessing the coaches won't be going (if they are - and I really hope they are!)until after they're concluded. I know the Devils are going to have a pretty high pick this year, but I'm hoping Fitz trades/packages it for either goalie or goal scoring help. On his brief look I'm not convinced Holtz will be ready to step up next year. Zetterlund & Foote both looked like they were more NHL ready and both could be pushing for a roster spot next season. Foote definitely has his flaws, but if the guy can keep scoring goals he'll be doing better than Kuokkanen. On the defence I suppose they'll need a right handed shot to replace Subban. Not sure if we saw enough of Walsh to know if he's up to the task though. Could one of the lefties play on the right side? We seem to have a surplus of them. I thought both Bahl and Okhotiuk looked ok which could be bad news for Ty Smith.
  16. Zetterlund is certainly making a case for himself.
  17. Why should the final game of the season be different from any other?
  18. I'm exactly the same with it. Hate to be looking at the top end of the draft, but excited for the prospect we pick. Roll on the final whistle tonight and, hopefully, some coaching changes sooner rather than later.
  19. It'll be interesting to see Holtz (I assume he's playing) and the other rookies but without Nico & Jack I'm not expecting much. Let's go Uttica, oh sorry, I mean Devils!
  20. The most unbelievable thing is that there are four teams that have a worse PP than the Devils. How is that possible? Do their PP units go out blindfolded or with their laces tied together?
  21. Sadly, you may be right and I'll be forced to break whatever piece of expensive electrical equipment I read it on.
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