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  1. Maybe "winning culture" was a bit of a clumsy phrase. What I mean by that is that the team needs to start winning more games. No, I'm not saying there is a losing culture because I don't think there is, but players (both the ones we have and the ones we want to attract to the club) need to see progress, that the team is moving in the right direction. That is ultimately measured by how successful the team is on the ice. Likewise, I never blamed Fitz for players choosing to sign in NJ or not. But do I think we'll be largely treading water if we don't make a couple of significant additions? Yes. That is in no way a toxic mentality, and neither is it an unreasonable expectation. I'm under no illusions about winning the cup anytime soon.
  2. I understand the idea behind not signing players top players until you're ready to challenge, but we also have to encourage a winning culture, and we need experienced, quality players to help with the growth of the young 'uns. IMO Fitz not only has to sign someone like Hamilton but has to sign one or two decent forwards as well. It'll be another wasted season if he doesn't.
  3. A lot of good players available - we'll be arguing about this pick for years. Lol.
  4. It'll be interesting to see of the Krakens pick is as bizarre as some of the ones they made in the expansion draft.
  5. 7 Years at $9.5m, apparently. Ouch!
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if they sign Palmieri.
  7. I was looking forward to watching the draft tonight, but there's so many names that have been leaked that I'm not 100% sure I'll bother now. If the rumors are right a defense that includes Larsson, Giordano, Dunn and Oleksiak will be pretty solid.
  8. Well TB and VGK couldn't afford to pay him his current salary and Toronto could, but only just, and that's not even taking into account any players they have to re-sign. I suspect he may not be getting what he wants.
  9. After several seasons of hearing "weaponizing cap space" and nothing much coming of it, I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, but surely Fitz has to pull the trigger on a significant signing before the new season.
  10. Capfriendly has us at a projected cap of $50m, Without PK that'll be $41m and the floor is, I think, $60/61m.
  11. The Devils have got to some spending to do to get to the cap floor as it is. If Subban is taken, that's going to make that situation even worse. Gotta hope that a top level D is signed with that all that cap space. It'll be interesting to see what deals teams have done with Seattle to take or not take certain players. I have to say that there's some good players on the available list. Landeskog, Adam Larsson, Hamilton, Holtby, Hall. Wednesday is going to be an interesting day.
  12. It's the Nascar driver Ryan Ellis.
  13. It's amazing to think that despite dumping Parise and Suter that there's still seven other teams (not including Seattle) that still have more cap space than Minnesota. I guess they're planning on signing a few free agents this off season.
  14. From the reports I've read there's not a whole lot of difference between Clarke and Hughes at the moment. I'd probably pick Clarke but to be honest I'd be happy with either. Could be neither of them are there at #4. That'll cause a meltdown.
  15. #4 is good. No team has moved up or down so far have they?
  16. Tampa had to park Kucherov in LTIR all season just to remain under the cap, so I'd be very surprised if they can manage to hold onto the likes of Coleman. It'll be interesting to see what they do in the expansion draft. Maybe they'll make a side deal with Kraken to take a couple of contracts and then try and sign some of their role players.
  17. The bloodletting at NYR continues as Quinn and most of his staff have been given the sack. Reunion with Torts on the cards?
  18. I think you got that pretty spot on. I'd add that: 1. Ty Smith was far better than I thought he'd be. Still needs to work on his defensive play and definitely needs to get stronger, but there's no doubt he's an NHL player. 2. Bahl shows real promise. Probably needs to spend more time in the AHL, but I'm optimistic he's going to be a very good player. 3. Boqvist also started to show why the Devils drafted him. He could be Zacha 2.0, although hopefully he'll hit the ground running next season. 4. Subban played much better than last season. Instead of trying to win games by himself he seemed to concentrate on his defensive play first. More of that next season please.
  19. If Torts was still Columbus coach I'd think we might stand a chance to get Laine but Jarmo has already said that he wants to sign Laine, so I don't think that'll happen for us.
  20. First job of the off season: Tell Nass & Recchi to pack their sh1t and go.
  21. That was a lame ending to a tough season. At least there's some light at the end of the tunnel. With the right additions they might do ok next season.
  22. I hope that's the last useless PP coached by Recchi we have to watch.
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