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  1. Two goals in two games. I like it.
  2. Holtz has looked good so far. Great pass to Hughes.
  3. Blackwood looking pretty good so far. Bahl as well.
  4. I'd love the Devils to get a playoff spot, but I think it's probably not going to happen this year. If they're at least in the conversation for most of the season, I'll be happy. For me, seeing a D not coached by nASS and a power play not coached by Recchi is massive, and I really want to see coaching have a positive impact on the team this season. Seeing the young 'uns taking a step forward and, hopefully, two or three of the AHL'ers establishing themselves in the team as the season progresses I'll take as a good thing. Looking forward to next season, I think most of us are expecting Hughes the younger and Nemec to be in the team and, as a consequence, Graves and Severson not being; How far should we expect the team to go with two rookie D men?
  5. Aitchmack

    Nico or Nolan

    I'm sure you're right, and I'd be very surprised if any team offered him a contract. Gotta feel sorry for him.
  6. He looks really promising. I can't wait until he comes to America.
  7. 2Pac Shakir gets my vote. At least I can spell it without having to look it up every time!
  8. I wonder if this will encourage Dallas to get a deal done with Oettinger. Vegas are going to be desperate to sign a keeper.
  9. So, Wood is confirmed. One year @ $3.2m https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/miles-wood-agrees-to-one-year-contract/c-335182056?tid=277567796
  10. I don't disagree with you, but moving one of them would have created a spot for a younger player. I guess, training camp will show who deserves to be in the line up and will help Fitz make his mind up on further moves. I couldn't wait for last season to end and now I can't wait for training camp to start!
  11. I think Fitz deserves a solid B so far. I can't blame him for any move that didn't happen. He was clearly in on Gaudreau and Tkachuk. They chose to go elsewhere and I'm pretty sure every GM of every team doesn't get every player they go after. Positives Getting rid of nASS, Rechi, Zacha, Smith & PK. Adding the new coaches, Marino, Palat, Haula, Vanicek and Nemec. Negatives Not getting rid of Ruff (but, there's in-house replacements available if/when he screws up). Not getting rid of Tatar/Johnsson
  12. I'm surprised you didn't give him an A+++++++ just for getting rid of PK
  13. I'd be very surprised if the Devils haven't spoken to McLeod about this. There is the possibility they (or his agent) have advised him to not say anything at the moment.
  14. Yeah, that was a terrible decision by Hockey Canada.
  15. It's definitely not a good look if the Devils knew about this and haven't conducted their own investigation. Innocent until proven guilty, though, no matter how tempting it is to call them all scumbags.
  16. It's the GIF that keeps on GIFing.................. ................................................................I'll shut the door on my way out.
  17. Bratt, Vanecek and Thompson have filed for salary arbitration. Zacha has to I see. https://www.nhlpa.com/news/1-22348/24-players-elect-salary-arbitration
  18. Yep, it definitely feels like that. I've seen the Devils name linked with Nylander a few times.
  19. Fitz has done pretty well to overhaul the D in the last couple of seasons. It's a shame it didn't work out for Ty but I can't wait to see what our defense looks like with the new personnel and new coach.
  20. Because JG and Palat are totally different players and you need a mix of both of their skill sets in a successful team. Some people seem unable to get their heads around that.
  21. That is unbelievably sh!tty for him.
  22. Assuming he's on that line, I don't expect him to be the main goal scorer. I expect him to be the player doing the dirty work to make sure Hughes & Bratt/Sharangovich can get on with doing what they do.
  23. Hughes not only needs a goalscorer on his wing, he needs someone who can battle along the boards, win puck battles and be a pest in front of the net. Hopefully Palat will be that man. Is the contract perfect? No, but that's free agency for you. Definitely not a "sexy" signing, but a pretty important one imo.
  24. Wait, WTF. FA starts out pretty good, Zacha goes and we get somebody with a pulse in return. Brurnette apparently is joining the coaching staff and we sign Smith (pretty meh that one). I go out to run some errands and come back to find Johnny Hockey is going to CBJ and we've re-signed Mason freaking Geertsen. What the hell happened and why are we stockpiling LHD?
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