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  1. Can't say I'm too confident. Wedgewood vs Ovi could be painful to watch (mind you Ovi against any keeper can be painful to watch!) so they'll have to make sure they don't take too many penalties. Hopefully the rest of the team will do it for Jack and grind out a win. LGD!
  2. Of all the players to get a breakaway, Johnsson wasn't the one I was hoping for.
  3. I'm always pretty hyped for the season opener, but this season it feels extra special. Can't wait to see how the kids have improved and what the new additions are going to bring. LMFGD!
  4. Nice play by Zacha & Bratt for the goal.
  5. It's a pretty weak group of forwards playing tonight. I'm guessing Ruff has said "Boys, if you think you shouldn't be sent down - then now's your chance to show me why". LGD!
  6. On the stream last night they said he'd played wing last year in the AHL and that's where he played last night.
  7. Isn't that why they claimed Geertsen?
  8. My first thought was why? But could it be so he can suit up against the likes of Ryan Reaves?
  9. Wow, Mercer. How can they not give him a chance at the NHL level this season?
  10. That was a hell of a save. He's definitely an upgrade over the platoon of goalies the Devils have used over the last couple of seasons.
  11. Can't wait to watch this one. I'm hoping Mercer and Holtz can keep up their strong starts, and I'm looking forward to seeing Okhotiuk, Vukojevic, Tatar, Graves, Oh, and that Dougie guy. LGD!
  12. Studenic has to show more that he has done previously, imo, to earn a place on the team. I heard and seen nothing but good things from the other two, so could see them pushing for a spot.
  13. Good to see them respond so quickly. Nice finish by Foote. The top line doing what we hope the'll do in the AHL this season.
  14. Senn signed a three year contract with HC Davos in Switzerland this off season. I'd assume that's the last we'll see of him.
  15. I take the p!ss out of him about the way he says names, but there's quite a few players coming through the ranks that I haven't got a hope in hell of remembering how to spell their names, let alone say them. Nicknames are required, or I'm just going to have to use their jersey numbers.
  16. I think it's fair to say that Shakir is coming along nicely and shows some real promise. Time will tell if he a) actually comes over to the NHL and b) is any good at that level.
  17. That's absolutely tragic news. Way too young.
  18. He signed for the Krackheads. One year @ $1.5m.
  19. If Holtz, Mercer, Foote, etc develop as we hope though, how long would Kessell be needed for? Not for more than a couple of seasons at most, so he'd have to be very cheap to make it worthwhile, imo.
  20. Opposite end of the scale from Tarasenko on the fitness front. Hardly ever misses a game and can certainly score. Would he be part of the team for more than a season or two? Probably not, so not worth giving up assets for.
  21. Good move by the Devils imo. NHL & AHL coaching experience and should be a definite upgrade.
  22. Can score and has plenty of NHL experience on a deal that is reasonable in both AAV and term. What's not to like? Nice one Fitz Snr!
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