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  1. I can't wait for the season to start, so I'll take any game I can find a stream for tonight. LGD!
  2. That's just terribly sad news. His life had only just started. As you said MadDog. Fvck cancer.
  3. I'm sure you're right that it isn't plan A. In all honesty, I'm not expecting him to make much of an impact at camp.
  4. Unless he comes into camp and totally earns a spot, he's got to start in the AHL. Get him playing regularly, with confidence, get him scoring points and then, when injuries happen, hopefully, he'll be ready to make an impact.
  5. Dougie has a NMC or a ten team trade list IIRC, which will make it trickier for Fitz to move him.
  6. The loss of Severson didn't even rate a mention and neither did the addition of Luke Hughes.
  7. He's signed a one year contract with Boston.
  8. Really sorry to hear that StarDew. Losing one of your fur kids is freakin' painful. My heartfelt thoughts to you and your sister.
  9. The running through brick walls was great. The running through goalies, not so.
  10. I don't think the AAV is that bad but the term is about three years too long imo. Good for him though, I liked most of his play in the regular season, but he didn't seem to adjust to the playoffs very well.
  11. There's a few ex-Devils rocking up at various teams. Josh Jacobs @ ST, John Hayden and Studenic @ SEA, Mikail Maltsev @ LAK and the legend that is Dakota Mermis is back with MIN.
  12. Duchene to Dallas for 1 year @ $3m. Very good pick up for them. And Sprong to Detroit for 1 year @ $2m. Wouldn't have minded either of them at that price or term.
  13. Should've seen that coming. A perfect match.
  14. 2 years @ $1.35m for Bastian and 1 year @ $1.5m for McLeod apparently. Not sure how much Bahl will be, but should leave enough for another signing.
  15. It's not really the bottom six, just the 4th line. I don't normally think too much of McLeod but he upped his game in the playoffs, so I'd quite like to see him back. I'm definitely interested to see if Fitz signs any free agents today. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another depth defenceman signed. Going with two rookies and a question mark in Bahl is a slightly risky strategy.
  16. It wouldn't surprise me if Boqvist isn't back next season.
  17. I'd expect his agent to be more realistic. I'm sure a team will sign him even if the Sharks don't.
  18. Mackenzie Blackwood hasn't been qualified by SJS. Apparently they're not seeing eye to eye about a new contract.
  19. Matt Duchene being bought out by Nashville and Yamamoto by Detroit as well. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/predators-buying-out-remainder-of-matt-duchenes-contract/
  20. Aitchmack

    Draft 2023

    The Devils have drafted Cam Squires in the 4th round. A set it and forget it player sums up Cam Squires. The righty center for the Cape Breton Eagles is sound in all phases of the game. He is not flashy, just a meat and potatoes player with skill. The 5’10”, 150-pound Squires tallied 34 points in 64 games on a terrible Eagles team. His plus/minus of -40 can be thrown out the window. The Eagles were the worst team in the Q, but Squires was a bright light during the dark season. Cam began the season with a pedestrian scoring pace and found his way as the season progressed. Cam plays bigger than his listed measurements, moves well, and plays a cerebral game. He does not overhandle the puck and knows when to dish it and shoot it. He has a quick, accurate release and feathers passes with ease. Squires is a good-to-decent skater, who gets up and down the ice and is continuously involved in the play. It is difficult to assess his defensive play due to the collective mess of a team that yielded 36 shots against per game, and the entire roster was void of a plus player. Heck, they did not have anyone who was even. Another year under his belt should garner attention for Squires, and he should hear his name called in the later rounds of the entry draft. I copied this from here https://www.thedraftanalyst.com/2023-nhl-draft/2023-nhl-draft-qmjhl-prospects/, but it talks about a lot of other players as well.
  21. Aitchmack

    Draft 2023

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that pick was, "Oh dear, Ken is going to have trouble with that name". Not that I'll be any better with it!
  22. Chicago is becoming the leagues dumping ground. https://www.nhl.com/news/josh-bailey-traded-to-chicago-by-new-york/c-345107684?tid=278542340
  23. Wow. Wasn't expecting this trade. Nice one Fitz. I'd be surprised if Tatar will be back now as Toffoli is definitely an upgrade on him.
  24. Because it's the Rags and reason and sanity do not apply.
  25. I really can't see him getting more out of their roster than Gallant did. So, obviously I think it's a great hire for them.
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