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  1. Fitz got rid of the coach of the sh!tty power play and the sh!tty defense but failed to get rid of the sh!tty goalie coach. That guy really should have gone.
  2. If there's confusion on the ice, then that's on the coaching staff.
  3. Why Rogalski still has a job is beyond me. He should've gone with the other two clowns in the summer.
  4. Man, that game was rough to watch. A couple of random thoughts: 1. You play Palat, Hughes and Holtz together all pre-season, they look pretty good together, then you change it before the first game. Why? 2. The team seemed really flat. As if they didn't know what system they were playing or were more worried about losing rather than playing their own game. Not sure what it was. 3. I know Blackwood is getting a lot of stick, but the defense missed coverage of Philly players quite a few times and left him exposed. Having said that, Blackwood was not a difference maker. Carter Hart was. Hoperfully V2 gets the next start. 4. The powerplay - sheesh! Not the improvement I was hoping to see. 5. Love him or loathe him, Torts knows how to make his teams hard to play against.
  5. Two periods in and I'm pulling out hair I can ill afford to lose. Welcome to the new season!
  6. If you can take anything from this game it's that it's one step closer to Ruff getting fired.
  7. You just know a Tortorella team will block shots as if their lives depended on it. I'm hoping we get to see Torts lose his sh!t on the bench. That always makes me laugh.
  8. Can't wait for puck drop. I hope the PP is better than it showed in the pre-season games and I would start Bahl over Smith. It'll be interesting to see what sort of Philly team we face. I've seen the comments Torts has been making about his players - no leaders in the room, attention span of two minutes, etc, and I'm guessing he's winding them up to be a typically nasty, aggressive Torts team. LGD!
  9. There's a couple of old friends on this list. Will Butcher, Mikhail Maltsev, Jon Gillies, Jon Hayden and Wayne Simmonds.
  10. I would've liked to see Bahl on the third pairing instead of Smith, but can't argue with that line up. I know some people aren't 100% sold on Holtz (and I'm one of them) but I can't think of anyone who was waived that deserved to be in the team over him.
  11. Nice pass by Holtz to Hughes.
  12. Jack Edwards = torture for my ears.
  13. As much as I like the additions Fitz has made, I'm even happier with the subtractions. No nASS, Recchi, Zacha and Smith and now - No Johnsson (calm yourself mfitz)! Can't wait for the first game.
  14. That seems like a "last chance to prove you belong on the roster" lineup.
  15. Two goals in two games. I like it.
  16. Holtz has looked good so far. Great pass to Hughes.
  17. Blackwood looking pretty good so far. Bahl as well.
  18. I'd love the Devils to get a playoff spot, but I think it's probably not going to happen this year. If they're at least in the conversation for most of the season, I'll be happy. For me, seeing a D not coached by nASS and a power play not coached by Recchi is massive, and I really want to see coaching have a positive impact on the team this season. Seeing the young 'uns taking a step forward and, hopefully, two or three of the AHL'ers establishing themselves in the team as the season progresses I'll take as a good thing. Looking forward to next season, I think most of us are expecting Hughes the younger and Nemec to be in the team and, as a consequence, Graves and Severson not being; How far should we expect the team to go with two rookie D men?
  19. Aitchmack

    Nico or Nolan

    I'm sure you're right, and I'd be very surprised if any team offered him a contract. Gotta feel sorry for him.
  20. He looks really promising. I can't wait until he comes to America.
  21. 2Pac Shakir gets my vote. At least I can spell it without having to look it up every time!
  22. I wonder if this will encourage Dallas to get a deal done with Oettinger. Vegas are going to be desperate to sign a keeper.
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