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  1. I'd quite like the Leafs to win, but if they get knocked out, the inevitable meltdown will be hilarious.
  2. Other teams don't seem to have a problem putting players on LTIR only to have them magically recover when cap space opens up. We should take advantage of it to.
  3. He was suggesting, on Twitter, that Fitz tries to get Trotz to be Ruffs assistant. Hilarious.
  4. Can't be unhappy with second. The fact Philly dropped a place was a win in itself.
  5. Halle-freakin-lujah. About time. I'd rather Ruff went as well and I definitely think the goalie coach should be canned, but it's a good start. Let the speculation about assistants begin!
  6. Zetterlund is certainly making a case for himself.
  7. Why should the final game of the season be different from any other?
  8. I'm exactly the same with it. Hate to be looking at the top end of the draft, but excited for the prospect we pick. Roll on the final whistle tonight and, hopefully, some coaching changes sooner rather than later.
  9. It'll be interesting to see Holtz (I assume he's playing) and the other rookies but without Nico & Jack I'm not expecting much. Let's go Uttica, oh sorry, I mean Devils!
  10. The most unbelievable thing is that there are four teams that have a worse PP than the Devils. How is that possible? Do their PP units go out blindfolded or with their laces tied together?
  11. Sadly, you may be right and I'll be forced to break whatever piece of expensive electrical equipment I read it on.
  12. I'm glad Walsh has been called up. A right-handed shot, which we'll need if PK is going and at the same time might make Smith expendable. I hope he gets a game tonight.
  13. Gotta admit I'm looking forward to seeing Blackwood play. Anything that offers a hint of something better to come is welcome. LGD!
  14. It's pretty telling that with all the players missing that Ruff still had him on the third line. I'd be very surprised to see him playing for the Devils next season.
  15. Time for Zacha to step up and score a wonder goal, so Fitz will give him a new contract and so we'll spend the summer arguing about giving him one more chance. I will in all honesty be glad to see the back of him. I wonder if Ruff will give Boqvist the nod at 1C?
  16. I agree with you on that. There's going to be a log jam on the left hand side next season. I could see one of them getting traded or playing on their off hand.
  17. What a freaking shot by Nico. The guy is obviously a bust.
  18. Gillies should be tested for PEDs after the game. He looks like a goalie.
  19. What an unbelievable couple of goals. This is unravelling damn quickly.
  20. Having just watched the highlights, that was a great set up by Nico for Zetterlunds goal. Can somebody tell me how Bahl, Boqvist and Zetterlund played? Bahl looked ok last game, did he continue that improvement?
  21. Well, Gillies and Hammond miss by at least six or seven inches, so that's an improvement. Right?
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