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  1. I think most teams know that you need two decent goalies. Florida would be mad to get rid of him. McKay is an interesting one. He's not having an outlier this season. His save % has been very good for all four seasons he's been at Minnesota, and he's been a Hobey finalist two other times. I mean, Hammond and Gillies aren't coming back next season and Bernier must be a big question mark. I certainly wouldn't mind the Devils taking a chance on him.
  2. Great end to the game. Love the fight in the team. Good performance from Daws.
  3. Which Devils team is going to show up tonight? LGD!
  4. I know there's an expectation/hope that the coaching staff get canned - and I'm 100% in favor of a clean sweep in that department, but is Dineen really the right guy? He's only coached 146 NHL games and has a 56-62-28 record, which doesn't seem so great. I know he's got Holtz playing well (which we really need) but I hope there are better options out there in the summer. Having said that, I'd take just about anyone over the circus clowns we've got now.
  5. This team can be fun to watch, but they can be freaking painful to watch to.
  6. If Gillies is on we're throwing in the towel.
  7. These days, though, Jane could be 6'3", have a hairy chest and be hung like a donkey.
  8. Isn't Mrazek starting for the Leafs? Let's hope he plays to his usual standard. LGD!
  9. NOW PK starts upping his trade value.
  10. Can't say I'm surprised at the lack of incoming players. The Devils are at the point where they need to start adding pieces that are going to take the club forward. Those kinds of players are at teams that are in the playoff race, and they aren't going to part with any player that'll help them get to the playoffs, unless it's in exchange for a better player. Come the off season, I'd expect Fitz to have more options available.
  11. Definitely agree with MB3 on this one. I think it's really important for them to go into the off season on a high and bring that attitude into next season. There were several games where as soon as Gillies let one in, their heads dropped. Gotta get them out of that mindset. Hammond isn't very good, but if he gives them the chance to win a few games, I think we'll see a renewed spirit and effort in them.
  12. Debrusk is off the board. Just signed a two year extension. Oh, hang on...
  13. We're pretty unanimous on calling for Nass' head, because of the poor play of the defense, but I haven't heard any complaints about the goalie coach. That guy has gotta go. No goalie has improved under him. Yes, bad defensive play comes into it, but that's when you count on your goalies to bail you out. Our goalies have not done that in a long, long time. Fire the goalie coach, whoever he is!
  14. Oh definitely. I want him gone. Not that I think that'll happen though. I'd also like to the goalie coach fired as well. That guy hasn't had any criticism for the terrible performances and he really should.
  15. Our power play is freakin' awful.
  16. By the time he decided to move the puck was pretty much in the net. He's painful to watch at times.
  17. As we say in the UK. Bratt - He's the dogs bollocks.
  18. Why the hell didn't Gillies move after he made the save?
  19. Gillies starting? Oh dear.
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