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  1. Maddog Up for the Selke

    Actually, had you done a little research, you would know that Maltby for the past 2 seasons has become a 4th line 10-12 minutes a game player. Draper is still pivotal for face-offs and penalty killing but neither guy plays the same role he did 5 years ago. The Wings tend to maintain the same lines against most opponents: Datsyuk-Zetterberg-Holmstrom Franzen-Filppula-Samuelsson Hudler-Draper-Cleary The fourth shuffles. I suggest you try out the NHL.com Stats page. It's very nice in supporting a dialogue. I'll help you out in this one: Draper and Cleary led the Red Wings in SH TOI this season playing 2:43 and 2:21 minutes per game. Zetterberg played 2:09 minutes per game SH and Datsyuk 1:47. In reverse, TOI for PP per game was 4:35 for Zetterberg, 4:33 for Datsyuk, 2:39 for Cleary and 14 seconds for Draper. Total TOI per game was 22:04 for Zetterberg, 21:23 for Datsyuk, 17:23 for Dan Cleary and 15:37 for Kris Draper. The Red Wings have the luxury of spreading time around when it comes to special teams because they carry more depth. But if Draper plays 15 minutes a game and Maltby 12, how can they be against Iginla and Thornton who play over 20 minutes? Hhmm. The number of goals a team gives up factors into this -- the Red Wings won the Jennings this season, so their defense and forwards did a good job holding leads as well as scoring goals. Just for you, here are John Madden's stats: 19:26 total TOI per game, of which 3:35 is SH, 0:52 is PP.
  2. Maddog Up for the Selke

    Several comments here are very ignorant based on the simple fact that you do not watch enough west coast games. How many teams have two first line forwards who play over 20 minutes each night and excel at both, offensive and defensive abilities? Only 1 - Detroit. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are phenomenal shut down players who excel at both ends of the ice. They play on the 1st PK unit, on the 1st PP unit, in the first minute of the game, the last minute, or on 5-on-3 units when the team is up 2 men or down 2 men. All of this while putting up 90+ points. It didn't hurt Sergei Fedorov or Steve Yzerman in winning the Selke while putting up offensive numbers. There's a serious lack of recognition for these two guys out east because you're not watching them enough. They always go up against the first line of their opposition -- this includes guys like Thornton and Iginla and Nash, guys who are bigger than them, more physical than them. The east has Sidney Crosby but the west is no pauper. The west is more physical, more defensive, a tighter played conference and has several superstars of its own. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are going up against the opposition's first line, not Manny Malhotra or Steve Ott. Not to take anything away from John Madden or Jere Lehtinen -- they are excellent players. The Selke awards excellence in defense; if someone has offense to go along with it, it's a coach's dream, not a detterent.
  3. Cujo to Edmonton All But Done?

    No, he sucked against Anaheim. The numbers look pretty but the goals he gave up were soft, soft, SOFT. He was excellent against Calgary in the '04 series.
  4. Absent NHL Olympians may be docked pay

    Team Sweden got a bonus of around $1.0M for winning the gold. The entire amount was donated to the junior program. The Rangers plan to rest Henrik Lundqvist in the game against the Flyers tomorrow, and Forsberg might not play either. The Isles played Garth Snow last night while DiPietro sat. Nabokov sat for the Sharks, Toskala played last night. The Wings were missing 5 roster players, none of them will be docked any pay. In fact, the Swedes were their official welcome page for a couple of days. But then all teams are not sitting in the same position as the Red Wings. A couple of losses won't bother the Wings but it could make a big difference to teams like Tampa Bay or Toronto who are trying to stay in the playoff hunt. This is purely the league's fault. How can you dock pay from the guys who went and represented their countries and played 8 games in a span of 10-11 days in a different time zone with lots of travel? Team Sweden endured a tremendous amount of criticism at home after Salt Lake City and the World Cup. Winning is huge to these players. These players are gone for 1-2 games out of 82 regular season games. What is wrong about granting them a 24 hour celebration in their native land? Have they not done well for their respective NHL teams? The NHL should either schedule these breaks better or just play a condensed schedule in an Olympic year.
  5. Randy Moss: Man, Or Moon Man?

  6. Say Hello to Kari Lehtonen

    Show on The main reason I planned my Atlanta trip around the dates in March is because of the speculation that Kari would be called up to play. I wanted to watch him play at least one game, and it's safe to say, he didn't disapoint He's so method, it's ridiculous. I was impressed before and I came back giddy.
  7. Say Hello to Kari Lehtonen

    Lol, I agree bruins, I'm one person you definitely don't have to sell this to I think he's fantastic He did play well in the 2003 WJC, but not as well as he did in 2002. In fact, compared to 2002, his performance was average, which is what I alluded to.
  8. Say Hello to Kari Lehtonen

    I couldn't see the video Anyway, I agree, this kid is amazingly good. Lehtonen really drew praise after a splendid show in the 2002 WJC. Got drafted 2nd overall by the Thrashers in 2002 but just like Fleury, followed it up with a mediocre peformance at the 2003 WJC. He's a terrific goalie, seen him play in person. Kid is calm as ice-water during a game, nothing rattles him. Great side to side movement, terrific size, super flexibility and a calm demeanor are going to help him be a stud in the league. He continued to play in the Finnish league even after he was drafted and then came over to Atlanta. Played in the AHL, went to the All Star game. Played 4 games with the Thrashers after they knew their season was lost and had a 4-0 mark beating Tampa twice, one was a shutout and the other was a 2-1 win, which included a stopped penalty shot by Vincent Lecavalier. Atlanta has been very smart with him not rushing him to the scene. When I went to Atlanta last year, he started one of the two games I saw. Took some pictures, which are not the best, but I'll share. The second game was Thrashers-Devils, which Nurminen started in. Kari and Pasi having a goalie chat Hi, my name is K-A-R-I I'm enjoying this! After posting a win against Washington From the Devils game: Elias Gomer And last but not the least, everyone's favorite, Freeeeeeze
  9. Sunday's NFL Playoff Games Thread

    Way to end it - on an interception. Duhhhhhh Tony looks a bit stunned, he shouldn't. Where was the Colts offense today? NE has wicked smarts. Way to play.
  10. Sunday's NFL Playoff Games Thread

    Damn you for bringing THAT up again, Crasher, lol. Oh hell, sucks for the Colts but they screwed themselves on this one. I'm a little tired of seeing the Pats win, but heck, I'll cheer for them next week.
  11. Sunday's NFL Playoff Games Thread

    Teams from Philadelphia have not won a championship since 1983. Know why Smarty Jones lost? He was from Philadelphia! Eagles can't win, the city's cursed. Too bad Manning's squad is going home again. Would've liked to see them move on but they completely stunk it up today.
  12. Hobey Baker Candidates

    I STILL remember his acceptance speech. He'd helped U of M win with an OT thriller the year before but lost out the Hobey Baker, and in 1997, U of M lost in the semis but Mo won the Hobey Baker. His speech was very touching, had almost everyone in tears. Till today he wears his U of M hat around
  13. Minnesota at Minnesota St. on MSG

    Gino Guyer's SH goal to put MIN up 1-0 was SWEET. And the equalizer was horrendous for the goalie but a very nice deke by Brock Becker. Very exciting game!!!
  14. Montoya Struggles At WJC's

    See, without the WJC performance in 2003, no one would've paid THAT much attention to Montoya. He would've probably been drafted in round 2, came up slowly and made his mark, but wouldn't have gathered this much attention. Well, in a series of weird events, not only did he end up playing all 6 games at the WJC when he would've played like 1 had Howard not gotten injured, but a strong team performance earned the gold, which put the spotlight on Montoya. A solid D + a strong offense helped him out a lot. And no kidding, he can definitely make the big save, but being drafted at #6 + playing with the Wolverines added extra pressure. Pressure is hurting him right now, just as much as playing a lot is. Yes, he should be able to handle the workload but being a goalie is as much mental as it is physical. He needs a breather, BAD, and perhaps that will do the trick. And while he's at it, he should finish up college and head to the AHL before entering the big leagues.
  15. Montoya Struggles At WJC's

    From Inside College Hockey: Average Al.