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  1. Now, if only we can get others to hop on this band-wagon.
  2. Talkin' out my butt here, but.....Wasn't it McMullen who set the no thirteen rule? Maybe Lou is respecting Mr. McMullen by continuing the rule / tradition. If that is, indeed, the case, then I applaud Lou for it.
  3. Come now. The 'Lanche were without Forsberg, don't forget.
  4. Wedge is very slightly below .900. Still, he had a good month that has helped propel Albany into the playoffs, in his first year in the AHL. That is a cause for cautious optimism.
  5. Thomson coming up with a terrific game for the series clincher for the second series in a row. giggity.
  6. Wedgewood coming up big in a stretch run is good to see.
  7. J G Cook's in Pitman is a possibility, too.
  8. Goon is an absolute abomination of a "movie." Just attrocious on every conceivable level. Slap Shot Miracle Mystery, AK Sudden Death. Mighty Ducks
  9. <------------ This guy is jealous.
  10. Hopefully, that shoot-out goal for Black helps him break the slump he's been on.\
  11. GA Devil

    2013 WJHC

    What a great pic. Must be quite the rush.
  12. Thomson is putting up points. Kind of surprising since he was considered nothing but a goon when he was drafted. I know he's a little older, but maybe this is a sign of untapped offensive potential.
  13. I'm fairly certain Kinkaid started and another goalie came on in relief about half way through. I think Frazee was the 2nd goalie.
  14. Another gem not mentioned yet... I forget which playoff year it was, but Madden drew Mario Lemieux's ire when he (Madden) duped Lemieux to pass him the puck by slapping his stick on the ice and calling "Ace." Lemieux was *pissed.* Good sh!t right there.
  15. GA Devil

    Mike Sislo

    Sislo is certainly a long shot to make the team. As Tri pointed out, he didn't have the best of seasons in the AHL. However, it was his first pro season and if he can make adjustments, then he just might get a look. It's a big year, professionally, for him. Right now, if I were a betting man, I'd say he does not get a sniff of the NHL this year.
  16. Thank you, sir. They were, and are, truly under-appreciated. And Legion, homosexuals are celebrating what appears to be a mass 'coming out.' Considering the history of bigotry they've had to face, what the hell is wrong with a Gay Pride Parade from time to time? It's not up to them to not interfere with your sensibilities (i.e "forcing everyone to celebrate it"), it is up to you to accept this is the way it is and move on.
  17. Homosexuals have been murdered due to simply being a homosexual. Homosexuals have also been discriminated to the point that they have suffered from physical and psychological abuse up to and including being demonized by the ultra-self righteous. There was a time in this country where this was all very mainstream. There is a reason such "corrupt" organizations such as GLAAD exist. As for Janssen's profanity, whatever. Insert the current blue-ray of today's most popular "cutting edge" comic, and you'll hear basically the same thing. Is it crude and crass? Absolutely. But Janssen was being real, and I think that was the best part of the interview. As for his "homophobic" comments, I don't think it was specifically targeting gays. I think it was targeted more to an opponent he thinks he can "get off his game." I think GLAAD, Janssen, and the Devils handled this well. GLAAD pointed out that this is an opportunity for Janssen to do some philanthropic work on behalf of the LGBT Community, should he choose to do so. Janssen, realizing he put himself in a situation where he could be taken out of context, "manned up" and issued a formal, seemingly sincere, apology. And the Devils posted Janssen's apology without further comment. The right to free speach doesn't mean you get to escape the criticism, or acclaim, that comes with it.
  18. Not ready to give up on Kinkaid after only one year as a pro.
  19. Mr. Sinisalo would like to have a word with you.
  20. I enjoyed those links. Thanks, TFG.
  21. I think Lou wants to trade for someone else's first round pick before forfeiting his own.
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