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  1. 4belle

    Scott Stevens

    I saw that yesterday on the news....Was the trucker a boyfriend of the woman who he killed? or was it a random murder?...It is very sad...They showed her photo on TV...she looked like a beautiful woman with a lifetime ahead of her..
  2. Hi Everyone! it has been a while since i have posted. is there anywhere listed when practice begins down at south mountain?..i am just assuming that it would begin after labor day. Thanks Belle
  3. 4belle

    What are your favourites Sports teams?

    Football: Colts & Giants Hockey: Devils Baseball: Mets Basketball: can't be bothered
  4. 4belle

    Which country would you be?

    I am Thailand..
  5. 4belle

    Here we go -- who is going to win the Super Bowl?

    My husband went to college out in Pittsburgh, so after the Giants, the Steelers are his next favorite team. As for me I am behind the Seahawks! It does make for fun and interesting bets!
  6. 4belle

    Death Hits redruM extended Family....

    I am sorry for your loss. You honored your friend valiantly.
  7. 4belle

    Happy Birthday PK!

    happy belated...hope you had a great one
  8. 4belle


    nah...maybe he's having it stuffed so he can display it with his deer that hangs from the fireplace..ugh
  9. 4belle

    U.S. Open

    thought this was one of the best matches i have watched ever...i would put this one up there with mac/connors.. agassi still has it... i would like to see him take this one! blake..his time is comming..he is a class act!
  10. 4belle

    Stevens Officially Retires

    well here i go... i will sorely miss this man!...he epitomized what hockey was all about for me. i am still finding this hard to believe, albeit the past year & a half have been a buffer for this decision...thanks scott for all the incredible years of hockey, it has be a privilege.
  11. 4belle

    what was the last concert(s) u attended??

    last concert...Bruce..seems so long ago
  12. 4belle

    U.S. Open

    For the men: I would like to see Agassi take it... then retire, otherwise Nadal is my second canidate. For the women: I am rootin for Serena
  13. 4belle

    The Rime of the Ancient Forester

    This was priceless..I just got a kick out of it and had to pass it on to a few friends!
  14. 4belle

    lost Stevens ogling op

    I miss him too!....But it won't be too long from now!!!

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