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  1. Happy Birthday HockyStr99

    Happy Birthday!!!
  2. Euro 2004

    I haven't blamed Denmark or Sweden. I have blamed Italian players and Trapattoni, our coach. And even though Denmark and Sweden had fixed the game, I would not blame them. Italy should have won against Sweden... We have a new coach: Marcello Lippi has become the new coach of Azzurri....
  3. Euro 2004

    Fixed results are rather common in international soccer. And I don't blame it. When 2 teams need a tie to move on, it is 90% sure that they will do that. And it isn't very difficult to do that: 3-3 could have been problematic, but 2-2 is not so difficult. And then, look at the stands.. But I don't blame Sweden or Denmark. Italy would have done the same. I blame Italy, instead. Azzurri should have played differently against Denmark. If we had scored the 2nd goal vs Sweden, we would have won that game. If Trapattoni hadn't decided to play so defensively in the last 20 minutes vs Sweden, we would have won. Trapattoni failed 2 competitions and he will be fired!! Marcello Lippi should be our next coach. Marcello Lippi won 5 Italian Titles, 1 Champions' League with Juventus.
  4. Euro 2004

    Hard game!! Terrible situation!! Maybe, Sweden and Denmark decided to play a 2-2 game. I wouldn't be surprised if they had decided that before the game. But that is not the point! If we really had a good team, we would have won against Denmark and then against Sweden. And then, Sweden and Denmark could have won, tied, lost, but for us it would have been the same... Now, Trapattoni will be fired! He failed 2 great competitions. I am sorry for him, but he did too many mistakes.
  5. Retired Numbers

    I would like to know which numbers have been retired by the New Jersey Devils.. Then, which numbers will be retired in the future? I think: - 4 Stevens - 30 Brodeur Maybe, 27 Niedermayer (if he stays with the Devils).
  6. Happy Birthday Giuseppe

    Tanti auguri a te!!! Tanti auguri a te!! Tanti auguri, Giuseppe!! Tanti auguri a te!! Tanti auguri di buon compleanno!! I don't think you need the translation!!!
  7. Favorite other teams

    NFL: Chicago Bears and SF 49ers NBA: Boston Celtics MLB: Boston Red Sox (I also like Toronto and Seattle) NHL: New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens College Basketball: Syracuse Orangemen, Arizona Wildcats College Football: Florida State Seminoles, Ohio State Buckeyes --- Soccer: Udinese (I am from Udine and Udinese is the team of my hometown. Last year we finished 7th in Serie A, Soccer Italian Major League. And of course, I like Italian National Team. RSL: CSKA Moscow.
  8. Euro 2004

    MERDA!! Sorry if I am rude.. But we should have won this game!! We missed some good chances... ANd then, Sweden tied... That is really bad for us....
  9. Euro 2004

    We are winning 1-0 at the halftime. We are playing much better than we did on Monday....
  10. Euro 2004

    Denmark could have won against Azzurri (this is the correct spelling), but we could have won, too.. The draw was the obvious score....
  11. Euro 2004

    Today, Italy will play against Sweden. It will be a hard game for us! We played so badly vs Denmark on Monday, that I am not very optimistic. Who knows? Maybe the Totti's episode will shake the team and without him they will play well. -------- Real Madrid has lots of Stars, but that was not a team. They have so many great offensive players, but they don't have defense. I wasn't surprised by their defeats this year. That team has no balance... And in my opinion, Beckham's purchase was absolutely useless... -------- Diablo, the team is not AC Roma, but AS Roma. However, here in Italy NOBODY says AS Roma or AC Milan... Those team are only Roma and Milan.
  12. Sucks to be Team Russia

    In my opinion Slava was one of the greatest defenseman ever. But as coach is not the same. He could become a great coach, but he has still lot to learn. Now, the coach is Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, who has just replaced the old (but great) Viktor Tikhonov.
  13. Year in review for NJDevs.com

    It would have been great for me to discover this site 12 months ago. So, I could have celebrated with you the great victory of our Devils!
  14. Sucks to be Team Russia

    I don't think that Russia will do any good at the next World Cup. There is too much confusion, and there is no TEAM! I am very sorry about it, because I really love Russian hockey, but I would be surprised if Russia reached the semifinals..