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  1. Republican Senator from Nevada Admits Affair

    Who cares which party has more affairs, both are corrupt.
  2. Rogert Ebert's article on Bill O'Rielly

    Your thoughts on Bill O'Reilly? Make sure to be "Fair and Balanced"
  3. Letterman Scum Lib

    Have you read his own books or are you just parroting what someone else said?
  4. Interesting Topic of Discussion

    You didn't answer my question. No evidence then huh? What liberal talking points? Asking for evidence is a liberal talking point?
  5. Interesting Topic of Discussion

    Do you have evidence?
  6. What is your political ideology?

    I will 1UP you.
  7. What is your political ideology?

    Whoever voted Moderate, you mind if I change it to Independent? Thanks.
  8. Obama Economics ... not just healthcare

    You mind doing a poll? Liberal Moderate Conservative Neither EDIT: I'll do it.
  9. Last Person to Post on this thread wins

    You people are obsessed. Page 69...Nice...
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/06/10/museum...ting/index.html