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  1. Saw this summary posted on line. If it’s accurate, then the trade is not as bad as I first thought..
  2. I have two tickets I can't use for Saturday nights game in Gila River Arena. Section 119, Row S - Face Value is $65. ea. I will OVERNIGHT both tickets for less than the cost of 1 ticket - $50.00 gets them both overnighted to you. I will need to have payment by 2PM MST on Friday to get them out on time.
  3. P.A. Will be great for the Devs. Watched him out here in Colorado a few years back. He is scrappy, and capable of putting the puck in the net with good linemates. Liked him a lot, and was sorry to see the Avs move him. There was speculation he was in Roy's doghouse at the time, but he is a real solid addition.
  4. Does it strike anyone else as funny that there are two goalies remaining?
  5. You do know he plays for the Av's now, right? edit - I see what you mean now after re-reading, he was with the Ducks then...
  6. chrisg19

    David Clarkson

    I like David Clarkson, I really do, but for me I didn't like how he kind of disappeared in the playoffs last year. I mean after scoring 30 goals in 80 games, I was expecting him to contribute more than just 3 in 24 in last years playoffs. Hopefully that playoffs was the fluke part, and he will be more consistent going forward. I respect any player who works as hard as he does, and hope his hard work continues to pay off.
  7. That was a good article. Thanks for posting.
  8. Look I am not siding with the owners, but the players are fools to be following Fehr at this point. Fehr is "a negotiator" , but he is an attorney first, and most attorneys will keep up the fight for ever, especially one who has no ties to whether or not the NHL ever plays again. The players better well understand that he will have no problem taking this thing right over the cliff. The scariest thing is, I think the owners also don't have a problem with that. Today was paycheck day, #5 of 13. So that means roughly 40% of this seasons salaries are gone, to never return. This thing really gets in the courts, this season is gone, and probably a couple more. By the time it comes back most of these players will be done. I'm not saying what the owners are asking for is right, just that at a certain point many of these players will be left with nothing. Fools....
  9. My understanding is that there are 42 players with contracts longer than 5 years in the whole NHL, that is less than two players per team, or 16% of the union. Is that correct? If so, this should be a non issue. This doesn't even affect 84% of the players. I was reading, I think it was Tannenbaums statement, that the tone of the meetings changed like someone flipped a switch on the Wednesday afternoon meetings. Unbelievable, the "depth" players better wake up fast. I'm sure Sid will send you a nice Thank You card when this is all over and he's playing hockey while your coaching squirts at the local rink......idiots.... C'mon Fehr, lets nuke it. Decertify baby, this will be in courts for years.
  10. Yeah hard not to get excited this time. Actually I give Bettman credit on this one. I think he knew he had to get Fehr out of the room to get a deal done, and suggested he, and Donald sit this one out. I may be wrong, but I see Fehr as a hired gun, and the only one in this whole process who doesn't have a stake in whether or not hockey is played this year. Whatever the reason, I am glad they are trying....
  11. Wasn't that Donald Fehr who led the Players union through the strike? Now I know this is a lockout, and not strike, but Donald Fehr is no angel in these proceedings. I see a lot of Bettman hate on here, but I have to believe, as Triumph said, overall the owners are happy with their unprecedented revenue growth. While I am not really in either sides camp, I believe that Donald Fehr is a very big reason why this thing drags on the way it does. He is playing hard ball, and keeping his troops in line along the way, but there does not appear to be a real strategy for a true settlement in place. His jotting down notes on a napkin as "an offer" should have been seen as a red flag by the players. The fact that the Players first fully written offer was just a few weeks ago seems almost disinterested to me. Either way both sides have lost big time here. I believe that in the end the owners will ultimately recoup these losses over many years. The players on the other hand will never recoup the lost time, and salary during their small window of oppurtunity, they call a career. This whole thing is just sucjh a shame...
  12. Gotta give the players credit for sticking together here. The third and fourth line guys, you know the guys who will only play the NHL average of 3 seasons. They show tremendous character to stick together with the Ovechkins, and Crosbys of the league. Sacrificing probably 1/3 of what they will ever make for a cause they won't benefit from. Heard an interesting stat on NHL Radio. 240 members of the 2004-05 players association never played another NHL game when the NHL finally returned. That is nearly 1/3 of the Players Association. Solidarity amongst the guys who are about to suffer that same fate is mind boggling.
  13. I don't believe it for a second, but I voted Colorado, because I live there and would love to have Parise as a member of the Avs....
  14. I have been avoiding most Devils news these days. Still a little bitter over the way game 6 went down. It may have been mentioned elsewhere, and I apologize if I missed it, but has there been any discussion on Kovys injury. We all speculated he was injured, and certainly did not look like himself in the later rounds, but I haven't seen a comfirmed ailment. Again I have been avoiding much of the press, but haven't seen this mentioned. Any word?
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