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  1. Here's 3 of mine, with the bonus being I was actually at all of these games: 0-0 Tie vs. Hasek (the Half-puck game) Goal vs. Montreal in the 97 Playoffs Game 7 vs. Ducks in '03 (shutouts in 3 games of the Stanley Cup finals, including game 7, and you don't win the f'ing Conn Smythe???? BOOOOOOO)
  2. There's a reason I hardly ever read here, let alone post. The couple Facebook groups I've managed to get into make me want to gouge my eyes out. That said... we are the ones paying for it, so we have a right to complain.
  3. Putting the Cyber in CyberMonday.. yikes..
  4. pay for a vpn service, and "pretend" you're somewhere else. It doesn't work on the apps because they require location services, but on a computer it works fine. I still don't understand why the NHL can't work out something with the cable companies so we can watch our local teams by logging into our optimum/comcast accounts. I can watch the Disney channel from my phone but I can't watch the NHL? seems short-sighted.
  5. have they discussed anywhere how they're handling having 3 alternate captains?
  6. Newsflash - I'd be the backup goalie for the Canadiens if they asked me to as well.. link bait!
  7. i wish the tickets were cheaper so that I could bring my kids more often. as it is, I'm priced out. part of the reason I'm a fan 30 years later is that I went to so many games when I was a kid. My kids are missing out on that. All of the rich madison kids they go to school with are all wearing rangers jerseys. That is concerning for the long-term future of the team.
  8. You didn't eat your tickets - you can exchange them for another game... devils announced it during the third period.
  9. Facts aren't subject to opinion.. they're facts. This should not be a hard concept.
  10. not enough data points to make a trend.. yet...
  11. I LOL'ed. Personally, I'd like to see this on his helmet:
  12. the only reason revenues are going up is because they raise ticket prices every year. They aren't growing the game, they're just sucking more cash out of the people who already like it.
  13. I'd rather have Hejduk if we're going for an over-the-hill czech
  14. threads like this are a big reason I spend more time reading devils stuff on twitter than on this forum these days...
  15. Is that Hari Pesonen he's punching out?
  16. Chicago and Washington Also hoping that Winnipeg wins out and the rangers sh!t the bed against Fla or Car so we have a chance to knock them out on Saturday
  17. Exit56


    Larsson hasn't been the same since Subban killed him
  18. Exit56

    We Suck

    ibtl? please?
  19. dammit, I could have walked there, I work 3 buildings down...
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