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  1. Starting to look darker and darker in Washington right now...
  2. Derp. 2-0 now. Caps are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Fleury and can't break through. The Pens are wide awake no less. It's going to be tough for the Caps to build anything here.
  3. Whoa. Did anyone see Fleury get a little suggestive with his stick just now? Lol.
  4. Sad Hank is sad. https://streamable.com/5cw7d
  5. I don't hate Pittsburgh, but I am sick of them all the same. Alas, no Hawks..no Rags...no Pens...best outcome that could possibly happen outside of the Devils actually being in the postseason!
  6. Happy Ranger Elimination Day guys and gals! One of my favorite days of the year! Such a great holiday. So thankful we get to celebrate it EVERY year!
  8. BYE BYE RANGERS Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah HEY HEY GOODBYEEEEEE
  9. Well, if nothing else, it bled some time off the clock. But sh!t. ..not the time to play four forwards. Wow.
  10. Fantastic timing for this PP. Capitalize !!
  11. Are you KIDDING me??? Too many men Sens. fvcking Rags PP now.
  12. God. Rangers are coming alive now. Ottawa scrambling around like crazy. For fvcks sakes.
  13. Wow, that play could not have broken down any worse. Kreider makes it 3-2 a minute in. Puke.
  14. Filed under "we already knew this..." but they officially announced the Rags and Sabres playing the Winter Classic next year at Citi Field. Yawn.
  15. Attaboy Karlsson!! I love this guy!! 3-1 now!
  16. 2-1 now, Mika Zimbabwe scored. Game is getting chippy now.
  17. Beautiful. Now the Rags lost their timeout. Perfect.
  18. BOOM. Not saving THAT one Queeny. 2-0 Sens!
  19. Huge penalty kill by Ottawa. Damn, I thought for sure it was about to be2-0 Sens. Greay save by the Queen there.
  20. Hoffman puts the Sens up 1-0 early. Let's go boys!
  21. Too bad it wasn't a different player...those black ice jerseys are pretty sweet.
  22. That's pretty savage if the buyer didn't know yet lol. Hope you got a little bit of money for it at least. I still don't know what to do with mine. Maybe I can sell mine to a desperate fan that's hopeful he will return to the Devils July 1st. Ha. But then...damn...I think I'd kind of feel a little bad. Agh. Conflicted. Guess I'm still stuck with expensive dust rag then.
  23. Lol there goes that whole Cory to Dallas for the 3rd pick talk. Man, Ben Bishop has been put through the ringer the last few months.
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