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  1. I was mid post saying the same thing as mfitz804 but then I just deleted what I was typing when his post popped up. Just missed out in this prestigious award! Ha. But seriously.I'm all for this sign and trade, however, there's a small part of me that is still bitter and annoyed with a guy that wants no part of a rebuild when was a huge reason WHY we are in the middle of this damn rebuild. And then there's a part of me who was 5% excited about the prospect of being able to pull my old Kovy jersey out of storage and wearing it again. Mostly because I'm stubborn and still annoyed with myself for falling for the glitz and glamor of his deal and running out to buy a #17 jersey right away. Maybe I'll just use it as an expensive dust rag instead. Anyway, I digress. So...basically, there's, like, no way he's staying with us, right? It's either sign and trade or bust? Instagram and Facebook Devils groups are driving me to drink with their ridiculous delusions about why we should say fvck it and keep him whether he wants to play here or not.
  2. Oh god. I forgot about him. I think my brain had surpressed that painful memory. He was so fvckin' annoying.
  3. 5-0 now. Complete sh!tshow in Edmonton right now. I don't think even Anaheim can mount a miracle comeback at this point.
  4. Lol. Bernier did the complete opposite of settling his team down. This is going to Game 7.
  5. For sure. My God the Oilers could not have asked for a better start to Game 6 as the Ducks completely imploded from the opening faceoff. I don't think Gibson even knew the game was starting. He looked absolutely horrible on each goal. Appropriately got chased. Wow. Ducks need to get their sh!t together or this game is over real fast.
  6. Hey we did get #1 overall so at least there was SOME usefulness to this abysmal season ha.
  7. Boom. Nashville moves on. Good for them. Sorry Marty.
  8. Looking like there's a minute left in the Blues season. Nashville is the real deal.
  9. What a great way to end the game too. Rags thought they had victory with Grabner's high stick goal and then BAM, Turris punks the Queen into oblivion with a sick game winner. If the Rangers actually manage to lose this series, Hank may need therapy.
  10. I feel like Ottawa has no clue what they're doing but every now and then something magically works out and they actually win the game. Let's hope they have one more of those games in em and send the Rangers home crying.
  11. 4 goal comeback game. My goodness. The vets win the game. What a goal by Perry. This could be the back breaker for Edmonton. Wow. I couldn't even imagine how Anaheim Ducks fans feel right now. Good for them. Although I bet there were a bunch of knuckleheads who left when the game was 3-0 Edmonton. I bet there were a bunch of fans begging security to let them back in the arena
  12. Larsson has been absolutely working it. You know he wants to erase what happened to him in Game 4. Dude has played, like, *40 minutes so far. But you gotta feel for Lars, I hope he can be the hero tonight.
  13. Man, I really miss the good old days of Devils playoff hockey. Gosh, remember when Toronto first came to Jersey the next season with Domi back in the lineup? Jim motherfvckin' McKenzie tried to rip Domi's head off on the face off the first chance he got and Tie infamously turtled. We had, what, like a 7 minute penalty kill or something ridiculous and only gave up a goal. Then who was it...Randy McKay? I think it was McKay who also beat the snot outta Domi later on in the game. And to cap it all off, Patrik Elias ended up scoring the come from behind game winner hattrick OT goal and the crowd absolutely erupted like we won the friggen Cup. The CAA was legit shaking it was so loud in there. I remember when I shot up from my seat to celebrate Patty' goal, my watch came flying off my wrist and went about three rows above me, never to be found again. Ha. I'd say that game was worth losing my damn watch. What a fvckin' night.
  14. You know, I had actually fallen asleep and missed the majority of this game. Finally tuned in with about 8 min left in the 3rd. Feels like I caught the game just in time, plus I'm nice and wide awake for the long haul. About to go to double OT. What a game. These guys are going to be absolutely exhausted by night's end. I hope this one goes the full seven...what a great series this has been.
  15. So, uh, that may have been the best 3 minutes of the entire playoffs so far. Holy sh!t. The young guys got a little too comfortable and the veteran playoff team pounced. If this is the turning point, Edmonton will have a LOT to learn from this game. sh!t.
  16. Good goal. My god. The Ducks just Hurricaned the Oilers basically.
  17. Holy sh!t. This Edmonton - Ducks game. Last 3 minutes has been NUTS.
  18. 2-0 now. Ottawa is getting completely manhandled.
  19. I really don't mind Toronto. Actually I used to actively hate them on the same level as Philly (think back to the early 00s and Tie the Turtle Domi) but it's hard to hate this team now. I hope they stay around in the conversation for a while.
  20. The East is so fvcking pathetic. The same bullsh!t is going to happen every year. ..the Caps choke like the pansies they are, the Penguins steamroll through the competition (because, well, there's hardly any...), the Rags will find a way to slither to the Conference Finals, and the rest of the teams will show flashes of brilliance and promptly freak out and repeatedly sh!t the bed. Someone buy these teams an economy size box of Depends and let's go. fvck. This sh!t pisses me off. At least the West has been pretty exciting. Edit: Oh, yeah. The Habs. How could I forget? It's not the Stanley Cup Playoffs if they aren't around to throw a choke job into the mix as well. Not that I'm complaining about THAT.
  21. Oh for fvcks sakes. Why do I feel like Ottawa is about to completely fall apart?
  22. Big save by Anderson to start the game. Hope this sets the tone. Stay in your motherfvckin' net tonight, man. If I'm New York I'd dump the hell outta the puck tonight lol.
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