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  1. Adam Larsson may have a little trouble sleeping tonight. Wow. Brutal turnover by Lars and the game is over, series tied.
  2. If you were nodding off like I was, wake the F up because we have a live one here in Edmonton right now...
  3. You're absolutely right. It's pathetic. Actually...it's pretty laughable at this point. Watching this EDM/ANA game. Gibson is in beast mode right now. And my God...I know this is common knowledge to even the dumbest of species, but damn is McDavid good.
  4. They seem to find ways to win no matter what. I'm fairly confident they can take out either team but the Rangers do worry me still. Ottawa NEEDS TO win tomorrow otherwise they might as well be toast too.
  5. The Washington Capitals are pathetic. Jesus. They're never going to win the Cup. All these fantastic regular seasons mean jack sh!t if you can't show up to the post season. I wonder what happens in DC *once* the Caps are eliminated. This is just getting sad now. The Pens tried their hardest to give the damn game to the Caps no less. Sloppy play though and through but hey...gotta give credit to Fleury because that man stole the game tonight.
  6. Man...Bonino sold that high stick perfectly.
  7. See, I could go either way on them. I'd rather not lose anything obviously, lol, but if I had to pick something I think I like those damn stripes just a bit more. Then again, I'm sure the second I see a mock up with the shoulders gone I'll be livid so....ha.
  8. I hope you're right. It *should* be enough to just smack their logo on the jerseys and call it a day, but the last line of your post is what still worries me. This league has made completely baffling decisions before so what would stop them now? Ha. The stripes could really look awful on some of the jerseys. Heck, most of them. I think the cons far outweigh the pros here but what do I know? I really hope they aren't coming to ours though. It can't end well. I'm fine with losing the black shoulders but I am somewhat partial to the horizontal stripes...at least on the elbows. It just doesn't feel like a Devils sweater without em. I do like the idea being floated around of putting the black/white/red scheme to the xmas jerseys (obv minus the green ) but I, like many other fans here, struggle with change whatsoever. (Alas, I'm not in the "keep the old goal song" boat however) I stocked up on jerseys recently (bonus, the closeout prices have been absolutely amazing for my own bottom line) and while I'm sure I will get a new one when we do get the new style, I will undoubtedly stick with what we have now.
  9. It actually wasn't THAT bad of a response. He basically stuck up for himself but wished Moore good luck. I just hate him that much ha.
  10. I'm still not over that play. I was there that afternoon and we all thought Moore had been absolutely murdered. I wanted Wilson's head on a fvckin' platter. Livid that nothing ever came of it and Wilson's initial dbaggy response to the media made me hate him even more. The guy is a pure joke, through and through. Can't believe he was even a friggen 1st rounder no less.
  11. Also, Tom Wilson is a dirtbag.
  12. No but seriously. ..what's with Pittsburgh's unreal amount of turnovers tonight??
  13. Damn another turnover and it's tied! Caps just went from toast to buttered bread now. Still think they won't pull it out but if Pittsburgh keeps sh!tting the bed we shall see...
  14. 2-1 now. The Penguins turned the puck over so many times just now that even the Devils would have scored on that play. Holy moly.
  15. He's literally the worst. Like. Legit. My god. He cannot handle the puck to save his life. Ottawa fans must want to duct tape him to the posts.
  16. Caps are toast. What else is new.
  17. I love going through these uniform threads and reading everyone's different perspectives and opinions but dammit I'd I keep going back to the idea that these dumbass Adidas stripes are going to fvck up any cool idea we could possibly come up with. I'm really nervous our jersey, while changed very little, will still look utterly awful if we gain vertical stripes.
  18. Holtby may very well by the mayor of Choke City.
  19. Weekes Head

    Nico or Nolan

    I'm legitimately fine with either pick, honestly. As long as we don't Adrian Foster this, we will have a solid player in Nolan or Nico. And yes, I know there are shades of Foster with Nolan's injury history but I think the kid will be fine once he develops balls of steel. Jersey will toughen him up right quick. Ha. My money is on Nolan at the end of the day. But really. I'm happy with either player. I'm just happy. What a great day. Ha.
  20. Back and forth exciting game in Washington and I honestly couldnt care less right now lol. I'm on cloud nine.
  21. Reading up on Nolan and Nico and god am I excited for this draft now. I don't care if it's a weaker draft or not. We are getting a damn good player no matter what in these guys. I will be completely satisfied with either player right now, and I know all of Philadelphia is feeling very similarly as well. I wish I could buy you all a beer right now. What a fvcking night. What a fvcking day. We finally have something to smile about again, friends. It's been a dark, dark year and things just got so much brighter. Man am I happy.
  22. I wish there was a reaction video of me seeing the reveal. I may have pissed off my neighbors with the screaming and clapping that occurred ....especially since I'm surrounded by a bunch of Rag fans in my building. Oh what a day for us.
  23. This may be my favorite day that has happened this year.
  24. Feels even better to know Sakic is losing his sh!t right now!
  25. You are our lucky charm, mr. 'stic. This one's for YOU!
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