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  1. Weekes Head

    Game Thread

    NY 1, NJ 0 Torres(Kvasha)
  2. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/scores102/1...NEWJERSEY-0.htm
  3. Apparently if no one replied, then no one HAS a response... 2+2=4, right?
  4. Hmm...dunno why it's pinned, but I'll buy that for a dollar! Then again..I think we all know our own personal reasons for why we are Devils fans...we shouldn't have to force our reasoning on anyone, and at that I think we should all respect each other and their reasoning on WHY they are a New Jersey Devils fan. That's just my opinion though.
  5. And we'll stick to what we say by thinking you're crazy for truly believing that Schwab is a better goalie than Brodeur...
  6. ..No, you're not the only one who says Marty is overhyped. Yet, I do believe you're the only one who actually believes Corey Schwab is better than Martin Brodeur.
  7. One would think going to 30 hockey games a year would help their spelling of player's names. Just because Schwab is in net doesn't mean Marty is going to get any more of a rest. That doesn't mean Schwabby is a bad goalie, but he's here for a reason and he understands that reason and his role. I don't think YOU understand that. We thought the same with Beezer...and look how that turned out. And to say that Marty is overhyped/Schwab is a better goalie...give me a break!
  8. Do you remember Schwabby as a Devil earlier in his career? He was definitely not a "great goalie" then..he's a lot better now, but nowhere near Marty. Okay, fine, you're not basing it on one game...but one game and practices? This is training camp, this is the pre-season. Just wondering, but are you new(er) to the game?
  9. Agreed with Devils731. Might as well take my post down...
  10. .....You are basing this on one game.
  11. NJay, I might be proposing something to you, I'm not sure yet..you had a player that I'm interested in, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
  12. Okay, I'll hold off...but just for YOU! :wave: Don't worry about it, Nieds will still be there tonight.
  13. If anyone is interested in Niedermayer, I'm willing to deal him...propose an offer to me, and we'll see how it goes. NJay - I picked up Weekes from waivers..how long will it take until he clears? ..And yes yes, I did drop Albelin...I know that must be a shocker for some of you, but you will just have to deal! It was a good run!
  14. I'm actually This is not Obscene I think I did pretty well..I like my choices, but my defense could be a little better. I took a few gambles, namely Berard and Dvorak, but I'm confident in my team.
  15. How does everyone think they drafted? NJay said there was no clearcut winners or losers, but who do you think did well?
  16. Hopefully I remember! No, seriously I am looking forward to it...it's just the whole idea of remembering it, that's all...
  17. Weekes Head

    Go Rats!

    I'd love to see that Rowdy! Go for it!! I can't wait to read it!
  18. Weekes Head

    Go Rats!

    Can't wait for the start of the season, with all the new faces on both the Devils and the Rats! Hey Rowdy, what are your thoughts on this team coming into this season?
  19. I created quite a few avatars for the site, so we'll see if DM adds them..
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