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  1. LOL. You call that beer? Here's some real beer for you:
  2. I love you, Pistons. My wishlist is now complete. Lakers
  3. Save it and copy it on CD/floppy and/or print it?
  4. What a dumb comment... TB was the better team. TB won it. TB earned it. TB deserved it. End of debate. I'm very happy for Andreychuk. Wow Legend Of the Clown Banner, we agree on everything, it seems..
  5. It was around $2.50 in Cali and Nevada when I was there.
  6. lol... how did he get off so easily though?!? I recall someone said that they thought the evidence was "planted"?
  7. Paints quite a lovely picture, doesn't it? lol... well, not that it was THEIR fault, but still, it was a very traumatic experience.
  8. Holy crap, this isn't looking good at all...
  9. The only time I've been at Dunkin Donuts was in Lebanon... I was there with a coupla friends (I was in high school then). We were having coffee and donuts, and all of a sudden, the whole place started smelling like a sewer (toilet problems, I believe). Almost threw up from the smell... Didn't go there again, or to any of the other Dunkin Donuts shops.
  10. Well, I don't think he's gonna get it. Just that I WANT him to get it, no matter how bad he played during the playoffs. It's just a consolation.. lol
  11. Try Add New Hardware from the Control Panel. Do an automatic search for the driver. If it doesn't find anything through the auto-search, insert the driver CD/floppy and browse/select the file/directory where they are located. See if that works. Also, go to Control Panel >> Printers and Other Hardware >> Phone and Modem Options >> Modems tab >> Properties >> Diagnostics tab >> Query Modem. What do you get?
  12. St. Louis is gonna get the Hart. I want to see Iginla win it, though... And Nieds for Norris. Marty for Vezina.
  13. Do we even have Dunkin Donuts in Canada? I've never seen it here in Toronto.
  14. Questions questions... ahhh, why didn't they indeed. Maybe it was an agreement between the two teams? Maybe it's just a show NBA is putting on to make games exciting, since they really are one-sided... Maybe game 1 was all about acting too. Maybe this, maybe that. We'll never know. But it was a dumb strategy, regardless of whether it was intended to result in a loss or not. Did I say I hate Jack Nicholson even more? I always had an antipathy for that guy, and he just doesn't get any better... argh.. what an arrogant dumb*ss.
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