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    Hockey, hockey, hockey!!!! And other sports when there's no hockey... and my buddies, Paige, Gina, Jessica, and Rusty! They rule!!!! Go Devils!!!

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  1. Thank you soooooooooooo much! this is way better than a refreshing scoreboard!
  2. At least you can watch the game! Philly Comcast decided to black out the game on Versus.. so I have bullriding...
  3. Ally

    All-Star Voting

    All-Star Game voting time again. And there are lots of Devs nominated: Gio, Gomer, Elias, Raffy, and Marty of course. You can vote from the Devils homepage. Or here: http://www.nhl.com/allstarballot/index.html
  4. Dino Ciccarelli and Keith Primeau are the first ones I can think of other than the ones already mentioned
  5. Ally

    Peter Forsberg

    forsberg isnt even really healthy right now, he got his foot checked out again because he can't keep it flat in his skate. the philly papers are saying his foot problems are coming to an end, but there's no way. I don't think the Flyers will trade him, they probably wouldn't get anything amazing and the only way they can win right now is with him in the lineup.
  6. aw i was there too! i know at least the sections behind the nets looked completely empty. but yeah, 14,177 SUCKS for a saturday game against philly. i also noticed there were a LOT less flyers fans than usual, maybe they're finally giving up. last i saw they were losing 9-1 to buffalo tonight. ha ha ha ha...
  7. the saturday devs-flyers game seemed really empty. the upper tier was really full probably because of all of the ticket promotions, but the some of the lower tier sections were more than half empty. i don't know if it was sold out and people did show up or what but thats weird for a game against the flyers to be that empty AND on a saturday night.
  8. Has anyone else heard about this? Apparently stabbed in the heart by a stingray~!! RIP full story: http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/09/0...rwin/index.html
  9. RIP Ed I actually knew him pretty well for a while, back when my moms ran the website. He was always so friendly and enthusiastic. We're all gonna miss him!
  10. now i just need "Urban Cableworks" to add OLN haha =( Comcast owns Urban Cableworks, which is what I have, but we don't get OLN or FX and a couple other channels. We have like 6 BET channels and Lifetime, Oxygen, WE, and the Hallmark Channel!!
  11. Ally


    haha i wasn't going to go out this year because i have this huge bio project due tomorrow buttttt my friends made me. i didn't have a costume so i threw on my lab gear hahaha. i met the burger king guy, but he wasn't as creeepy as in the commercials!
  12. Ally


  13. Ally

    i need help

    thanks, ill try that.
  14. Ally

    i need help

    sooooo hi! i miss everyone <3 especially elly. anyway, i'm a poor college student and my school provides all residential students with a free napster account where you get unlimited downloads. sound great, right? the thing is, they make you payyy for the songs if you want to burn them! and i can't put them on my ipod because they are WMA files instead of mp3s. this is really upsetting because, they otherwise don't serve much of a purpose to me. i figured a lot of people on here are a lot smarter than i at all of this technical stuff. is there anyway to convert the protected wmas to mp3s?
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