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  1. Sorry, Danny I was there last year!!! Hah, well that doesn't help now, does it?...
  2. Ya!! It was nice! When Jimbo boy had the C, I told my mom "Oh my goodness, I need to order a C for my jersey now!!!!" Then, since Fidget is her favorite player, she was like "hey, when that C comes in the mail, it's sooooo going on my jersey!" HAHA
  3. Haha, at the last one, I didn't go because I didn't feel like it or something weird like that. I did the stalkeresque thing and just walked by to check out everybody. Don't worry, I'd really go this time. I met a bunch of you's in November though... remember? Yeah, I don't remember either
  4. Ally

    Since We Know The 4th Line

    Maybe we can bench Pando for Bergy? ...or maybe that's just wishful thinking...
  5. I might go, depending on whether my sister wants to go or not But, shhh don't tell scott
  6. Ally

    Lucky Thirteen

    My birthday is the 31st... woo! that's 13 backwards!!!! Good number!!!!
  7. Wooooo!!!! GO CLEMMY!!!!!!!!
  8. Ally

    Today Is My Draft

    Damn, you changed the time of the draft? I hope my two league drafts don't over lap now... B)
  9. Ally

    Today Is The Day

    Attention to the people in Rusty's league: Pick Sykora in the first round and I'll kick you in the frickin shins!
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