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  1. Ally

    Worst job you ever had

    My Fresh year of HS I was a waitress and my boss was a pervert and I got paid almost nothing. So, yea. I worked there for like a month. haha.
  2. Ally

    Friends again?

    Ellllllllly!!! ...Hi!!
  3. Ally

    Friends again?

    I bet Jimbo taught him that!
  4. Odoriferous Patchouli Stinker Tee hee.
  5. La, la, la, la....... thought ya might want another angle
  6. Ally

    Your name in...

    Hahahah. Canadian: Shane McVitaledyk French-Canadian: Denis La Vitaleeau Russian: Slava Vitaleov These are great hahaha.
  7. Ally

    Your name in...

    Nerd: Carly, the Plan 9 Wizard Goth: Deranged Insanity Oz: Asspick hahaha
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSTY!!!!!! Sorry, this is like a million days late, but I haven't been on here in forever. I heart you, so have a super year!
  9. Get a Saturn... ..what???
  10. I forgot about that, my wife won the stocking. Yup! My question was "The person at the table who has a birthday closest to February 27th, the date Coach Burns appears in his 1000th game." And that was meeeeeee!!!!
  11. I got no player... But, I won the little stocking on the table!
  12. I'm going with my moms. My moms runs the website, but now that I'm 18, I might take it over. But who can tell really? Okay, I'm leaving now!! See ya'll there!
  13. Happy Birthday, my Paiger!
  14. I HOPE I WIN THE BID!! That toaster is SOOOOOOOOOO mine!!!!!
  15. Ally

    Had to happen sometime

    Gotta love it! Silly Ranger fans....
  16. Only Gina would notice something completely odd and random as that.
  17. That would be a PlayGIRL, NJay! Hey, you never know with ALLY! JUST KIDDING!! I love you Ally! Umm I don't thnk I'll be buying either though, LMAO. O:-)
  18. Oooh Rusty! Yea, my moms gave me a voter registration thinger this morning. Woo, I can vote in my first presidential election this year. Of course I'll be good, like always!! NOW I can call all of those neat phone numbers on tv... ya know the ones where you get a pasta pot, two mini pasta pots, a cheese grader, and a spaghetti grabber thinger all for $19.95 when you order now!!! OOOH YEAAAA!
  19. Thanks!!! B) Happy Birthday to you too Jimmy!!!!!!!
  20. Very nice!! Hey, every notice how the best people are born around the same time of year? I SWARE that can't be an accident B) It's true, we do rule. So you like the Prizefight, eh? That's pretty cool. Check out any of the other bands I mentioned? Yep! I haven't had a chance to check out even half of them cos I've been so busy, but after this week , O YEAAA music time!
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